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211.946 degrees Farhenheit, the temperature at which piss boils -- These are the things that boil my piss.

It’s good news time – 22 Bearded Savage jihadis dead and all killed by their own bomb.


There is an old English saying about people getting their comeuppance or just desserts which is: ‘God pays debts without money’, and is another way of saying that God will eventually punish the wrongdooer, even if you personally are not able to. News of a delicious example of violent Bearded Savages getting their just desserts has come out of Iraq.

The Australian television station Channel 9 reports:

A suicide bombing instructor at a terrorist training camp in Iraq blew up himself and several militants when he unwittingly used live explosives during a demonstration.

The teacher, a commander of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, killed himself and 21 other members of the terror group in the Monday-morning blast, reports the New York Times.

The group was filming the propaganda video of a would-be suicide attacker when a technical glitch set off the car bomb, according to army officials.

Everyday Iraqis greeted the news with black humour.

“This is so funny … It shows how stupid they are, those dogs and sons of dogs,” said Raad Hashim, a man who works at a liquor store near the site of the attack north of Baghdad.

He said the accident was “God sending a message to the bad people and the criminals in the world, to tell them to stop the injustice and to bring peace.”

The incident comes amid the worst protracted period of bloodshed in Iraq in nearly six years.”

This is justice. Members of those Jihadist groups that have violently destablised Iraq since the toppling of the dicatator Saddam Hussain getting blown up by their own bomb.

It is indeed funny to see those who wish kill and maim in the name of Islam themselves killed before they could massacre innocents. The knowledge that there are now 22 less violent Bearded Savages able to trouble this unhappy world, will please many. These 22 violent Bearded Savages would have caused carnage in markets, places of worship, public buildings and elsewhere, I will not grieve for them. They were not freedom fighters they are followers of a death cult and it is truly just that they met their deaths from one of their own weapons.


Picture Post – What would you want taxation spent on?

As a taxpayer you really should be able to give an opinion as to what the government spend your money on. So what do you think would be good things to spend taxpayers money on?

Would it be paying for these?

75% of Muslim women are economically inactive or claiming benefit

Or these?







50% of Muslim men are economically inactive or claiming benefit

It has been estimated that the total cost to the taxpayer and the economy of Britain’s Islamic ‘guests’ is £13 billion-per-year (see links at bottom of post) which goes in welfare, schools, housing, health services used by unproductive Muslims, the cost of crime carried out by Muslims and increased security to protect Britons from Islamic terror attacks.

Or him?









Anjem Choudury boasts that the welfare system props up both him and his group and allows him to promote Jihad in the United Kingdom

Or him?






Razqan Ul Haq has been travelling round British schools at taxpayer expense, promoting Islam to schoolchildren, on at least one occasion without the parents knowledge or consent.

Or him?

Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama organisation, which was set up to monitor anti-Muslim attacks, and was backed by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, got over £300,000 from the taxpayer, until journalists uncovered the fact that TM were ‘cooking the books’ and inflating the number and severity of the so-called ‘attacks’ on Muslims.

Or the damaged children produced by the inbreeding which has become endemic in Islamic communities throughout the world, including Britain where the 3% of the population which is Pakistani Muslim, produces 33% of the birth defects associated with inbreeding?








Dealing with the damage caused to women and girls abused by the horror that is Female Genital Mutilation?







Or instead would you much rather the money squeezed from your pocket be used to pay for:

Our sailors









And Aircrew









Flood defences and the dredging of rivers ?



Help for those Britons affected by this and similar natural phenomena?

A decent education and job opportunities for our young people?

Assistance to the old, who have contributed to the collective pot?

Proper policing?

Improved infrastructure?

Maybe you will think as I do that the £13,000,000,000 Britain spends, in one way or another, either supporting the followers of Islam financially or dealing with problems caused by Islam, could be better spent.

Britain has in the past been genuinely enriched by immigrants who have brought new businesses and new industries to our shores, who have shown loyalty to Britain and who have contributed to this country in many ways. However unlike any of those useful immigrant groups that have made Britain their home, Islam and its followers have been a net loss for Britain, and cost us far more than any benefit either they or their ideology brings.

What would you spend £13 Billion per year on if we were not spending it dealing with Islam, its followers and the problems that they bring?

The only things Britain should be doing specifically for Muslims is rescuing the poor oppressed bastards who want to leave the Islamic cult of death, that and removing those from our nation who think that following the instructions of a 7th century nonce is an acceptable way to live in Britain in the 21st Century.



The numbers and cost of Islam for Britain

Nicholai Sennels on the tragic and costly effects of Islamic inbreeding.



Not Safe for Work. Fun Stuff – Pin the p**is on the police chief

The ‘offending’ image that cost a builder a £500 fine.

Apparently it is, in this wonderful free country of ours, now an offence to take a picture of a police officer and draw a cock on his face. It makes me wonder if a person is suitable to be a police officer if they are possessed with the thin-skin and even more fragile ego of ‘officers’ like PC Harris of Lincolnshire Police.

Shouldn’t those who can’t take a bit of abuse do something else with their lives, instead of being a police officer? I’d hate to be the civilian who had to rely on dickheads like PC Harris to protect me, he’d never be able to cope with members of the public. A nation both needs and deserves a functioning police force that has the respect of the public and incidents like this do nothing to help the public respect the police.

So why not get angry about this abuse of process and abuse of power by Lincolnshire police farce and have some fun at the same time?

Why not play the game of ‘Pin The Penis On The Police Officer’ or as it is otherwise known ‘Pin the Prick on the Prick’.

There are two ways to play this game. It can be played on a computer using the images supplied, or your own images or it can be played in ‘hard copy’ mode.

To play in ‘hard copy mode’ first select your chosen penis from the options below.

Print out the chosen penis and cut around the outline. If you are a member of the Liberal Democrats or the Labour party then you might want to get an adult to help you at this point, and also to explain to you the meaning of the phrases ‘free speech’, ‘fair comment’ and ‘these police bastards need to be reminded that they work for US’.


Then print out the picture of your chosen police officer to A4 size, draw on the scoring areas(see below) and stick this picture to a piece of thick card or foam.

Attach card or foam backed police officer picture to the wall

Put pin through the middle of the cut out penis picture.

The game begins when one competitor puts on a blindfold and attempts to pin the penis in the highest scoring area of the police officer’s face. The winner is the competitor who after a predetermined number of attempts to pin the prick on the prick, has accrued the highest score.

Here is an example of the high scoring areas using an image of Neil Rhodes the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police.

prick on prick-page001

The highest scores (100 points) are for placing the penis onto Mr Rhodes’s forehead for the classic ‘Dickhead’ look, the next highest scores are the mouth (50 points) which is especially appropriate if your local police force has a tendency to help its dodgy friends by politically fellating them. Another scoring band down (15 points) is the nose. The ears are only 25 points because lets face it, the ear is no place for a penis and a penis/ear combination is considerably less funny than a forehead/penis one. The rest of the face is 10 points, with 5 points for anywhere else on the officer. There are no points to be had for missing the police officer entirely, although with observation and manual dexterity skills like that, a career in the Metropolitan Police most surely awaits you.

To play on the computer, just open up photoshop, paint, gimp or whatever graphics programme you’ve got and stick penises to police officers in whatever combination you like. Email your best ‘cock and chief constable’ image to this blog and I’ll display here the best ones that you can come up with.   There will be a ‘Bearded Savage‘ Mug for the ‘cock and chief constable’ image that I judge to be the best or the funniest or even the most depraved.  Get your images over to us by midnight GMT on Sunday 16th February 2014.  

Here are a selection of Chief Police Officers for your delectation, some with reasons why they are included.

Neil Rhodes Chief Constable of Lincolnshire whose force is bullying people into giving up their natural right to mock incompetent or useless police officers

Neil Rhodes

Bernard Hogan-Howe – presided over and later apologised for ‘plebgate‘ where a Met officer tried to fit up a cabinet minister.


Sara Thornton – Chief Constable of Thames Valley who refused to resign despite Islamic Grooming Gangs operating virtually unhindered by police action for years in her police area.

Sara Thornton

Chris Sims the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police. This force has become worryingly close to the proven frauds of the Tell Mama organisation and have been enforcing Islamic ‘blasphemy law’ by arresting people for ripping up Korans. If Mr Sims wants to enforce shariah law then I’m sure there is a flight from Birmingham to Pakistan that will take him to an area where shariah rather than English law is practised.


Stephen Kavanagh, Chief Constable of Essex Police, no particular offence to note but he does come from a background of ‘diversity‘ which means that he is part of the problem with policing in Britain today.

stephen-kavanagh-smiling-no-hat.-essex police 246jpga

Alan Pughsley the Chief Constable of Kent Police. This force spent taxpayers money on ipads for staff whilst cutting front line officers. Kent officers also showed their enthusiasm for Shariah Law by arresting an 85 year old woman for saying nasty (and probably true) things about Islam.

Kent chief constable

If these chief police officers, who are being highly paid for providing an efficient policing service to all, are not doing their jobs to the public’s satisfaction, then why should they not be mocked and pilloried or laughed at?

Britain needs its police forces, but we need them to be respected by the public, accountable, to enforce the law equally, not have iffy friends, and not be overly concerned with matters pertaining to ‘community cohesion’. What we have at the moment in many police areas is nothing like the sort of policing that we should expect, nor the sort of policing that we deserve.



If you are looking for further ‘police critical’ sites then I can heartily recommend Crimebodge which can be found at



Video – Goodbye Belgium. Savage Muslims and their political allies cause Jewish family to abandon Belgium

Belgium being made ‘Judenrein’ by Islam.

This is a powerful video found via the Elder of Ziyon website, made by a Belgian person who is leaving there because Belgium, like other places in Europe, is now not safe for Jews because of the massive rise in Islamic Bearded Savages.  Backed by the political Left in Belgium Islamic anti-Semitism is running amok.  Jewish schools have armed guards to protect against Bearded Savages and Synagogues have bomb deflecting barriers to protect from blasts caused by, you guessed it, Islamic Bearded Savages.

It seems that it is 1933 all over again for Belgium and its Jews (and soon its Christians as well because as surely as Sunday follows on from Saturday it will be Christians who the Bearded Savages will attack next) and those who can get out are getting out.  Islamic bearded savages are spreading their influence in Belgium and it is an influence that is having dire effects on non-Islamic religious minorities in that country.

Islam a religion of peace, don’t make me laugh, Islam creates wastelands and calls them paradise.

Here’s the video, it is in French but with English subtitles. Watch it, weep and then get bloody angry.

Morally compromised police force charge man with ripping up a Koran

metpol skit2-page001 (2)
It has been well documented on here that there are great concerns about the behaviour of West Midlands Police and specifically their partnership policies, which has meant that West Midlands seem to be carrying out a policing policy that is more in tune with the demands of Shariah Law than English law. It seems that the all-too-close association that West Midlands Police has with the discredited ‘hate crime’ monitor Tell Mama may be behind why West Midlands Police seem so eager to pander to Islamic cries of ‘offence’, and in effect, treat Islamic ‘blasphemy’ rules as superior to those pertaining to free speech.

The latest bit of shameful pandering to Islam by West Midlands Police comes from an incident in January when a Middlesborough fan was arrested at Birimingham City’s ground for ripping up a copy of the Koran. Do you think that someone would be arrested for ripping up a Bible or a copy of the War Cry or the Watchtower? Of course they would not because non-Muslims don’t whine and threaten to kick off whenever they are offended.

Now rather than drop this case or kick it into the long grass where truly deserves to be, West Midlands Police are trying to prove their Islamophilliac credentials by charging the fan with “causing racial or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress”. This ‘crime’ should really be referred to as ‘doing something that a bunch of excitable and violent Bearded Savages with fragile egos don’t like being done’.

The local newspaper in Shrewsbury where the arrested ‘Boro fan lives, The Shropshire Star said:

Mark Stephenson, aged 25, from Napoleon Drive, Bicton Heath, is accused of causing racial or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress after the incident during the Birmingham City and Middlesborough game at St Andrew’s on December 7.

He is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on February 28, West Midlands Police said.”

I know nothing of Mr Stephenson but what I do know is that ripping up a copy of Islam’s ‘Big Black Book of Death’ should no more be an offence than would ripping up a copy of a Mills and Boon novel. It may turn out that the primary reason why Mr Stephenson has been charged with this offence is because Islamic groups have morally corrupted West Midlands Police and by doing so have acquired a baleful and unwarranted influence on the force. The secondary reason may well be that WMP is terrified of the Bearded Savages of Islam kicking off on their patch (Birmingham is sadly beginning to become ‘Jihadi Central’ ) and it is because of this that they are seemingly so eager to turn the Islamo-pandering up to 11.

We all know that if Mr Stephenson had ripped up a New Testament or a Torah or anybody else’s holy or revered book, then nothing would have happened, he would have walked away with nothing more than a caution, if even that. It is only because Islam is involved that the Islamic double standard is being applied to policing matters.

Yet again we see West Midlands Police seemingly ‘policing for Islam’ and not for everybody.

I would not bet against this case having the opposite intent from what West Midlands Police may have intended. I would not rule out many people reading of how Mr Stephenson is being treated purely, as it seems at this time, for showing that he disagrees with Islam, showing their disgust by having their own ‘Koran barbecue’ or similar protest.

Rather than frightening people into shutting up about the ideology of Islam, heavy handed and biased policing like this may encourage more anger and tension and not less.  


Shropshire Star

West Midlands Police press release

Other posts from Fahrenheit211 about West Midlands Police and their dubious friends

Questioning WMP’s partnership policies

Allegations that WMP have acted as an ‘enforcer’ for an Islamic group by arresting a person who ‘offended’ a leader of said group.

WMP officer wins ‘Neville Chamberlain’ Award for appeasement of Islam

Is it because they is chopping people’s heads off? Or are the police pandering to Muslims because they are scared of Islamic violence


Birmingham turning into Jihadi Central



Even out in the sticks the Lib Dems play dirty tricks

At the polling station, remember to not vote Lib Dem. They are rotten from the head to the toes.

Many people who follow politics distrust the Liberal Democrats often for very good reasons. The behaviour of this party, both in the personal conduct of its members, how it operates politically and the views it holds, are a complete and utter disgrace.

The Lib Dems at Westminster have recently presented the British electorate with a grisly cavalcade of scandal and sharp practice. They have for decades presented themselves as a party for all people in all places and have played the socialist in Labour dominated areas and the rightist when they are challenging the Conservatives. The harsh light of publicity that has been shone on the Lib Dems now that they are in Coalition Government has shown them up to be a bunch of charlatans who you would not trust with either your wallet, your daughter or your own best interests.

From those who allegedly fondle teenage girls and vulnerable women and a party apparatus that covered up a considerable amount sexual harassment within the party, to criminals such as Chris Huhne and those who wish to surrender Britain totally to the European Union, the Lib Dems have it all. Everything you would not wish to descend on your worst enemy can be yours just by voting Lib Dem. They are in favour of more immigration, do not want to see schools improved by sacking bad teachers, are economically incompetent and have frustrated attempts to reform Labour’s botched and dangerous Human Rights Act.

The Lib Dems also fight dirty in elections. There is ample evidence out there that Lib Dem activists have not played fair in elections, have smeared opposing candidates, courted Islamic groups that hate Jews and Gay people, have lied about the policies of political opponents. The site, Nasty Lib Dems (linked below), which although not updated since 2010, will give you a small taste of how they operate. If you follow politics then you will know that nothing much has changed since then with the Lib Dems, they are still the party of perverts, authoritarians, opportunists and liars.

This dishonest and unsportsmanlike behaviour in politics by the Lib Dems is not confined to Westminster. Not even a Parish Council election appears to be exempt from the smear culture that pervades the Liberal Democrat party.

A contact of mine who closely watches the political scene in the Hereford and Worcester area has informed me that a contest for a seat on Hereford Parish Council (Hereford Civil Parish) due to take place on February 13th 2014, has turned nasty and it seems to have turned nasty because of the Liberal Democrats.

Firstly there appears to have been some dispute about whether or not the prospective Lib Dem parish councillor, Jacqui Carwardine, was the only candidate who actually lived in the area that she wished to serve, which was the claim made by Ms Carwardine, and now along comes an altogether much more serious allegation against the Lib Dems of smearing against another candidate.

One of the candidates for a small local party, It’s Our County, Ms Hen Bradshaw, has been targeted by a smear campaign that has allegedly come from those backing the Lib Dem candidate. It is a smear that alleges dishonesty, in this case benefit fraud, where there is no evidence. My contact has reliable information that this is not the case, and that the It’s Our County candidate had been a victim of one of those usual cock-ups that we have come to expect from state agencies such as the Department of Work and Pensions.

It speaks volumes about the political morality of the Liberal Democrat party as a whole that they are stooping to these levels purely to win a seat on a parish council. The Lib Dems are a party that is rotten at its head, rotten at its feet and rotten to the core. I’ve seen representatives of the Liberal Democrats do some pretty scummy things and not just since they’ve been in Government, but to smear during a parish council election is politically petty.

From Nick Clegg downwards, the Lib Dems are a party that should not be trusted for reasons that are almost as numerous as the number of stars in the sky.




Nasty Lib Dems


Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem Dwarves (Warning this one not safe for work)

More ‘issues’ with the Lib Dems in Herefordshire

Lib Dems demand more taxation on ordinary people

Teen-fondling Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock jets off to Azerbaijan to avoid inquiry into his behaviour

Lib Dems have some pretty questionable friends

Lib Dems block reform to the Human Rights Act


Oh and this is what the mainstream politicians in Herefordshire are spending taxpayers money on instead of doing important stuff like keeping public toilets open for instance.




Islamic appeasement – now reaching Britain’s Public Schools.

Copthorne Pre-Prep School, where parents are paying £5,000 per term to have their children propagandised for Islam.

Although a desire by schools to excessively pander to Islam is primarily confined to those State run schools that are providing a piss-poor education to their charges in other areas, the private school (For the benefit of my American readers private schools are called Public Schools in Britain) sector is not immune to appeasement of Islam.

A recent incident at the £5,000 per term Copthorne pre-Prep School near Crawley, West Sussex shows that the idiocies of multiculturalism and disregard of parents rights is not just a problem for those who are forced to use the State education sector in Britain.

However, the parents of 5 and 6 year olds who were taken to a mosque and told how to say Islamic prayers (including possibly the Islamic declaration of faith, the shahada) have an advantage that parents with children at State run schools do not have. That is they can vote with their wallets and remove their children if they dislike this form of naïve multiculti stuff going on in the classroom.

One of the local newspapers for Crawley, The East Grinstead Courier said:

PUPILS from a Copthorne school were taken on a cultural visit to learn about Islam at a mosque.

Year 1 and 2 pupils at Copthorne Pre-prep School learned how to recite prayers in Arabic when they took a tour of Broadfield Mosque last month.

They heard how the mosque can accommodate 2,500 people and that many of the Muslim children attend a special school at the mosque from 5pm to 7pm to learn how to read the Qu’ran.

The children were shown how Muslims pray and were allowed to join in themselves if they wanted to.”

How on earth is a five or six year old going to know whether or not they wanted to recite some Arabic words or even to judge what they mean? This is an appalling abuse not only of the children by putting them in situations where they have to make age inappropriate judgements but this may also go against the wishes of parents.

To encourage the children of for example believing Christians or Orthodox Jews or avowed Atheists to recite Islamic prayers is wrong. The children know not what they are saying or what they may be promising, and the mosque may be a radically different religious and spiritual environment to that which they may be brought up with.

This is naïve multiculturailst teaching at its worst, and takes no account of what parents may want or approve of. Would a Jew be happy if their child was forced to recite the Christian Lords Prayer or a Christian happy if they were forced to to say the Jewish Sh’ma? Of course not, because it would be counter to the beliefs of the parents concerned. Both the parents at this school and the wider population should be concerned that the children here are being subjected to Islamic evangelism.

This case just goes to show that even if a child is in a school in the private sector, which is generally acknowledged to be better performing than the state sector, it is still vitally important to closely monitor what a child is being taught . Children should be educated and not be subjected to propaganda for an ideology that is daily becoming recognised as a clear and present danger to ourselves, our values and our nations.

The Religious Studies department of Copthorne School appears to have gone ‘rogue’ and maybe it is time for the Senior Management Team there to get to grips with both it and the policies that they are following.

Links and addenda:

Original story from East Grinstead Courier

Copthorne pre-Prep School website

Hat Tip
 Jihad Watch



If you wish to write to the headteacher at Copthorne Pre-Prep school and politely comment on their Religious Education policy then their contact details are as follows:



Mr Chris Jones

Copthorne Preparatory School

Effingham Lane
West Sussex
RH10 3HR

Telephone: 01342 712311


Whether you have a child at Copthorne or not, letting the school know if you have a concern about this sort of Islamo-pandering, may help them not do this sort of thing in the future.


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211.946 degrees fahrenheit - the temperature at which my piss boils, these are the things that boil my piss.

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211.946 degrees fahrenheit - the temperature at which my piss boils, these are the things that boil my piss.