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Picture Post – What would you want taxation spent on?

February 10, 2014

As a taxpayer you really should be able to give an opinion as to what the government spend your money on. So what do you think would be good things to spend taxpayers money on?

Would it be paying for these?

75% of Muslim women are economically inactive or claiming benefit

Or these?







50% of Muslim men are economically inactive or claiming benefit

It has been estimated that the total cost to the taxpayer and the economy of Britain’s Islamic ‘guests’ is £13 billion-per-year (see links at bottom of post) which goes in welfare, schools, housing, health services used by unproductive Muslims, the cost of crime carried out by Muslims and increased security to protect Britons from Islamic terror attacks.

Or him?









Anjem Choudury boasts that the welfare system props up both him and his group and allows him to promote Jihad in the United Kingdom

Or him?






Razqan Ul Haq has been travelling round British schools at taxpayer expense, promoting Islam to schoolchildren, on at least one occasion without the parents knowledge or consent.

Or him?

Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama organisation, which was set up to monitor anti-Muslim attacks, and was backed by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, got over £300,000 from the taxpayer, until journalists uncovered the fact that TM were ‘cooking the books’ and inflating the number and severity of the so-called ‘attacks’ on Muslims.

Or the damaged children produced by the inbreeding which has become endemic in Islamic communities throughout the world, including Britain where the 3% of the population which is Pakistani Muslim, produces 33% of the birth defects associated with inbreeding?








Dealing with the damage caused to women and girls abused by the horror that is Female Genital Mutilation?







Or instead would you much rather the money squeezed from your pocket be used to pay for:

Our sailors









And Aircrew









Flood defences and the dredging of rivers ?



Help for those Britons affected by this and similar natural phenomena?

A decent education and job opportunities for our young people?

Assistance to the old, who have contributed to the collective pot?

Proper policing?

Improved infrastructure?

Maybe you will think as I do that the £13,000,000,000 Britain spends, in one way or another, either supporting the followers of Islam financially or dealing with problems caused by Islam, could be better spent.

Britain has in the past been genuinely enriched by immigrants who have brought new businesses and new industries to our shores, who have shown loyalty to Britain and who have contributed to this country in many ways. However unlike any of those useful immigrant groups that have made Britain their home, Islam and its followers have been a net loss for Britain, and cost us far more than any benefit either they or their ideology brings.

What would you spend £13 Billion per year on if we were not spending it dealing with Islam, its followers and the problems that they bring?

The only things Britain should be doing specifically for Muslims is rescuing the poor oppressed bastards who want to leave the Islamic cult of death, that and removing those from our nation who think that following the instructions of a 7th century nonce is an acceptable way to live in Britain in the 21st Century.



The numbers and cost of Islam for Britain

Nicholai Sennels on the tragic and costly effects of Islamic inbreeding.



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  1. john warren permalink

    It truly is the case of a nation paying for its own demise. It’s hard to even imagine that this could really be happening. When will the people wake up and start voting these pathetic politicians out of office. Better be soon – time is fast running out.

    This piece is well thought through, well written and put together in a convincing way… some great photographs too.

    In my opinion you’re doing a good job and getting better at doing it. Be careful however. You must be upsetting more than a few people by now.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thanks for the warning but there are more and more people standing up and asking awkward questions of one of my primary targets whom I delight in exposing and upsetting. I am most definitely not alone. 🙂

      I have to stress that Britain has been helped greatly by those from overseas and that is what makes the followers of Islam so different. Poncing, violence, offence taking, corruption, crime, terror and arrogance are not how other groups managed to successfully integrate into British society. I can’t say this often enough that the concern with Islam is not about race it is about headspace.

      BTW one of the hardest things to do with the latest ‘Picture Post’ piece was the inbreeding section. Nobody who is human cannot fail to be shocked and upset at the sight of some of the products of Islamic inbreeding, when you have to stare at a picture of a deformed baby in order to work out where the features are on the head should give some idea of the depth of the horror. To deliberately create children who will fail at school or who will have devastating disabilities is not the actions of a sane and rational religious ideology. I didn’t want to put up the sort of WTF / gore pictures of the effects of Islamic inbreeding because to be quite frank many of them are all too horrible.

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