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Video – Goodbye Belgium. Savage Muslims and their political allies cause Jewish family to abandon Belgium

February 9, 2014

Belgium being made ‘Judenrein’ by Islam.

This is a powerful video found via the Elder of Ziyon website, made by a Belgian person who is leaving there because Belgium, like other places in Europe, is now not safe for Jews because of the massive rise in Islamic Bearded Savages.  Backed by the political Left in Belgium Islamic anti-Semitism is running amok.  Jewish schools have armed guards to protect against Bearded Savages and Synagogues have bomb deflecting barriers to protect from blasts caused by, you guessed it, Islamic Bearded Savages.

It seems that it is 1933 all over again for Belgium and its Jews (and soon its Christians as well because as surely as Sunday follows on from Saturday it will be Christians who the Bearded Savages will attack next) and those who can get out are getting out.  Islamic bearded savages are spreading their influence in Belgium and it is an influence that is having dire effects on non-Islamic religious minorities in that country.

Islam a religion of peace, don’t make me laugh, Islam creates wastelands and calls them paradise.

Here’s the video, it is in French but with English subtitles. Watch it, weep and then get bloody angry.

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  1. Steve Brown permalink

    The video is a powerful message indeed. The countries of the European Union are being destroyed from within, like a body consisting of various organs is destroyed from within by a cancer. A cancer begins in one place but rapidly metastasises and spreads to other organs, blighting then rendering them useless to the body, thus killing the body.
    Brussels is the de facto capital of the EU, an organisation dedicated to the eradication of the individual nation states signed up to its malignant but hidden agenda of the creation of a single pan-European State ruled by unelected bureaucrats for their own benefit.
    That the killing cancer should start there is appropriate, the metastases are already apparent in France and in England for example. Scandinavia is also badly afflicted, with denial of the affliction possibly being the strongest there.
    The Islamic Bearded Savages are the chosen tools of the left-wing Europhiles in Brussels, ripping asunder centuries-old cultures, disrupting long-established communities, preventing freedom of speech and all with one intent. The destruction of long-established Nation-States.
    This intention is made manifest by the EU-mandated uninterrupted flow of reinforcements for the now well established malignant groups already ensconced in our midst. What the Europhiles either have ignored or, more likely are too stupid to notice, is that the Islamic Bearded Savages are going to be impossible to quell once they have served their intended purpose. The EU has imported the seeds of its own destruction. It is a self-defeating policy.

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