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Morally compromised police force charge man with ripping up a Koran

February 9, 2014

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It has been well documented on here that there are great concerns about the behaviour of West Midlands Police and specifically their partnership policies, which has meant that West Midlands seem to be carrying out a policing policy that is more in tune with the demands of Shariah Law than English law. It seems that the all-too-close association that West Midlands Police has with the discredited ‘hate crime’ monitor Tell Mama may be behind why West Midlands Police seem so eager to pander to Islamic cries of ‘offence’, and in effect, treat Islamic ‘blasphemy’ rules as superior to those pertaining to free speech.

The latest bit of shameful pandering to Islam by West Midlands Police comes from an incident in January when a Middlesborough fan was arrested at Birimingham City’s ground for ripping up a copy of the Koran. Do you think that someone would be arrested for ripping up a Bible or a copy of the War Cry or the Watchtower? Of course they would not because non-Muslims don’t whine and threaten to kick off whenever they are offended.

Now rather than drop this case or kick it into the long grass where truly deserves to be, West Midlands Police are trying to prove their Islamophilliac credentials by charging the fan with “causing racial or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress”. This ‘crime’ should really be referred to as ‘doing something that a bunch of excitable and violent Bearded Savages with fragile egos don’t like being done’.

The local newspaper in Shrewsbury where the arrested ‘Boro fan lives, The Shropshire Star said:

Mark Stephenson, aged 25, from Napoleon Drive, Bicton Heath, is accused of causing racial or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress after the incident during the Birmingham City and Middlesborough game at St Andrew’s on December 7.

He is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on February 28, West Midlands Police said.”

I know nothing of Mr Stephenson but what I do know is that ripping up a copy of Islam’s ‘Big Black Book of Death’ should no more be an offence than would ripping up a copy of a Mills and Boon novel. It may turn out that the primary reason why Mr Stephenson has been charged with this offence is because Islamic groups have morally corrupted West Midlands Police and by doing so have acquired a baleful and unwarranted influence on the force. The secondary reason may well be that WMP is terrified of the Bearded Savages of Islam kicking off on their patch (Birmingham is sadly beginning to become ‘Jihadi Central’ ) and it is because of this that they are seemingly so eager to turn the Islamo-pandering up to 11.

We all know that if Mr Stephenson had ripped up a New Testament or a Torah or anybody else’s holy or revered book, then nothing would have happened, he would have walked away with nothing more than a caution, if even that. It is only because Islam is involved that the Islamic double standard is being applied to policing matters.

Yet again we see West Midlands Police seemingly ‘policing for Islam’ and not for everybody.

I would not bet against this case having the opposite intent from what West Midlands Police may have intended. I would not rule out many people reading of how Mr Stephenson is being treated purely, as it seems at this time, for showing that he disagrees with Islam, showing their disgust by having their own ‘Koran barbecue’ or similar protest.

Rather than frightening people into shutting up about the ideology of Islam, heavy handed and biased policing like this may encourage more anger and tension and not less.  


Shropshire Star

West Midlands Police press release

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  1. Mr Mughals friends WMP again. The same WMP who arrested Tim Burton, beat up the EDL in Walsall who then got stupidly long prison sentences for being twatted and protecting themselves, appealed on Crimewatch for 50 EDL Birmingham protesters and none of the masked Muslims or UAF that can be seen all over the net kicking off that day. WMP and their partners have an agenda it.
    watch this space because i have a funny feeling jackanorys influence will be dropping when there is a big ? hanging over his integrity and motives. just need to double check a few things first

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