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Islamic appeasement – now reaching Britain’s Public Schools.

February 9, 2014

Copthorne Pre-Prep School, where parents are paying £5,000 per term to have their children propagandised for Islam.

Although a desire by schools to excessively pander to Islam is primarily confined to those State run schools that are providing a piss-poor education to their charges in other areas, the private school (For the benefit of my American readers private schools are called Public Schools in Britain) sector is not immune to appeasement of Islam.

A recent incident at the £5,000 per term Copthorne pre-Prep School near Crawley, West Sussex shows that the idiocies of multiculturalism and disregard of parents rights is not just a problem for those who are forced to use the State education sector in Britain.

However, the parents of 5 and 6 year olds who were taken to a mosque and told how to say Islamic prayers (including possibly the Islamic declaration of faith, the shahada) have an advantage that parents with children at State run schools do not have. That is they can vote with their wallets and remove their children if they dislike this form of naïve multiculti stuff going on in the classroom.

One of the local newspapers for Crawley, The East Grinstead Courier said:

PUPILS from a Copthorne school were taken on a cultural visit to learn about Islam at a mosque.

Year 1 and 2 pupils at Copthorne Pre-prep School learned how to recite prayers in Arabic when they took a tour of Broadfield Mosque last month.

They heard how the mosque can accommodate 2,500 people and that many of the Muslim children attend a special school at the mosque from 5pm to 7pm to learn how to read the Qu’ran.

The children were shown how Muslims pray and were allowed to join in themselves if they wanted to.”

How on earth is a five or six year old going to know whether or not they wanted to recite some Arabic words or even to judge what they mean? This is an appalling abuse not only of the children by putting them in situations where they have to make age inappropriate judgements but this may also go against the wishes of parents.

To encourage the children of for example believing Christians or Orthodox Jews or avowed Atheists to recite Islamic prayers is wrong. The children know not what they are saying or what they may be promising, and the mosque may be a radically different religious and spiritual environment to that which they may be brought up with.

This is naïve multiculturailst teaching at its worst, and takes no account of what parents may want or approve of. Would a Jew be happy if their child was forced to recite the Christian Lords Prayer or a Christian happy if they were forced to to say the Jewish Sh’ma? Of course not, because it would be counter to the beliefs of the parents concerned. Both the parents at this school and the wider population should be concerned that the children here are being subjected to Islamic evangelism.

This case just goes to show that even if a child is in a school in the private sector, which is generally acknowledged to be better performing than the state sector, it is still vitally important to closely monitor what a child is being taught . Children should be educated and not be subjected to propaganda for an ideology that is daily becoming recognised as a clear and present danger to ourselves, our values and our nations.

The Religious Studies department of Copthorne School appears to have gone ‘rogue’ and maybe it is time for the Senior Management Team there to get to grips with both it and the policies that they are following.

Links and addenda:

Original story from East Grinstead Courier

Copthorne pre-Prep School website

Hat Tip
 Jihad Watch



If you wish to write to the headteacher at Copthorne Pre-Prep school and politely comment on their Religious Education policy then their contact details are as follows:



Mr Chris Jones

Copthorne Preparatory School

Effingham Lane
West Sussex
RH10 3HR

Telephone: 01342 712311


Whether you have a child at Copthorne or not, letting the school know if you have a concern about this sort of Islamo-pandering, may help them not do this sort of thing in the future.

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