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Even out in the sticks the Lib Dems play dirty tricks

February 9, 2014

At the polling station, remember to not vote Lib Dem. They are rotten from the head to the toes.

Many people who follow politics distrust the Liberal Democrats often for very good reasons. The behaviour of this party, both in the personal conduct of its members, how it operates politically and the views it holds, are a complete and utter disgrace.

The Lib Dems at Westminster have recently presented the British electorate with a grisly cavalcade of scandal and sharp practice. They have for decades presented themselves as a party for all people in all places and have played the socialist in Labour dominated areas and the rightist when they are challenging the Conservatives. The harsh light of publicity that has been shone on the Lib Dems now that they are in Coalition Government has shown them up to be a bunch of charlatans who you would not trust with either your wallet, your daughter or your own best interests.

From those who allegedly fondle teenage girls and vulnerable women and a party apparatus that covered up a considerable amount sexual harassment within the party, to criminals such as Chris Huhne and those who wish to surrender Britain totally to the European Union, the Lib Dems have it all. Everything you would not wish to descend on your worst enemy can be yours just by voting Lib Dem. They are in favour of more immigration, do not want to see schools improved by sacking bad teachers, are economically incompetent and have frustrated attempts to reform Labour’s botched and dangerous Human Rights Act.

The Lib Dems also fight dirty in elections. There is ample evidence out there that Lib Dem activists have not played fair in elections, have smeared opposing candidates, courted Islamic groups that hate Jews and Gay people, have lied about the policies of political opponents. The site, Nasty Lib Dems (linked below), which although not updated since 2010, will give you a small taste of how they operate. If you follow politics then you will know that nothing much has changed since then with the Lib Dems, they are still the party of perverts, authoritarians, opportunists and liars.

This dishonest and unsportsmanlike behaviour in politics by the Lib Dems is not confined to Westminster. Not even a Parish Council election appears to be exempt from the smear culture that pervades the Liberal Democrat party.

A contact of mine who closely watches the political scene in the Hereford and Worcester area has informed me that a contest for a seat on Hereford Parish Council (Hereford Civil Parish) due to take place on February 13th 2014, has turned nasty and it seems to have turned nasty because of the Liberal Democrats.

Firstly there appears to have been some dispute about whether or not the prospective Lib Dem parish councillor, Jacqui Carwardine, was the only candidate who actually lived in the area that she wished to serve, which was the claim made by Ms Carwardine, and now along comes an altogether much more serious allegation against the Lib Dems of smearing against another candidate.

One of the candidates for a small local party, It’s Our County, Ms Hen Bradshaw, has been targeted by a smear campaign that has allegedly come from those backing the Lib Dem candidate. It is a smear that alleges dishonesty, in this case benefit fraud, where there is no evidence. My contact has reliable information that this is not the case, and that the It’s Our County candidate had been a victim of one of those usual cock-ups that we have come to expect from state agencies such as the Department of Work and Pensions.

It speaks volumes about the political morality of the Liberal Democrat party as a whole that they are stooping to these levels purely to win a seat on a parish council. The Lib Dems are a party that is rotten at its head, rotten at its feet and rotten to the core. I’ve seen representatives of the Liberal Democrats do some pretty scummy things and not just since they’ve been in Government, but to smear during a parish council election is politically petty.

From Nick Clegg downwards, the Lib Dems are a party that should not be trusted for reasons that are almost as numerous as the number of stars in the sky.




Nasty Lib Dems


Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem Dwarves (Warning this one not safe for work)

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Oh and this is what the mainstream politicians in Herefordshire are spending taxpayers money on instead of doing important stuff like keeping public toilets open for instance.




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