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From Elsewhere: Islamic Grooming Gangs ‘Never have the British public been so badly served by the police’

February 5, 2014

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The Pamela Geller site is carrying the shocking news that in only six months there have been over 500 allegations made to police about the activities of Islamic Grooming and Rape Gangs which are operating in the United Kingdom.

A British correspondent to Pamela Geller, quoting the words of a British detective who hasn’t submitted to the Shariah Compliant ‘diversity’ rules that afflict our police forces, said that ‘never have the British public been so badly served by the police’.

In an effort to appease Muslims, and stop them kicking off and also to protect their own careers, British police forces have systematically brushed under the carpet a horrendous amount of Islamic sex crime. In some cases, as in Oxford, these gangs have even been aided and abetted by Social Workers who it seems were equally as eager as the police to not see or act upon allegations of Islamic sex crime. A

We all knew the situation was bad but for there to be 500 allegations in just six months shows the scale of the problem. Our sisters and daughters and friends are being targeted for rape by followers of an ideology that doesn’t see rape as a problem, provided that the victim is not a Muslim.

The most disgusting aspect of these cases is not just the rapes, false imprisonments and tortures carried out by Muslim sex crime gangs, but both the silence and sometimes outright collusion by those in the police, social services, local authorities and even the Church of England. These are organisations and entities which should be protecting and serving the whole community, but for selfish career protection and spurious ‘community cohesion’ reasons, they chose instead to protect the Islamic rapists who are preying on British women and girls.

If the police are worried about violent Muslims kicking off if the issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs then the police and the authorities should disregard such threats from Islamic groups and just go after the Islamic rape gangs. If the Muslims commit acts of violence because if it, then the police and the authorities should use violence against them, it is a case where controlled and authorised violence would be morally justified. If they had done that earlier on, they may have found that outside of the politically correct minority of Left-wingers and Islamophiles, many British people would have backed such an action. The police should no longer appease violent rapists and terror promoters purely to make their own lives easier.

The lack of action on Islamic Grooming Gangs has been astonishing and I find myself agreeing with the Pamela Geller article when it said that the police in Britain have been:

Held to ransom by our unruly and obviously lawless Muslim minority rapists and ordered by the powers that be to stay schtum or you’ll be pounding a beat until the day you retire.”

Welcome to the filthy and corrupted land which is now Britain.”

This corruption of our society has been allowed to happen by mainstream politicians both local and national, the police, the social work ‘profession’, the BBC and others. All of these groups and organisations would have been quite happy to carry on as they were and continue to hush up Islamic sex crimes. It is only because people have banded together and made a fuss, and presented truthful evidence about the problem, that it is even being belatedly looked at.

The lack of activity by the State in dealing with Islamic lawlessness is contributing to a growing distrust and lack of confidence in the police and others dealing with this problem. I fear that this drop in confidence may result in the rise of something that I have often warned about,which is vigilantism. More and more I’m hearing people say ‘if the police won’t tackle Islamic rapists and paedophiles, then we should do it ourselves’. Such an attitude is an indication that police inaction is contributing to both the spread of Islamic Grooming and Rape Gangs, and a violent response from those frustrated by seeing and hearing the police protecting the criminals who are raping this country’s children.

The police have failed in the duty to keep the peace, they have sown the wind by their appeasement and now it is likely that both they, and their Islamic ‘pets’ will reap the whirlwind.

It is a situation that makes me both sad and angry. We should never have been brought to the point where we cannot trust the police to do their jobs impartially or protect our children from organised gangs of Islamic rapists, taking their cue from the actions and instructions of their Rapist in Chief, Mohammed the ‘prophet’.

Although there is great and justified anger at the epidemic of Islamic sex crime, I do not think that citizens should engage in ‘price tag’ attacks on random Muslims whenever news of another Islamic sexual or violent atrocity breaks. It is pointless, illegal and rolls up the innocent with the guilty. Instead you should behave with dignity and use whatever legal means at your disposal to remove the poison of Islamic appeasement from our public services.

The politicians need to be changed in order to change the culture of the police and other agencies. The quislings both in uniform and civilian, need to be removed and decent, moral and uncorrupted individuals put in their place. Do not make the mistake of thinking you have no power to oppose, because you do.

The appeasers are scared witless about people peacefully and effectively organising against the depredations that the Religion of Rape and Murder have brought to these islands. Therefore give the Quislings what they are most afraid of, which is to become part of an active and involved citizenry that votes, shouts, campaigns, demonstrates and tells the truth about the disgusting and bestial ideology of Islam and the undoubtedly negative things it has given Britain.



Original story from the Pamela Geller site.

Nine out of ten social workers in Oxford knew of the Islamic grooming gangs but did and said nothing.

Vicar tries to play down Islamic grooming gang problems in Yorkshire

Rapists not our problem guv’nor seems to be the attitude of some police chiefs

and this from Rotherham



  1. bobo permalink

    I think the whole point is that society breaks down, up to and past the point of vigilantism. Our lords and masters can then mediate between the various groups without ever fearing a challenge to their own power base. Witness the BF video about the Christian Patrols in Brick Lane. Much as I cheer them on, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of privately owned armoured landrovers being deployed in military style operations.

  2. The British police are too busy obsessing over Tell MAMA’s massive increase in islamophobic hate crimes, such as online posts drawing attention to islamic grooming gangs. 🙂

  3. elbywelby permalink

    Hope you are okay F?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’m fine but I’ve been a bit busy with both other stuff, and some research, which means that what would be the Friday night movie will be for one week only, a Sunday morning movie. Thanks for the concern, but I’ve been rushing round a bit. No problem.

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