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From Elsewhere: 700 ‘British’ Muslims could ‘bring the terror home’.

February 5, 2014


Armed Islamic psychopaths, coming to a British town near you, soon.

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, has publicly acknowledged that the phenomenon of ‘British’ Muslims, all radicalised and Jihad minded, going off to fight with Jihadist groups in Syria, is a potential security problem for Britain. What the average British person may be unaware of is the sheer scale of the problem. The Israeli news source Arutz Sheva has published a list of countries from which foreign fighters have gone to Syria to fight Jihad. Arutz Sheva claims that this list from what they say is a local Syrian website shows that there are 75,000 foreign Jihadis active in Syria. Worryingly for Britain, 700 of these fighters for Islamic savagery, come from the United Kingdom.

Arutz Sheva said:

Disturbing statistics have surfaced from Syria: over 75,000 foreign nationals have been fighting in the Syrian Civil War, according to a local website. 

The majority are from majority-Muslim countries or regions – where foreign nationals have been stirred to join by government forces, national-cultural ideologies, and religious fervor. According to the site, 14,000 hail from Chechnya; 12,000 from Saudi Arabia; 11,000 from Iraq; 5,600 from Turkey; 4,400 from Libya; 4,000 from Tunisia; 1,900 from Pakistan; 1,600 from Yemen; and 1,200 from Afghanistan.

Statistics show that Israel may be caught up in the effect the foreign nationals – who are being trained to bring terror home with them – could have on the Middle East. Among Israel’s neighbors, 9,000 Lebanese, 2,600 Egyptians, and 2,400 Jordanians have joined the war; as have at least 5,000 Palestinian Arabs. 

Among Europeans, 750 Russian nationals, 660 Germans, and 450 French citizens have reportedly joined the fight.

It is not entirely clear how the statistics were compiled, but they do more or less reflect the kinds of numbers estimated by Western security agencies. On Saturday, French Prime Minister Francoise Hollande claimed that both France and Great Britain had seen up to 700 Muslim citizens each leaving their shores to fight in Syria.”

Although the media often refer to those Muslims travelling from the UK to fight Jihad in Syria as British, many may think that this label should not be applied to them. How British is it to hate the UK and all it stands for so much that you fly off to a war zone to kill, maim and terrorise civilians who who are both Muslim and non-Muslim? How British is it to show allegiance to the very violent ideology that so obviously a threat to both the British Government and the British people? These people are not British, they are followers of an unpopular, savage and often bestial ideology, that the British people recognise as a problem even if the powers that be do not. The idiot politicians may have unwisely handed British passports to either these fighters or their families, but that doesn’t make them British.

If ever there was a cast-iron reason for Britain removing itself from the International Convention on Statelessness, then the relationship between the war in Syria and ‘British’ Muslims would be one of them. It is not enough to remove British citizenship only from those Syria-bound Jihadis where were not born here, citizenship needs to be removed from those Jihadis who were born in the UK as well. Of course there will need to be legal safeguards to prevent such a law being misused, but Britain needs to defend itself against well trained and armed Jihadist insurgents coming from Syria and planning mayhem and murder on British streets.

There are 700 ticking Jihadist time-bombs active in Syria who are likely to be bringing the terror back to our shores and who are possibly being shielded by Muslim communities in places like Birmingham. It is something that we as a people should be very concerned about and because of the scale of the problem, and the policy of treating the followers of Islam the same as followers of other spiritual paths who do not kill, bomb and maim, needs to be abandoned. We need to treat Islam as ‘different’ just as we treat other oppressive paths such as fascism and communism both with difference and with suspicion.

It is time for an outbreak of realism among our politicians regarding Islam, the falsehoods spoken about it being both peaceful and equivalent in value to Christianity and Judaism, have been allowed to persist for far too long. Islam is violent and Islam wants to kill or enslave us all, it is suicidal madness to say otherwise.




One Comment
  1. bobo permalink

    Chairman Mao said “A guerrilla moves through the people like a fish through water.”

    How well do fish move through the desert?

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