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From Elsewhere: Police investigating up to 50 serious child exploitation cases in London

February 3, 2014

Another day another set of abused children. The London Evening Standard has reported that the Metropolitan Police are to investigate a considerable number of child sex exploitation gangs in the Capital.

Those of us who are familiar with writing about this particular type of sexual atrocity are expecting a very high ‘Mohammed Coeficient’ with these cases. We have grown used to seeing case after case of Muslim men sexually abusing children and vulnerable young women. I would certainly not be surprised to see a preponderance of Islamic names appearing if and when these cases eventually come to court.

The London Evening Standard said:

Detectives in London are investigating allegations of up to 50 “very serious” child grooming sex cases, shock new figures reveal today.

A specialist unit set up to investigate allegations of grooming and child abuse has received a total of 500 allegations within the last six months.

These included around 40 to 50 cases of a “very serious nature,” a senior Scotland Yard detective said.

So far, the Sexual Exploitation Team has launched four separate full scale investigations into suspected child grooming gangs as a result of the allegations.

These inquiries are each said to involve several victims and a number of perpetrators.

The development comes a year after seven men from a grooming gang in Oxford were jailed for life for a horrific series of sex assaults on vulnerable girls aged between 11 and 15.

The case caused a national outcry and a serious case review is examining failures by social services and police to protect the girls.

Today Scotland Yard launched a new set of guidelines for the investigation of child sexual exploitation in London.

The protocol, involving police, social services and charities, includes guidelines on how to identify children at risk, protect them and investigate their claims.

Police also said that all front line officers in the Met are to get training in how to recognise signs of grooming and child sexual expolitation.

Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe, the head of the Met’s Sexual Exploitation Team, which was set up nine months ago, said : “A number of recent high-profile investigations has rightly brought the issue of child sexual exploitation to the fore in everyone’s consciousness.”

The question needs to be asked is why was not this sort of child sex exploitation a priority in the minds of the Metropolitan Police before? Is it that the Met and and a social services system didn’t want to touch these cases for ‘community cohesion’ reasons? Reading between the lines it certainly seems that this current crop of grooming gangs are ethnic minority and come from a variety of ‘communities’.

Det Supt Sharpe added:

We are dealing with people from all cultures. I think there is a view that many victims are vulnerable people in state run care homes but that is not the case. These children come from all walks of life.”

He said officers were dealing with potentially hundreds of victims. 

Joan Smith, the head of the Mayor’s Violence Against Women Panel, said: “Child sexual exploitation is a serious and often hidden blight on London and it’s important that government and all other agencies continue to work together to tackle this issue, so no young Londoner falls through the net.”

The phrase ‘all cultures’ used by Det Supt Sharpe is very instructive, it may be that although the majority of offenders may not be of Pakistani heritage, as have been the situation with the majority of these offenders in the past. However, they may well be Muslims from other backgrounds. I don’t think that I’m going out on a limb here by saying that there is a strong possibility that a considerable number of these particular nonces will be Muslim. Raping the children of non-Muslims is a cultural import that we in Britain could well do without.

There is one positive aspect to this particular story which bodes well for the future in that a victim of one of Islamic Grooming Gangs which operate in Oxford is helping the police formulate operational policy and improve police performance in this area.

The Evening Standard continued:

A victim of the Oxford sex ring is helping police in London to identify victims of child grooming gangs.

The woman, who was 12 at the time she was first assaulted, has filmed a video for front line officers describing her ordeal and her dealings with police.

Now 22, the victim, known as Girl A, came into contact with police “hundreds of times” during her three year ordeal.

She claims that officers refused to take her claims seriously or failed to spot warnings signs that she was being abused.

In an interview with the Standard she said police were finally taking the issue of child grooming seriously but said the problem was probably worse now because of social media.

All uniform officers will be shown the video in which the girl highlights how she was ignored by police.

In an interview with the Standard she told how she was approached by the grooming gangs.

I was in secondary school and deemed academically gifted in all the top sets.

I was really a typical teenager. I started hanging out smoking and bunking off school. That’s how I first met them. They would invite me for drinks which was exciting for a girl my age and take my on trips in their cars. I was fed up and they wanted to cheer me up. They built up my trust over weeks and months. I really believed they were my friends.

Then one day it happened. One minute it was OK and the next it had gone too far. They made me feel in debt to them, that I had to do everything they said. There was a clear change in their behaviour.  

She describes how she had hundreds of contacts with police, often dropping the claims after she made them. A police video of one interview shows her as a skeletal figure. Now she says:  “I looked like a heroin addict, it was horrible, it is very upsetting that someone could get to that stage and no-one did anything about it.”

The police in the Oxford case could and should have done more. Maybe if Thames Valley Police were less concerned about the consequences of upsetting the Bearded Savages of Islam, and were more concerned with protecting the vulnerable, then these gangs would not have been able to operate in the manner that they did or rack up so many victims.


Original story from the London Evening Standard

  1. IAN permalink

    Dont suppose anyone has a direct link to this so called police force?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Here is the Met Pol contacts list. IIRC their switchboard number is 020 7230 1212.

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