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Demonstrating against the Shariah Patrols, looks like the Islamofash are wound up about it.

February 3, 2014

Technical error or cyberjihad?

Update: Although LiveLeak is down this film does still appear to be available on YouTube see


Firstly, to clarify the matter for more recent readers of this blog, I’m neither a member or a supporter of the Britain First party because I’m a bit wary of groups like BF which are made up of ex-BNP members. I’ve seen BNP in local govt and I wouldn’t trust many of them to sit the right way round on a toilet. They were ignorant of local authority procedure and had rings run round them by the Leftist council officers. Because of the history that the BNP have in racist extremism, such groups that are dominated by ex BNP’ers are not ones that I feel comfortable giving whole hearted support to. Secondly I’m not sure that they’d have me even if I did attempt to join, mostly because I have a different political view than them.

That said however, sometimes a stopped clock is right twice a day, and sometimes even a group like Britain First can do something that makes you sit up and take notice. What they did was Britain First decided to demonstrate against the Shariah Patrols that are starting to afflict Britain’s cities, including its capital city, London and they decided to do this in an area that is at the heart of UK Islamic extremism.

It could be argued that going to the area around Brick Lane in London’s Tower Hamlets, which is dominated by politicians aligned to the extremist East London Mosque, is provocative, but sometimes the best form of political stunts are those that are provocative. That we remember, for example, the Suffragettes chaining themselves to the railings of Parliament in their fight for votes for women, is testament to the power of the cunning and well planned political stunt.

Anyway, this stunt in the form of a ‘Christian Patrol’ counterpart to the ‘Muslim Patrol’ appears to have got right up the noses of the Islamofash. Because of this, Cyber-Jihadis appear to have taken down the Britain First website. Clicks on the site only bring up the message ‘error establishing a database connection’. Now as I well know this error message can occur for other reasons apart from ‘enemy action’ but it is deeply suspicious that this occurred shortly after Britain First uploaded a video showing a clip from the original ‘Muslim patrol’ video and Britain First’s street response to it.

Further suspicions about how much this video has cheesed off the Bearded Savages and their allies comes from the fact that at the time of going to pixel (12:35pm 03/02/2014) the whole of the LiveLeak video streaming site, which was carrying the video of the demonstration, is down. A search of the Is It Down Right Now site to check on LiveLeak showed that this is one of those sites that do not often crash. LiveLeak has been down for everyone for the last two hours or so.

Before it disappeared, I viewed the video from Britain First and although it is not an demo that I would have taken part in or supported, I could seen nothing on the video behaviour-wise that would be objectionable coming from the members of Britain First. Explaining to people why they were handing out leaflets and saying to a Muslim challenger ‘if Muslims want to live in the UK then they will have to abide by British laws’ is nothing controversial, not at all.

If, as some suspect, that the authorities have bowed to pressure from Islamic groups to remove the Britain First site then it is a worrying curtailment of freedom of speech and an indication of just how many Quislings we have in high places.

I do not agree with Britain First for the reasons I gave above, but I don’t think that people should be prevented from hearing their views nor seeing videos of what looks like a peaceful if controversial demonstration.


About Britain First (Wiki)

If and when they come back up here are the links for the Britain First website and also the ‘Christian Patrol’ film.

Britain First

The LiveLeak video of BF’s Christian Patrol


Is it down right now’s report on the LiveLeak loss



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