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Tell Mama showing increasing signs of desperation. Threatening people with arrest over a Tweet they disagree with

February 2, 2014


The mendacious, grievance-mongering taquiyya-artists Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama group are at it again.

The mendacious, grievance-mongering taquiyya-artists Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama group are at it again.

The proved-to-be fraudulent anti-Islamic hate crime monitor Tell Mama has been up to its old tricks again, and has been threatening former senior EDL member Kevin Carroll, with arrest by one of their tame and morally compromised police officers, one like this one perhaps.

What has got Tell Mama vexed is that Mr Carroll had the cheek to question the assertion of Tell Mama and other Islamic groups that the inter-religious conflict going on between Buddhists and Bangladeshi Muslims is a ‘genocide’ of said Muslims.

The conflict there is terrible, and atrocities have been committed by both sides, but this conflict has much more of the flavour of a civil war than a genocide. It is not an example of industrial levels of the murder of innocents as in the Shoah, nor is it like the Muslim annihilation of the Armenians and neither is it like the long standing inter-tribal genocide that characterised Rwanda. This is like it or not, an inter religious civil war with the Buddhists fighting back against those from the Bangladeshi Islamic community whose members have not exactly behaved with distinction.

For my own part I would prefer that nobody was killed in Myanmar in the manner or for the reasons that they are being killed. I would also prefer that the Muslims had not burned Buddhist temples or raped Buddhist women and children or committed acts of violence or fiscally gouged Buddhist farmers in Myanmar. The Muslims have armed themselves and so have the Buddhists.

It is a war but it doesn’t appear to be a war the Buddhist have started. However, many Buddhists in Myanmar have taken it into their heads to finish the war that was started by Islamic invaders from across the border.

So on to Tell Mama and their latest dollop of bovine faeces. This their latest offering and also my comments on it.  Tell Mama’s bluster is in italics and my comments are in plain text. 

Tell Mama said:

Can you all remember Kevin Carroll sitting at the London press release of their (Tommy and Kevin’s) move from the English Defence League. Whilst Maajid Nawaz genuinely stated that people deserved a second chance since he believed that he had received one, Kevin Carroll looked on and made intermittent comments to the question and answer session that followed. Whilst the comments from Maajid were reflective of his time being active in Hizb-ut-Tahrir and having become a prisoner of conscience for Amnesty, those from Kevin Carroll were about the move from the English Defence League and looking at ways of challenging Islamism. One could even be forgiven in thinking that Kevin may have had a Damascene moment, that he had a change of conscience and that he realised the error of his ways since the EDL were fast attracting more violent and extreme sympathisers, something that Tommy quoted many times.

So, after all of this and after we have suggested on numerous occasions that we would take a ‘wait and see approach’ and give them both the opportunity to display a change in perception, actions and sentiment towards Muslim communities as a whole, we have this tweet from Kevin Carroll on the 25th of January 2014. To be fair to Tommy, whilst he has still continued to show a side that stridently agitates on-line, he has suggested that he would be willing to meet with Muslim victims who had suffered at the hands of the English Defence League. He confirmed this with us and such a meeting must wait some 18 months as Tommy Robinson was convicted, on this occasion, for mortgage fraud.

As you can see from the beginning of the Tell Mama article most of it is taken up with smears and negative comment on those who campaign against Islamic extremism. This is the standard Tell Mama ‘boilerplate‘ they trot out towards anyone who questions or criticises the ideology of Islam or its adherents. They are words intended to obscure rather than to clarify matters.

Now, let us look at the tweet that Kevin Carroll put out. Not only is it highly offensive,….”

There they go with the ‘O’ word again. So you find Mr Carroll’s view ‘offensive’ do you? Well big deal, it’s an opinion, get over it. It is not as if Mr Carroll is going to convert to Buddhism, fly out to Myanmar and behead a few Muslims is it? Unlike the massive number of Western and other Muslims who fly out to Syria and behead a few Christians and those who they believe are the ‘wrong’ sort of Muslims.

Many of us non-Muslims, find much of Islamic culture and theology offensive. The murders, misogyny, oppression, violence and intolerance that so often accompany Islamic communities offends me and many others like me. Tell Mama are not comparing like with like and are claiming ‘offence’ purely to shut down debate on the problems of Islamic incursion in Myanmar.

The tweet (pasted below – Ed) is strongly anti-Muslim in its nature against the Rohingya who are suffering what can only be regarded as genocide in Burma. Report after report are pointing to a genocide where the army and parts of the State have been implicated.

Al Jazeera and the BBC are not ‘trusted’ sources on these issues. The BBC has its own Leftist news agenda and Al Jazeera have a strong bias of their own. Would it not be possible for Tell Mama to quote some sources that we could all trust, not just left-biased and Islam-biased media outlets?

Furthermore, at the heart of this genocide is the Buddhist monk, Wirathu, whose fiery anti-Muslim rhetoric has been blamed for sewing the seeds of extreme hate against the Rohingya Muslims.”

From what I can gather the Buddhist monks and especially the nationalist minded Buddhist monks are not initiating trouble or hatred, they are instead reacting to hate and trouble that has been dished out to the Buddhists of Myanmar from the Bangladeshi Muslims referred to by Tell Mama and other Islamic advocacy groups as ‘Rohingya’.

So what does Kevin Carroll tweet out – the following. He states, self-preservation against insanity is crucial to our survival, it is every citizens duty to stand up against tyranny.

In the JPEG is a picture of a Buddhist monk holding a gun with the following statement from the hate preacher, Wirathu.

You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog. If we are weak, our land will become Muslim.”

It is an uncomfortable fact to have to acknowledge but there is an element of self-preservation going on in Myanmar. Muslim invaders from Bangladesh have caused problems, have made outrageous demands and do wish to impose on the areas that they now control, Islamic tyranny. Although I deplore the violence that goes on in Myanmar, it is very difficult not to feel sympathy for Buddhists under pressure from Islamic squatters from across the Bangladeshi border.

So in other words, Wirathu regards Rohingya Muslims as mad dogs.”

When you see the amount and level of violence committed by the followers of Islam throughout the world, you may find the comparison of such people as ‘mad dogs’ rather an insult to dogs, mad or otherwise.

One can truly be forgiven for believing that such a statement came from the mouth of an English Defence sympathiser given the exact replica of narratives and therein partly lies the problem. A narrative of hate against Muslims is very similar and can be found on one side of the globe and also in an estate in the North of England for example. It is based on a view of Muslims being rapacious, liars and worst of all is the language of hate comparing Muslims to rodents and animals.”

Have you ever stopped to consider why that is? Could it not be because the ideology of Islam creates bad people who behave badly? I’ve been lied to personally by a promoter of Islam in the UK, there is a growing list of Islamic Grooming Gang cases both in the UK and elsewhere, Sweden’s cities are no longer safe for Swedish women, I’ve seen and read about terror committed by Islamic groups. Face it Tell Mama, Islam has a negative side, and it is a really big, and often bloodstained, negative side. There are good reasons why some counterjihadists use the word ‘Koranimals’ to describe violent and aggressive Muslims.

It strikes a cord with us since it reminds us of the language used against Jews in the 1930′s by the National Socialists. Now, whilst we believe that a genocide will not take place in Europe in the future, in Burma, a very real genocide against the Rohingya is taking place. “

Tell Mama have got it wrong again on this one. Being strangers from the idea of truth Tell Mama trot out the false comparison between modern day Muslims and the Jews of mid 20th Century Europe. The European Jews of that time were not beheading people for not being Jewish or setting off bombs on London’s public transport, nor engaging in mass gang rapes or any other of the proven things that a significant minority of the followers of Islam do. The Jews of Europe who perished in fire and terror were innocent. That word cannot be applied to that significant minority of the world’s Muslims who commit appalling acts of violence and often show extreme and often murderous intolerance to others. I do not want to see anybody killed because of their belief or their ethnic origin or their gender, but sadly too many Muslims seem to believe otherwise.

(We must also not forget that a genocide of Muslims took place in Europe in the form of the murder of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica by Serb paramilitaries in 1995).”

This statement from Tell Mama is about the only part this tissue of lies and smears that I find myself in agreement with. I do not forget the Armenians and neither do I forget the mostly secular Muslims of former Yugoslavia who perished.

If we therefore look at the tweet, any sane person could come to the following conclusion. That Kevin Carroll is possibly advocating that the murder of Muslims, (note the pistol and the paranoid statements about Muslims taking land), is a form of ‘self-preservation,’ and that more people should stand up against the tyranny of Muslims. Does Kevin Carroll expect us to believe that these people, the Rohingya, are a threat, as the hate preacher Wirathu thinks? If this is what Kevin believes leaving the English Defence League is about, then clearly he has not changed. “

Again Tell Mama ignore the key point about the Myanmar story, there is a strong element of self-preservation involved in the reasons why Myanmar’s Buddhists are fighting with the Bangladeshi Muslims. It is dishonest not to recognise that. But, as usual, Tell Mama are too interested in ‘offence taking’ and shooting down the messenger to look at the causes of this particular conflict.

A sane person can quite easily come to a different conclusion to that of the Tell Mama group. Maybe Tell Mama should start to worry about the effect of the very many Islamic hate preachers who are operating instead of the very few extremist Buddhists which are also advocating violence.

We would therefore ask that organisations make clear that such discourse is not only offensive, it will not be tolerated. Finally, a bit of advice to those who retweeted the tweet. You may be close to the line on incitement which has very serious legal consequences.”

This last paragraph is just typical of how Tell Mama attempts to bully people into silence. Threatening those who disagree with them with either their terrorist-friendly lawyers, or as in this example, with a visit from one of their tame and possibly morally-corrupted plod.

That Tell Mama are resorting to threats like this to silence an opinion they do not like speaks volumes about the Tell Mama organisation itself and also shows why they must be opposed by every legal means at people’s disposal. They are revealing themselves as being primarily concerned with closing down often valid criticism of Islam and not having as their focus those who are physically attacked purely for being Muslim.

They should be told by as many people as possible just where to get off.


Image: Here is the ‘offending’ Tweet that Tell Mama are getting all het up about.  It is the moral duty of a citizen to stand up to tyranny.  We did it before in 1939-45 and tyrants will probably have to be faced again some time in the future.  

Kevin Carrol Against Rohingya Muslims

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    xX What has got Tell Mama vexed XX

    😀 “vexed”…. now THAT is a word I have not heard for a LONG time!

    My Great Grandmothet (Whos main claim to fame was having seen Queen Victoria) used it, but…. 😀

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I thought it was the most appropriate to describe the sort of emotional state that causes people to write a load of old spittle flecked bollocks and start issuing threats. The ‘there is a genocide’ in Burma voices have had it all their own way for too long. The situation there seems much more evenly matched for it to be a genocide. The ‘Rohinga’ have not behaved well and some would say the ‘Rohinga’ are paying the price for bad behaviour.

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