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From Elsewhere: The Liberal Democrats, chasing the Eastern European vote.

February 2, 2014

From the top to the bottom the Lib Dems care nothing for ordinary British people.

The Lib Dems are showing their lack of concern for the average British person yet again.  In Lincolnshire they are targeting Eastern Europeans who can vote in the Euro elections, to offset the surge of voters heading for UKIP.

Any more evidence required that the Lib Dems are one of the least patriotic parties in Westminster? Probably not.

The Lib Dem voice website said:

“Doomsday predictions in the media that Liberal Democrats are set to lose all our MEPs to UKIP are wide of the mark. The closer we get to the Euro elections in May the greater the opportunity for us to win support from the substantial minority of voters who are pro-Europe.

Yet there is no doubt the threat of UKIP is a substantial one. And just as Nigel Farage is boxing clever we Lib Dems need to get smarter about our strategy. Our Euro-slogan ‘In Europe, In Work’ is a powerful statement about where we stand but that needs to be supplemented by targeted messaging to maximise our appeal.

Boston, in the East Midlands, has been in the news due to the town’s large migrant population. I recently visited five Eastern European coffee shops there to talk with migrant workers. As soon as they heard the Lib Dems’ pro-Europe message of supporting the free movement of goods and labour they were eager to vote for us.

As a Euro candidate in the East Midlands I am particularly keen to pay attention to the large number of Eastern European workers. They have the right vote for their MEP but many are unsure whether they can so have not joined the electoral roll.

Not only do millions of jobs for British citizens depend on trade with Europe but jobs in industries like the Lincolnshire farms, who struggle to hire British-born workers, would collapse tomorrow if UKIP had their way.

People in the cafes told me they were fearful of the anti-immigration rhetoric of UKIP and the Tory Right, and many would enthusiastically support the Lib Dems if only we made contact with them. We must, for they could hold the key to fending off UKIP and make the difference between keeping or losing our MEPs.

However many Eastern Europeans are unaware they had a vote. We need to spread the news that they can vote so long as they register. Others told me they feared being kicked out of Britain if UKIP ‘won’ the Euro elections.

All local parties across Britain would benefit from targeting this group in society. I am urging my colleagues in the East Midlands to keep engaging with these communities because we need to do all we can to re-elect our hard-working MEP Bill Newton-Dunn.

Eastern Europeans will become more established in future decades. Securing their support today, at a time when they are repelled by the anti-immigration climate, will serve us well in future elections. And it may just take us over the winning post in May.

* Issan Ghazni is Chair of the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats and former National Diversity Adviser for the Liberal Democrats. Issan blogs here


So there you have it.  The Lib Dems not liberal nor democratic and fighting hard for foreigners and not Britons.



Via Guido Fawkes

  1. Bunny permalink

    Encouraging Eastern Europeans to be part of civil society in the UK is a good thing, Clegg as usual is doing it for the wrong reasons party political support. Being an Eastern Europe expat I have a lot of time for them, (ok not all but in general) I would like to see a root and branch overhaul of the benefits system and immigration from outside of the EU at the first instance and see how much of an impact that makes. I cannot see any Polish Catholic immigrants calling for the introduction of Sharia Law somehow. Perhaps educational reforms, were evangelists of a certain minority are not allowed in schools, and perhaps children being educated to express themselves properly, using good grammar, being able to engage in debate with the progressives whose policies have wrecked their communities. Not a bad start and it got a little off topic I admit.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I agree with you that integration is a good thing but the Lib Dems are doing it for the wrong reasons. I certainly have had very good experiences with many from EE, and some bad ones as well, but that’s life, and believe that in a generation or two, maybe three, they will be just British people with odd surnames. There does indeed need to be root and branch reform of immigration, including, provided there are safeguards, ripping up the international statelessness convention.

      The problems with EE immigration is both numbers and speed of immigration and also the fact that we have not only let in those who have contributed to our society, but also those who have been both a burden and who have committed crimes.

      Polish Catholic immigrants have been an absolute boon to the Catholic Church in the UK. The issue of most concern is, as you say, not Polish Catholics (although I wish to see retained the Protestant Succession), but those followers of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces. However, even with those I would prefer to live with in peace, but unfortunately they don’t want to live in peace with us. I certainly agree that Islamic evangelists should not be allowed in schools and I addressed this with this post

      The education system as created by the socialists has indeed let our children down. A bit more off topic I’ve currently got a pretty heavy reading list (politics/history etc) but I’ve got ready to read ‘Class War’ by Chris Woodhead. It was published in 2002 but I believe the educational system had got much worse from then until 2010.

  2. Bobo permalink

    You’ll know when the endgame phase of multiculturalism dawns, because all of a sudden the demographic arguement will start being deployed. As in “There are more of them than you now, so we’ve got to do what they want.”

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      This is just the Lib Dems being their normal scummy selves. Check out the Guido Fawkes site to see just how scummy the Lib Dems are.

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