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January 2014 British Neville Chamberlain Award – The school that hid an Islamic evangelist from parents.

January 31, 2014

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Sometimes the sheer Chutzpah that the Quislings for Islam have is breathtaking. Such a description, both that of ‘Quisling’ and ‘Chutzpah’ would most aptly describe the actions of St Marks Church of England School in Worsley, Manchester.

The headteacher of St Marks, Ms Johnson is being awarded this month’s ‘Neville Chamberlain of the Month Award’ for being responsible for a school that invited in an Islamic evangelist without telling the parents of children who attend the school. The reason that her school didn’t inform parents about the visit of Razwan Ul Haq has not been made clear by the school, but it is suspected that the visit by Ul Haq was kept secret to avoid parents either protesting about their children being subjected to pro-Islamic propaganda or removing their children from this particular extra-curricular activity.

It may well be that Ms Johnson was not directly responsible for hiring this Islamic analogue of Lord Haw Haw to preach to her young charges, but in a school the buck stops with the head teacher, which is why Ms Johnson is being dishonoured by this award. In a voluntary aided church school with a Christian ethos it is completely wrong that the promoters of other religions are sneaked in without the knowledge of parents. Parents should have the right to withdraw their children from situations where the school stupidly allows Islam promoters like Ul Haq to have access to impressionable children.

To find the whole sorry story of how St Marks behaved in a thoroughly snidey way to get Ul Haq into the school without parents knowledge please read the post at the link below.

A question that Ms Johnson really needs to answer is why did she think that someone who wants to see an Islamic Jihadi flag flying over Leeds Town Hall and who has some pretty worrying online friends, was suitable for working with children at a Christian School? Is she so naïve as to think that all the acts of terrorism, deaths, rapes and other crimes that the followers of Islam have committed in the UK are ‘nothing to do with Islam’? If she is that naïve, then maybe she should think about taking up another career, one more suited to her abilities and views and one that takes her away from a position of being ‘in loco parentis’. A possible future career as a toilet cleaner should await Ms Johnson because I certainly would not trust either her or her school with the unbiased education of children.

Furthermore, additional information has emerged about Ul Haq’s activities in the form of this edited video of a lesson by Ul Haq at a failed and now closed school in Manchester, South Chadderton School.

In the video there appears to be more Dawa (Islamic evangelism) than artwork going on and some of the content of the video worries me very much indeed, and I think that it will worry parents with children at St Marks as well.

In the video, which is 30 minutes long Ul Haq can be seen and heard getting the children to repeat the names of the Islamic deity Allah as well as committing some serious factual howlers, such as all languages have one root, which is untrue and this untruth was not picked up by the regular class teacher who was present during the session by Ul Haq. In Ul Haq’s videoed session there was blatant pro-Islamic propaganda being given to children. Things such as getting the children to use the word ‘allah’ as a basis for artwork, and how the Islamic deity is ‘perfect’ were nothing more than overt promotion of Islam.

We as a nation should not be allowing those who lie about the nature, theology and culture of Islam to promote these lies as truth. We should especially be careful about allowing such Islam promoters access to children. Therefore because Ms Johnson’s school behaved in the way it did, and because she has ultimate responsibility for what goes on in her school, Ms Johnson is this months choice for highlighting as the latest appeaser of Islam.



Previous stories from this blog regarding the Islam promoter Razwan Ul Haq.

More detail on Razwan Ul Haq including information about his dodgy friends

30 minute video showing Razwan Ul Haq at the failed and now closed South Chadderton School in Greater Manchester.

List of previous British Neville Chamberlain Award ‘winners’








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