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Good riddance to bad rubbish – ‘British’ Bearded Savages killed in Syria

January 31, 2014

Two Bearded Savage Jihadists from Holloway North London who have thankfully been killed in Syria.

The writer John Donne once said that ‘any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde‘. However, as much as that is a laudable sentiment, sometimes and for some individuals it is just plain wrong to grieve for them. Two people who the world, and especially the UK will not miss, are two Islamic thugs who originated from Islington in North London and were killed fighting for Jihad in Syria.

Rory Brigstock-Barron writing in The Islington Gazette newspaper said:

The terrorism spotlight fell on Holloway this week as three people in their 20s were linked to al-Qaeda in Syria.

Propaganda images were ­released on social media of brothers Akram, 24, and Mohamed ­Sebah, 28, who grew up in Cornwallis Square, and are believed to have died in battle in the war-torn country in September.

The two were pictured together smiling and brandishing guns in camouflage gear and were hailed “martyrs” and “young British ­lions” in messages sent out to ­encourage other recruits to follow in their footsteps.”

These are not British people, these are enemy fighters for an ideology which the political Left have nurtured and appeased for far too long. They might have grown up in London but they are not Londoners. They are nothing more than violent Islamic thugs and humanity is much the better for being relieved of their presence. Of course their deaths are being promoted by Islamic terror organisations, what else could be expected of entities connected to the cult of death that is Islam.

There are examples of people lying for Islam (taqiyya) galore in this story. Firstly the Sebah family appeared to put it about that their sons had died in a car crash in America and secondly the denials from their local terrorist and paedophile advocacy centre Mosque, that they knew anything about their activities. Is there anybody out there apart from naïve Lefties or idiots who still believe these pleading denials that ‘we knew nothing guv’nor’ and ‘I saw no Jihad’. The deaths of these two traitors only came to light because of start of a court case related to a third person being accused of raising money for Jihad in Syria.

The Islington Gazette continued:

The news followed the court ­appearance of Naval Masaad, 26, of Centurian Close, who is alleged to have tried to smuggle £16,500 in her knickers to terrorists, also in Syria.

She and her suspected accomplice Amal El-Wahabi, 27, of Rucklidge Avenue, Willesden, are thought to be the first British women to be charged with terror offences over the conflict.

The Sebah family has declined to comment.”

You bet the Sebah family declined to comment and I wonder how much the family knew about their sons terrorist activities in Syria? The fact that the family appeared to have tried to hush up their deaths by saying that these two scumbags had died in a car crash in America makes it look like they may have known more than what they are saying.

The Islington Gazette added that Muslims from the local mosque which these two jihadis are said to have attended denied any connection between the mosque and terrorism:

Some reports claimed that the brothers had attended the Masjid-e-Yusuf mosque in Hornsey Road, close to their home, but the mosque declined to comment.

Those who worship there said the claims were false. “It’s not true, they never came here,” said a man in his 20s who did not wish to be named. “Terrorism is totally against ­Islam. The Koran teaches us to avoid conflict and walk away if faced with confrontation.

‘‘This is a peaceful mosque that does a lot of work with the community.” 

Read the rest of the Islington Gazette story here:

Do you smell bullshit? Because I certainly do. It may well turn out to be true that there was a connection between these two terrorists and this mosque and if so questions need to be asked about what was done, if anything to divert these traitors from jihad. As for the statement that ‘Terrorism is totally against Islam’ well that is just plain lies. The ‘prophet’ Mohammed was a terrorist in how he behaved and there are ample examples of Islam being used to justify terrorism, as we saw with the Islamic murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London. As Ricky Tomlinson’s character used to say on the Royle Family comedy programme, ‘my arse’. Maybe those at the mosque who made these statements about Islam and peace should realise that this ‘religion of peace’ guff just isn’t washing with non-Muslims any more. There is certainly a need for much more scrutiny of this particular mosque than has happened so far.

These two individuals who set out to fight jihad in Syria and would probably have returned to Britain to continue the Jihad here are now thankfully dead. If there is a Hell I hope that these two traitors are burning or freezing in it because it is nothing less than they deserve.  

We should be thankful that the ‘bell has tolled’ for these two Jihadists and they are no longer a danger to anyone and especially no longer a danger to the citizens of the United Kingdom.


Original story from the Islington Gazette

The mosque that these two terrorist scum previously attended. You will notice that this particular terrorist and paedophile advocacy centre is in another former pub The Hanle Arms on Hornsey Road, N19, that has been colonised by followers of the Religion of Rape and Terror.

It is a mosque that follows the more strict and extremist Deobandi strand of Islam and has a strict ‘men only’ policy and the more I find out about this particular Masjid the less I distrust their words in relation to this story.


Hat Tip Jihad Watch


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