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Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S***hole Volume 32

January 30, 2014

Notorious as the Land That Islam Screwed Up, Pakistan is showing yet more signs of becoming yet another Islamic failed state. In Pakistan, religious minorities are oppressed and often killed, rape and sexual abuse abounds and the idea of an educated woman too often rouses Pakistani men into apoplectic anger.

In Pakistan, the toilet that can never be properly flushed, a female lecturer at a Pakistani technology college was travelling in a Rickshaw when her vehicle was ambushed by motorcycle-borne assailants who threw acid on her, leaving her with injuries to her face and eyes. According to local newspaper reports, the woman was attacked as she neared her home.

The Pakistan Tribune said:

Three men threw acid at a University of Management and Technology lecturer on Tuesday. District Superintedent  Anwer Saeed Kingra of Chuhng police said Faiza Ashraf* was attacked near her home in the Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Housing Society.

Police said that Ashraf had taken a rickshaw from the university and was entering her home when unidentified men threw a polythene bag filled with concentrated acid at her. The DSP said that the bag hit the door and only a small amount of the acid came into contact with her face.

Witnesses said that the three assailants were riding two motorcycles.

The woman was taken to the Jinnah Hospital by a Rescue 1122 team where doctors said that 20 per cent of her face had been affected. Doctors treating her said the acid had affected her eyes.

They said it was too early to say whether or not her eyesight had been affected. A Jinnah Hospital assistant medical superintendent said she would likely survive.

Police said that her father had submitted a complaint at the Sattukatla police station, but had not named a suspect. They said an FIR would be registered after they recorded her statement. Her father said she was going to be married next month. Health Minister Khawaja Salman Rafique also visited the hospital and directed doctors to take special care of the woman. He assured the victim’s family that the government would bear the cost of her treatment.”

An educated woman who works and travels outside the home is anathema to the Bearded Savages of Islam, just as the existence or presence of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, women, gays, free speech and funny cartoons also, too often, turn ordinary bearded savages into murderous thugs. This is yet another example of why Islam has turned Pakistan into a shithole of monstrous proportions.


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  1. Bunny permalink

    A friend of mine’s aunt (in law) was given grief by a petrol station cashier for not wearing Islamic dress, the lady in question is in her late fifties and is a lecturer at a university in Zurich and also a Sikh. The berating idiot a teenager working in a petrol station, they really have a problem with people with brown skin who don’t conform to their ideology, actually anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideology.

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