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How far can an area fall? The case of the London Borough of Newham shows it can be very far indeed when Islam arrives on the scene.

January 30, 2014

Newham – Now the armpit of East London

I once lived and worked in the London Borough of Newham, and therefore I became familiar with its workings and culture, so I know that it is a complete and utter craphole. It is a borough run by an elected Mayor, Sir Robin Wales, whose councillors tried to create their own paramilitary cadre by arming the park keepers with batons; where a personality cult has been built up around the Mayor by his sycophantic followers; and where the foul ideology of Islam has been allowed to gain more than just a toehold. The borough also has the misfortune to have as one of its MP’s the disgusting Stephen Timms, who has treasonous anti-Semitic fraggles such as the Muslim Public Affairs Committee as avowed fans.

Evidence of just how firm a toehold political Islam has gained in Newham is provided by a recent story on the Harry’s Place blog.

This latest example of dangerous Islamic activity centred on Newham relates to a growing amount of jihadist and Islamic extremist activity taking place in Newham 6th Form college (known as NewVic). This college sent a Muslim student, who is quite plainly a Hitler worshipper, to give an oration at the London 2013 Holocaust Memorial Day event organised by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Here is some background. NewVic was opened on the site of a former Comprehensive School in 1992. It replaced all of the boroughs in-school 6th forms that were run by individual schools, including some former Secondary Modern schools, Brampton Manor for example. What started out as a brave attempt to centralise post-16 education in the borough has inadvertently created a jihadist cell centred on NewVic. Over the last decade, Islamic activists who hold some pretty challenging views have been allowed to take over NewVic’s Islamic Association.

The extent of this Islamic takeover of NewVic and the political and communal institutions of the wider borough is appalling. Historically, the borough was afflicted by corruption and in the 70’s and 80’s corruption based on Freemasonry within the ruling Labour party was endemic. This masonic corruption was so widespread that on one occasion in the late 80’s or early 90’s a freemason even mistakenly thought that he could get away with making a masonic sign at a magistrate in order to get off a driving charge.

Although the primarily Masonic corruption has to a large extent subsided in Newham, it has been replaced with something far, far worse, Islamic corruption. This Islamic corruption is all-pervasive in Newham. Islamic organisations ‘get the vote out’ for their chosen political candidates, such as Stephen Timms, there are allegations passed to me that the housing allocation, planning and other systems, such as parking permits and housing repairs, have been corrupted to favour Muslim applicants and majority Islamic parts of the borough (Muslims now make up one quarter of Newham’s population). There have also been allegations that gerrymandering has gone on in the borough, to dilute the number of votes in areas like South Newham, who looked at one time like they would vote for anybody but Islam-friendly Labour candidates.

Sadly, I’m not surprised to see that Newham’s premier further education institution has been infiltrated so completely by Islamic interests that nobody in the area bats an eyelid that a person whose views on Jews verge on the murderous is booked to represent NewVic on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Islam has quite comprehensively turned Newham into an even more corrupt shit-pit than it was already. Non-Muslims are leaving in droves and now only 16% of the London Borough of Newham are classified as white British non-Muslims. I’ve been told by one of my contacts there that the growth of Islam in the borough has caused Sikhs, who genuinely have been loyal citizens of the UK and who have contributed much to Britain, to also flee the encroachment of Islam. After all, if you were a Sikh would you want to bring up your children, especially a daughter, around Muslims, whose antipathy to Sikhism is well known and who wiped out between 50% and 66% of Indian Sikhs during the 18th Century Sikh Holocaust known as the Wadda Ghalughara?

Newham Council advertises itself as being a great place to live and work. Well, it is a great place if you are an extremist Islamic organisation or you are a politician dependent on the whipped mosque vote or you rent out property to housing benefit claimants. If you are not in any of these categories or you are old, or frail, or Christian or white or Jewish or even fully, gainfully and legally employed, then Newham is a place that you should actively endeavour to escape from, as other non-Muslim groups are doing. There is no safe and full life left for non-Muslims in Newham and that makes me very, very angry indeed.


  1. Paris Claims permalink

    Newham might be a crap hole but surely not as bad as Tower Hamlets?
    Didn’t Timms get stabbed by one of the invaders a while back?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The Appalling Timms did indeed get stabbed by a Bearded Savage a while back. Sadly the idiot has not only gone on and turned the other cheek but has also continued to pander to Newham Muslims. The man is a complete cretin.

      Newham is not quite the Shariah Shithole that Tower Hamlets has become but it is well on its way to becoming one.

      • James Strong permalink

        Wasn’t it a beardless Bearded Savage, a woman?

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Agreed. Beardless but still a bloody savage.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Clara, Newham has indeed been bent for years and as you say not just in connection with Islam (although Islamic corruption has done considerable damage to Newham recently). Rumours I’ve heard from my contacts about the place relating to activities over the last decade or so include, a councillor ‘losing’ a million pounds due to their inability to understand basic charity law, a team of German accountants descending on Newham college to investigate missing EU funds, and various dodgy payments to departing senior and middle level staff to keep them quiet. Newham is bent and Islamic corruption has not helped things one little bit.

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