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This isn’t extremist Islam, this is normative Islam.

January 26, 2014

An anti-gay poster put by a group of Bearded Savages in East London

The recent case of the non-Muslim partner of a Muslim Lesbian who was attacked by the family of her Muslim girlfriend is yet another example of why Islam is incompatible with free societies that treat people of different genders, sexualities, races and religions as equal in value. Sarah Harrison, 35, was attacked, robbed and kidnapped because she became romantically involved with Nazma Ditta. During the attack, one of the Islamic savages screamed at Ms Harrison; “‘you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.’.

Ms Ditta was going to be forced into marriage by her family when she fell for Ms Harrison when they worked together in a shop.

The Daily Mail reported:

Miss Harrison was confronted by sisters Atfah Ditta, 32, and Ghazala Ditta, 31, who got out of a parked silver Toyota Corolla car on June 20 last year.

They were joined by another sister Nighat Morris, 38, and brother Tahmoor Ditta, 26, who produced a metal tool which he brandished at a work colleague of Miss Harrison.

The three women then assaulted Miss Harrison who was dragged around by her hair and kicked as they tried to force her into the car.

The victim was repeatedly punched in the face and to her arms in an effort to remove her handbag and force her into the vehicle.

Her bag was taken from her but she managed to prevent herself being dragged into the car by holding on to its sides.

She was left standing at the side of the road as the group got back into their vehicle and drove away.

In the days leading up to the attack, members of the Ditta family had confronted the victim at her workplace and asked her about the whereabouts of their sister.

They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work.

Miss Harrison later told police: ‘I can’t work comfortably now and I think about people throwing acid in my face. Anyone Asian I don’t know could be associated with the people who attacked me. I have trouble sleeping.

‘I feel uncomfortable sleeping on my back because of where I was kicked. My temple still hurts from where I was punched. I have a permanent reminder of the attack by the scar under my eye.”

This attack by a bunch of Muslim thugs has had a devastating psychological effect on Ms Harrison in addition to the physical injuries that she has suffered. Also the threat of violence from the local and not so local Bearded Savages has not subsided.

The Daily Mail added:

‘I have to sell my house and move somewhere where Nazma’s family won’t find us. I have had to find a different job which is not easy because I loved my work.’”

Thankfully these Islamic savages have been caught and dealt with by the courts but they are not the only ones out there using violence to control either against their own co-religionists or to intimidate non-Muslim society.

The Mail continued:

Today the siblings appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Ghazala Ditta, Atfah Ditta and Nighat Morris pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap and robbery. They were all jailed for five years and four months.

Tahmoor Ditta pleaded guilty to the above charges and also admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon and was sentenced to six years.

Two other sisters, Tosif Ditta, 35, and Nayyar Mehmood, 37 had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm and were imprisoned for three-and-a-half years.

The children’s mother, Rani Ditta, 55, had been charged with conspiracy to kidnap but in November the prosecution offered no evidence against her.

The court heard Nazma was only girl in her family who was unmarried and several potential suitors had been found for her.”

It seems that Nazma lived in utter terror of her family and dreaded being packed off to some god-forsaken Islamic shithole and married off to whoever her family chose for her. It seems that she had been taking steps to try to get away from them.

The Mail added:

Nazma was so fearful of being discovered, she spent six months secretly and slowly moving her belongings into Miss Harrison’s home 26 miles away in Blackpool so it wouldn’t be noticed.

Prosecutor Mr Richard Haworth said: ‘The family had a traditional arranged marriage planned for her and had already suggested a suitor, her cousin to whom the family believed she was betrothed but whom she had already rejected.’

Suspicions about the lovers began after a niece of Miss Ditta spotted messages and photos shared on her relative’s mobile phone. Miss Ditta denied an affair but was ordered to stop any sleepovers at the homes of friends.

A date was set for her wedding which Nazma agreed to – whilst secretly planning to leave.

Mr Haworth added: ‘There had already been regular discussions about marrying off Nazma.

‘But knowing that the family would react very badly to the news that she was gay and that she was in an ongoing relationship, Nazma had been slowly moving her belongings from the family home over to Miss Harrison’s property.”

In this instance there are two victims of this latest example of Islamic thuggery. Firstly Ms Harrison herself, who was viciously attacked, and secondly Namza Ditta, whose life choices were curtailed purely because she was brought up a Muslim women. The control freak behaviour that Ms Ditta was subject to from her own family is appalling. No wonder she trod so carefully in her attempts to escape from them.

Because there was such a plain Islamic hate content to this offence the appeasers and excusers have started to come out of the woodwork and are trying to pass this off as nothing to do with Islam. There are those in the Muslim community and the Leftists who support Islam, who will try to say that this is an extreme example of Islamic homophobia, such as those who contribute to twitter time line of the bogus anti hate-crime group, Tell Mama. However, such people are either mistaken or they are lying, this is not an aberration of Islam, this sort of thing is normative Islam. Wherever you go in the Muslim world, life for an LGBT person is hellish. In many Islamic countries gay relationships are illegal and some of them have the death penalty for those who are gay.

It has been a long hard struggle for LGBT people to gain acceptance and equal rights and attacks like this show that although the battle for equality is to a large extent won in civilised countries and civilised societies, the Bearded Savages of Islam are still filled with mindless hatred. Unfortunately this case is yet another example of the sort of problems that Islam has brought to these shores, and another example of why it is not needed or wanted here.

It’s good that these savages have been imprisoned, but these savages and their filthy ideology should never have been here in the UK in the first place.


Original story from the Daily Mail

Islamic hatred of LGBT people now out in the open on the streets of London’s East End.

Map showing the cleansing of the East End by Islamic savages of the traditional gay bars


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