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Leader of Britain First party arrested for demonstrating against traitor Anjem Choudary

January 23, 2014

Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary standing in front of one of the Islamo-murderers of Woolwich at a earlier pro Islam demonstration

The Leftist-inspired double standard in how the British policing and justice systems work has shown itself to be operating again today.

The leader of the nationalist party, Britain First has been arrested for harassing the Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary. For too many years, Choudary and his group of potentially violent bearded mental patients have had a free reign to spread sedition, call for the destruction of this countries culture and denigrate Britain’s values. Anjem Choudary’s groups have often been the spawning and training grounds for some very unpleasant and dangerous Islamic extremists. It must not be forgotten that it was with one of Choudary’s groups that one of the Islamic murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby was aligned to and supported.

On umpteen occasions Anjem Choudary has been allowed to harass us, to sponge off of welfare, disturb the peace and generally act like a person who is not conducive to the public good. Yet is not Choudary who is arrested, it is those protesting against Choudary and his twisted and sick ideology who are picked up. Not only have the police ignored all the hurts and insults and harassment meted out by Choudary and the Islamo-loons, but they also appear to be turning a blind eye to Choudary’s tame thugs in the ‘Islamic Emergency Defence’ group issuing threats to those who oppose them.

The Britain First Facebook page said:


We’ll bring you more details as we get them, and a phone number for the station where he is being held so 1000’s of patriots can phone and check on the well being of this true British hero!

Stand up for our country and get arrested, preach hate and get police protection! – says it all. Paul is a proud patriot, his only crime is to love this country and its people!

Let them do their worst..we shall continue to do our best and there shall be: NO SURRENDER!…..Please play YOUR part and SHARE!<<< JOIN/ OR<<< DONATE!

The response of Choudary’s group Islamic Emergency Defence, is quite plainly a ‘call to arms’ but guess what, Choudary doesn’t get arrested. Now why is that? It should also be noted that Choudary is playing the racism card although many of us hate Choudary, not because he is of a brownish skin tone, but because he is a treason promoting bastard.

Choudary’s group said (via link from the Casuals United site):

Islamic Emergency Defence
9 hours ago
It has recently come to the attention of the Muslim community in the UK, as well as the Islamic Emergency Defence, that far right groups, namely Britain First, have launched a cowardly campaign against sincere Muslim activists dubbed: ‘Operation Fightback’.

As opposed to engaging in an intellectual debate regarding the oppression of democracy and man-made law versus the superiority of Islam and the Shariah reports have now been confirmed that the individuals concerned have resorted to acts of physical intimidation, which have also been directed to women and children.

In the most recent episode a pitiful and unsuccessful attempt was made to ambush prominent Islamic activist, Mr Anjem Choudary. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah) the Muslim community, including members of the Islamic Emergency Defence, responded swiftly to the incident and were able to mobilise at the location within 15 minutes (20 minutes prior to the arrival of the Metropolitan Police).

However, despite Muslim men being ready to aid and defend members of their community, the chicken-hearted racist hooligans of Britain First renowned for ‘courageously’ confronting lone Muslims and their families were, unsurprisingly, nowhere to be seen.

Despite many Muslims acknowledging the fact that there will be disagreements regarding the Shariah from the non-Muslim camp, it is wholly unacceptable to vent these frustrations through acts of physical aggression. Furthermore, we find it highly contradictory that those who claim to ‘fight for Britain’ target so-called radical preachers who, ultimately, have not broken any law.

We strongly advise such anti-Muslim activists to review their policies before it is too late. It is not in the interests of Muslims, or non-Muslims for that matter, to create anarchy and conflict on the streets of Britain, and it is clear that such mindless antics can inevitably only lead to an unnecessary confrontation.

We would, however, also like to urge the Muslim community to continue struggling for Islam and the Shariah, and to not be intimidated by the actions of an outcast minority. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), Islam is on the surge in Britain and it is only a matter of time before the Muslims are victorious. Keep striving, keep struggling to make Allah’s word the Highest, and remember that the defeat of democracy, freedom and liberalism has been sealed and guaranteed.”

Another counter-Islam website, The Muslim Issue, is carrying a video showing just why Anjem Choudary is the problem that he is, and also showing the demonstration by members of Britain First, of what they call ‘Operation Fightback’. Choudary was spotted driving into the road and members of Britain First confronted him but, like the cowardly bully that Choudary truly is, he put his foot down and sped off. It is ironic that a man like Choudary who wants destroy British society, and whose associates have gone on to commit or plan violence, his hiding behind the Metropolitan Police.

Here’s the video:

There should be, after viewing this video and reading the accounts of this demonstration and subsequent arrest, no doubt in anybodies minds about whose side the Metropolitan Police seems to be on, and if you are not a traitor and not an Islamic thug, it seems that the Met is not on your side.




In case the Britain First Facebook page disappears into the ether I’ve copied the initial comments from the page below: As you can see from the comments, arresting Mr Golding has done nothing to calm things down and has only stoked up tensions.


  • Pearse Coyle
     he should be praised not persecuted.

    1 · 26 minutes ago

  • Yvonne Hughes Start getting the people together date ,time ,place.

    1 · 28 minutes ago

  • Shaun Bowen System is so corrupt .That vile Ba—-d preaches hate and conflict and gets away with it.

    28 minutes ago

  • Carol O Connor We caught one in Ireland, but boo hoo, he was abused in prison……/judicial-review-judgment-in…

    28 minutes ago

  • Mandy Minx Disgraceful they arrested the wrong man!!!’

    1 · 33 minutes ago

  • Neil Cox Disgusting way to treat a man who cares about the future of our country, Police State very sad news corrupt government,

    1 · 33 minutes ago

  • Margaret Hill well agree with tracey that’s disgusting

    1 · about an hour ago

  • Denise Lister always will be one rule for them and another for the rest of us…they have the government and police in their pockets….and this proves it

    3 · 46 minutes ago

  • Jamie Hmc apply to have a protest outside his gaff… oh wait theyd just refuse it. become an extremeist, condone the murder of men in the street, demand sharia law for all, send mail to asians demanding they stop selling beer. youl have permission for that inside a few days. what a load of utter horse **** !!!!!! disgraceful!

    1 · 34 minutes ago

  • Daz Lumb You just don’t get it do you, Anjem Choudary is a state plant, he is being protected by Mi5. The ‘untouchable’ is now proving to us that he is ‘UNTOUCHABLE’

    1 · 58 minutes ago

  • Eric Barker Its a disgrace is this country where they lock up the victim and let the villan go free they wont get my vote next time as as far as i am concerned all polititions are the same all out for number 1 themselves

    27 minutes ago

  • Christian Berteryan Freedom!!!

    1 · 21 minutes ago

  • Ray Raymondo Who do the Police work for, us, or a terrorist preacher. Get real Cops in charge, not these pandering idiots.

    A few seconds ago

  • Mandy Minx When are we all going to ebbsfleet police station to get our man freed then???

    2 minutes ago

  • Porky Pigston Should get news coverage so even more join the good fight.

    1 · 33 minutes ago

  • Rick Daniels Phone number???

    1 · 33 minutes ago



One Comment
  1. MTG permalink

    Our interests are best served by affording him every courtesy and assistance. All true English ears should buzz with Mr Choudary’s repellent rants.

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