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Woman alleges that Metropolitan Police attempted to hush up an attack by Muslim males.

January 21, 2014

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By now we are well used to the word ‘Asian’ being used by police and media when what they should really be saying is ‘Muslim’. This is because Muslims are far more likely to commit offences, and especially random attacks on women, than British Sikhs, Hindus or other people of ‘Asian’ appearance do. This dishonest classification of criminals as ‘Asian’ must really piss off non -Muslim Asians because they are getting lumped in, in the public mind, with these Islamic savages. Now it seems the Metropolitan police are excelling themselves in appeasement by attempting to hide an offence by a Muslim gang by encouraging victims not to make a complaint.

This particular story is, if correct, a very worrying one because a victim of an attack by a group of ‘Turkish and Asian males’ (i.e. Muslims) has alleged that Metropolitan Police officers tried to persuade her not to pursue this case. Although the victim didn’t appear to be put off by the officers, she was later told by phone that the case will not be progressed due to ‘insufficient evidence.

Insufficient evidence! This woman has physical injuries, could supply the registration number of the car used by the attackers, and the attack was witnessed by passers by. How on earth can this sort of information be remotely described as ‘insufficient evidence’? It is a lot better evidence than is available to the police in many other offences. It is hard not to believe that these officers may have wanted to hush up this offence either for a quiet life for themselves, or for spurious ‘community cohesion’ reasons.

The local newspaper the Waltham Forest Guardian has picked up this story, and as there is a danger that this story might ‘disappear’ from the paper I’ve pasted it below in full as well as putting in a link.

The Waltham Forest Guardian said:

A woman randomly attacked in broad daylight claims police tried to put her off reporting the offence.

The 21 year-old, from Walthamstow, had been giving blood at the Town Hall and was on her way home when she was approached by five men.

The men, believed to be of Asian and Turkish descent, jumped out of a black Lexis on the corner of Kenilworth Avenue in Walthamstow at just after 3:30pm on Tuesday.

The men were pestering the woman for her number and after telling them she was not interested, two of the men turned violent.

She was kicked in her lower back, sworn at, had a fist raised towards her face and received death threats.

The men dispersed after the woman threatened to call the police and a father with his young child stepped in and told the men to go away.

After the police arrived, two of the men had driven off in the black Lexis and the other men had run off.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims the two police officers were not interested in helping her.

She said: “I felt as though what had happened didn’t mean anything to them and they were so relaxed. There was no urgency in pursuing the suspects that had run off.

I gave them the vehicle number plate and the constable’s response was ‘even though you have the number plate we might not get the passengers’”.

She claims he then continued to say ‘You do know that you will have to stand up in court if you report this?’  

He was trying to put me off reporting the incident and made me feel uncomfortable by asking questions such as, ‘so, you were kicked in the bum?’.

Just before midnight that same day, the victim received a call from the police was told the case had been closed due to “insufficient evidence”.

A spokeswoman for the police said: “A complaint against the police was made on January 15. This has been recorded at Waltham Forest police station and is now the subject of an investigation.”

None of the officers have been suspended or had the duties restricted.

The victim insists she made no official complaint to the police.”

There have recently been concerns raised by both Parliament and journalists over the crime figures of the Metropolitan Police, and persuading victims of crime not to make a report was listed as one of those methods of massaging crime figures. If the Met are cooking the books with regards to crime figures in general, we should be asking if there are deeper problems with the Met and whether or not they are, for ‘community cohesion reasons’ going out of their way not to proceed with cases where Muslims are the alleged perpetrators. There is something deeply worrying about police officers attempting to persuade a women who was attacked by a bunch of Muslims, from pressing charges.

Links and addendum

Original story from the Waltham Forest Guardian

Daily Telegraph from November 2013 on the Met Police massaging crime figures


Unusually for a story involving the ‘religion of peace’ where local newspapers suspend comment on such stories, the Waltham Forest Guardian has, for the moment, kept its comment feature open. Just in case this disappears below are the comments that have been made at the time of writing. Even from these few comments, you can feel the anger about both the Met Police officers behaviour, and the suspicion that crimes by minorities are deliberately not being counted.

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3:16pm Mon 20 Jan 14

Villagecranberry says…

I can well believe what the victim is saying about being deterred to report as maybe this is another ploy to lower crime statistics.

3:45pm Mon 20 Jan 14

Dave mp says…

This doesn’t surprise me. It just makes me wonder how often it happens? Surprised the police even bothered to show up. Did they bother to trace the car?

5:17pm Mon 20 Jan 14

NTiratsoo says…

On Friday last, the UK Statistics Authority withdrew its gold-standard status from police crime figures, pointing to ‘accumulating evidence’ of unreliability (see report no. 26 here


Interestingly, one of the developments behind this decision was precisely emerging evidence of police personnel appearing to dissuade victims from reporting crime, for which see, e.g. here:


12:31pm Tue 21 Jan 14

Ash-Leelmb says…

Villagecranberry wrote:
I can well believe what the victim is saying about being deterred to report as maybe this is another ploy to lower crime statistics.

Lower crime statistics? Er, no…to keep her from reporting a crime that would be about individuals from a none white background more like. Public servants seem to bend over backwards for minorities for some twisted reason.

12:43pm Tue 21 Jan 14

Sidney4257 says…

Here you go again saying they are Asians. Tell it like it is, MUSLIMS!

12:52pm Tue 21 Jan 14

Walthamster says…

This is outrageous. A serious unprovoked assault and the police aren’t even bothered that the woman’s been kicked and menaced? What would have happened if a member of the public hadn’t stepped in?

I have a lot of sympathy for police doing a dangerous and thankless job, but this really is disgusting behaviour. A quick response could have rounded up at least the driver of the car; too late now, but they should at least trace the owner.

Women are reluctant enough to speak up when they’ve been attacked. They so often blame themselves, and other people wrongly blame them, for not having taken enough care. This lazy callous behaviour by police could discourage other women from reporting attacks. Very bad work.

1:33pm Tue 21 Jan 14

G_Whiz says…

The police do seem to have it in for Women at the moment – and fear being branded racist. So this story maybe ticks both boxes.

The police can’t cope and they need to admit it. Instead of massaging the figures and covering for government!

7:30pm Tue 21 Jan 14

shaunthebrummie says…

and to think we all felt so sad and angry when keith blakelock was murdered..or those 2 wpc’s shot in manchester..or the policeman blinded by ralph moat..and what of their refusal to help the little girls being raped by muslims….do you know something i could not care less now when a policeman/officer is killed or murdered…they are just like the thugs…only legalised…no faith in them…and not fit for the purpose…we could save billions in getting rid of them…and having the decent folks dish out a bit of wild west justice….

  1. Paris Claims permalink

    They can find the evidence when they want to. After the murder of Stephen Lawrence they spent decades and millions looking for evidence and a found a fibre or two.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX “I gave them the vehicle number plate and the constable’s response was ‘even though you have the number plate we might not get the passengers’”.XX

    Which is correct.

    Or would you prefer that the police started arresting people WITHOUT evidence?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I don’t want people to be arrested without evidence, but descriptions, reg number, potential witnesses etc don’t scream ‘no evidence’ to me. I’ve worked in courts and seen similar cases, and in fact some with lesser amounts of evidence, brought to court, why not this one?

    • “Or would you prefer that the police started arresting people WITHOUT evidence?”

      No, I’d prefer that the police, at a minimum, questioned the registered owner of the car and, if their answers didn’t clear them personally, considered putting them on an identity parade in front of the known witnesses and any other witnesses who came forward after an appeal.
      They could also inspect CCTV footage from around the crime scene and between there and the owner’s home, given that they know the exact car used. That may well confirm the identity of the driver and give indications as to who the passengers were. (What’s the bloody point of intrusive CCTV if it isn’t used to solve violent crime?) They could also appeal for victims and witnesses of similar “approaches” to come forward as it’s doubtful if this is the first instance.

      Does any of this seem unreasonable, especially given that this doesn’t sound like a one-off and the perpetrators could easily end up committing rape or worse?

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        I have NEVER seen CCTV footage that is clear enough to lead to questioning, never mind an arrest. If you think so, you are fooling yourself.

        As to questioning the registered keeper of the car, try proving he, or any one else was driving it. THEN prove that XYZ were actualy passangers.

        The job is a no go from the begining on.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Furor, I understand what you mean if you are talking about domestic 380/420 line CCTV as used in some low end CCTV systems, but I’m familiar with this area and if this incident happened at the junction of Forest Road and Kenilworth Road then there must surely be coverage on a much higher definition system run by the Met Police and the local authority. Also as this is a major road it is bound to be covered by cameras, and it’s a not more than a quarter mile either side from prestige properties such as the William Morris Museum and the Town Hall, local court etc. It is inconcievable that there wasn’t something that could be used and would be usable.

        The behaviour of the local officers and the local station strikes me as behaviour indicative of those trying to massage crime figures in some way.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        To stop the tread getting to long, Iwill answer heer.

        XX behaviour indicative of those trying to massage crime figures in some way.XX

        Giver the recent reports abot “fixed figures” I will go along with you omn that point.


        I have been, and RECENTLY, in a place where the CCTV for a very important “object” (Read “Certain Government buildings”) are watched.

        Top of the market kit, and even what you could never buy “on the market. Beacuse half of it is still on the “secret” list.

        They STILL do not produce a picture that could be used as evidence in court.

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