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Middlesbrough fan rips up Koran, West Midlands Police turn Islamo-pandering up to 11.

January 21, 2014



A fan of Middlesbrough football club, who is not being named by the media at present, has been arrested by West Midlands Police for allegedly ripping up a copy of the Koran during a match against Birmingham City in December 2013. West Midlands Police have confirmed to local print media that a man from Shrewsbury has been arrested.

It is pertinent to ask whether this man would have been arrested for ripping up a Tanakh/Old Testament or a New Testament or a copy of anybody else’s scriptures? The answer would be probably not. It is only the ‘special needs’ followers of Islam who get their fragile egos and feelings protected like this. I’m not surprised to see that West Midlands Police are involved in this arrest. This force is rapidly gaining the highly unwanted reputation of one that spends far too much time politically fellating Islamic groups like Tell Mama, and pandering to Islam in general, rather than protecting all the citizens of their police area.

How many police hours have been wasted on what is most likely to be a person ripping up his own copy of a book? It’s his own property, he is entitled to rip it up. OK, maybe he should not have littered, but many people would consider casting off as litter and waste a copy of the Big Book of Death, the most appropriate way of dealing with it.

In my opinion, this alleged act, because it happened in a public place, would really only be, at most, behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace; arresting him for a ‘racial’ crime is just overkill. Still, if arresting someone for a racial offence rather than breach of the peace keeps the Brummie Bearded Savages happy, WMP will probably do it. It makes me wonder what would happen if someone ripped up a Koran in a public park and put the shredded Koran neatly in a nearby litter-bin, would they be nicked on the grounds that a park is a public place, even if nobody directly saw them do it, but somebody found the shreds in the bin?

We really need to ask just why WMP went into overdrive on this one? This incident was allegedly witnessed and initially reported by a Steward at the City ground and WMP appear to be pushing this investigation quite hard. WMP are known Islamo-panderers, and openly boast about their association with the discredited Tell Mama organisation. Really we should be asking whose side are WMP on?

Could not the West Midlands Police find something better to do with police officer hours? It’s not as if the area that West Midlands covers is some crime-free paradise, there must have been burglaries, robberies, sex offences, assaults etc that were more deserving of investigation time than someone ripping up a Koran?

Here’s what the local newspaper for Middlesbrough, The Gazette, said about this case:

A boro fan has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after allegedly ripping up pages of the Koran at a match.

And six people have been suspended from attending Middlesbrough Football Club matches as the probe continued.

A 25-year-old man who has been arrested is accused of tearing up pages from the holy text of Islam and throwing them during Boro’s clash against Birmingham City last month.

The fan has been bailed while police continue to investigate the incident.

He is also banned from attending football matches and must not visit any city where Middlesbrough Football Club are playing.

The incident happened during the club’s 2-2 draw, on December 7 at Birmingham’s St Andrew’s ground.

The alleged incident was reported to police by a match steward.

West Midlands Police is investigating the incident and confirmed that a man, from Shrewsbury, has been arrested.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “On December 21 a 25-year-old man from Bicton Heath in Shrewsbury was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

He has since been bailed while the police investigation continues. “

This is not the first time that West Midlands Police have gone out on a limb to protect Islamic individuals or groups or even to protect Muslims from having their feelings hurt. WMP recently arrested a man purely for referring to the Director of the discredited Tell Mama group as ‘a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist’. One of their police specialists in community relations is so far up Tell Mama’s arse that all you can see of PC Gary Stack is his polished police boots protruding from Fiyaz Mughal’s rectum.

This arrest serves two purposes for the police. It makes them feel that they are contributing to ‘community cohesion’ (when they are not) and intimidates some people from making similar sorts of protest against the ideology of Islam, which for the information of the hard of thinking at West Midlands Police, is indeed an ideology and not a ‘race’.

A person should not be arrested for saying that ‘Islam is a pile of shit’ or for ripping up a Koran any more than they should be arrested for speaking up against Communism or Fascism or ripping up copies of Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto. Islam is not a race and despite all the efforts of those Islamic politicians to ‘racialise’ the issue of Islam, these are the facts. A race cannot be changed but an ideology can be changed, that is the key difference in my mind between the concepts of ‘race’ and ‘ideology’.

Maybe it is time to speak up and protest about this arrest? West Midlands Police should certainly be ridiculed about it, especially since they seem to be arresting people because some Muslims’ feelings might be hurt. Well, Anjem Choudary offends me and what he says hurts my feelings and I’m unhappy about how he disrespects this country, is there any chance of WMP or the Met arresting him, instead of those who speak against his ideology for a change?

I wonder what would happen if lots of people bought cheap copies of the Koran and ripped them up, burned or mutilated them or did whatever they wanted to, to it. Would people be arrested for this? What if they did the same to a Bible or a book by Karl Marx? Would they be arrested then? If people are arrested for trashing their own property, in the form of a Koran, in a responsible and non-hazardous way, as is their unalienable right, then we will know how far Islamic groups have corrupted our police and politics.

I’m not normally in favour of burning or mutilating books, but if it is a person’s own copy, and not stolen, why should they not burn or mutilate it, if they so choose? I’ve got a book by Michael Moore, which is a load of lefty shite, will I be nicked for using that to light a bonfire with? If they want to film or write about their experience of Koran burning why should they not do that as well, as a piece of self-expression? The police are there, or should be there, to prevent crime and uphold the law, not to wipe the tears from the eyes of a bunch of religious cultists whose egos are so fragile that they are getting increasingly desperate in their attempts to make their own twisted ideology immune from criticism or rebuke.

The Koran is a manual of slavery and degradation, why should those who own a copy not have the right to trash it, whether by debunking the guff that it contains, or by its destruction by water, fire or other means?

West Midlands Police really should drop the sort of diversity guff that is being exploited by Islamic groups, and get on with the business of making their policing area safer for all, not just for some, not just for the loud-mouthed Bearded Savages, but for everyone.



Original story from the Middlesbrough Gazette

Previous stories from this site about West Midlands Police, the Tell Mama group, and Islamo-pandering

Birmingham becoming a centre for Jihadi activity. Maybe WMP would be better employed dealing with its Jihadi problem rather than nicking people for ripping up a Koran. After all, what’s more important, the hurt feelings of a few Bearded Savages, or stopping Islamic bomb, and other terror plots?

Islamic groups trying to shut down criticism of Islam



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