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The ‘enrichment’ of Peterborough and its victims.

January 16, 2014

Another town another group of young women left as traumatised victims. We have become sadly used to the horrendous number of Islamic Grooming Gangs which have been operating in the UK over the last 15-20 years, many of which were swept under the carpet by police and social services and now it is the turn of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire to suffer.

The latest sexual atrocity was committed by a gang made up of a mixture of Muslims and various East Europeans. The local police are, according to a report on last night’s Radio 4 PM programme, investigating ten different, presumably immigrant, communties, over similar offences.

The BBC wheeled out the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz, to say that this is a problem not limited to any particular community, and she is true that paedophillia in general is a problem that is widely spread. However, she is wrong when it comes to grooming gangs, up till now this on street grooming has been primarily a Muslim problem, with occasional cases like the Peterborough one, where other sorts of foreigners have been involved. Ms Berelowitz has spent a lot of her career working in the very local authorites and child care and protection services that have failed so many vulnerable children over recent years, and this may be why her report into organised child grooming was criticised by many for its downplaying of the phenomena of Islamic grooming gangs.

Peterborough has, since 1997 when Labour came to power, become increasingly ‘enriched’ and with the influx of immigrants has come rises in crime and antisocial behaviour, pressure on schools and other local services and now the rape gangs have arrived.

Sky News reporting on this case said:

“Two men and two teenage boys have been found guilty of a series of rapes and serious sexual offences against five girls, including one as young as 12.

A third teenage boy was also found guilty of sexual activity with a child, but cleared of rape.

The abuse by the gang, of Czech, Slovak and Kurdish backgrounds, took place in Peterborough from April to December 2012.

Ringleader Zdeno Mirga, 18, was convicted of eight counts of rape and one count of inciting child prostitution by a jury at the Old Bailey.

The court heard he “shared around sexually” one of the victims because he wanted money to buy cannabis and vodka.

“He did this using the power he had over her at the time, or threatened her and sometimes he used violence against her,” Prosecutor Angela Rafferty told the jury.

Mirga had sex with the girl in the toilets in a park, and she was also abused on a park table, the court heard.”

Sky News added:

“Two boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were also convicted of various counts of rape and sexual assault.

Between them, Mirga and the two boys were convicted of 14 counts of rape.

Hassan Abdulla, 33, was found guilty of four counts of rape and three counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Mirga’s brother Dusan, 20, and David Ziga, 19, and a teenage boy, were found not guilty of the charges against them.

Judge John Bevan QC instructed the jury that they could deliver majority verdicts on each of the counts.

Sentencing was adjourned until February 20.

Afterwards, Detective Superintendent Gary Ridgway said: “These girls were targeted simply because they were vulnerable. They were seen as easy targets and exploited by this group of teenage boys and young men who abused them for their own sexual gratification.

“The victims, who were as young as 12 years old, were subjected to horrific ordeals. But they have shown incredible strength throughout this process, in particular by giving evidence at court in order to bring these people to justice.

“We are committed to helping those girls pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. Our priority has always been, and remains, to safeguard young people.”

I dare say that the the serious case review that will enevitably spring from this horrific case, will contain the weasel words ‘lessons have been learned’ that are often trotted out in cases like these. The SCR and other reports will however, almost certainly ignore what is really happening in many of Britain’s towns and cities, and that is along with a few useful people, our government seem to have imported an awful lot of rapists and paedophiles.

Peterborough used to be a nice place, before it was ‘enriched’ by the sort of people who should never ever have been allowed into the UK. Third world rapists do not suddenly stop being third world rapists just because they’ve been given residence in the United Kingdom.


Original story from Sky News


  1. margita permalink

    No wonder that people ask my interpreter friend how come that she is white…The majority of Czechs/Slovaks they see in papers have brown faces – Gypsies. What a great imported mix – Gypsies and Muslims! There are coach loads travelling from around Kosice in Slovakia upto Bradford every week – the majority living on benefits. There must be many simple Gypsy girls sold to Pakistanis for their passport. Grooming will be rife as the authorities have no idea how many children the Gypsy families have and they will not send them to school. I travelled in one of the coaches full of Gypsies from Slovakia where there was a simple girl a few months ago – she was going to Bradford…I do hope she didn’t end up just like these Peterborough victims. This problem will only grow. Thank you, our successive governments, for enriching our culture! In the meantime we are all paying for their housing benefits, unemployment benefits, child benefits, court cases, interpreters, lawyers …

  2. Buster permalink

    No problem here…move along!
    Gawd this pisses me off royal, and it has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the victims (I don’t know what the ethnicity of the victims is).
    However given previous cases where the majority of underage girls were of European ethnicity (That’s right, Europeans are also an Ethnic group, a quickly dwindling one at that) it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they are targetted, because they are seen as of no value (And some times act like it) you only have to look at the way European women are portrayed in the media, and are specifically over represented in the seedy underworld of the ‘Glamour & Porn industry’.
    White women have been turned into the worlds Whore without even realising it, so it is no surprise that these things are occurring.
    So much for Liberation huh?
    Wise up European women, Your Men never were a threat to you!

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