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This is not just ordinary violent misogyny, this is Islamic violent misogyny.

January 13, 2014


Those who still doubt that there is a core of horrific misogyny in both Islamic theology and Islamic culture, should read the story below. This case has Islamic misogyny shot right through it, right down to the offender telling a woman ‘I am Muslim, you must obey me’.

The Hull Daily Mail reported on probably one of the nastiest and most manipulative domestic violence offenders I’ve come across in a while.

A MAN pinned his girlfriend down and raped her in front of their baby son, and told her she must obey him because he was a Muslim, a court was told.

The Mail has decided not to identify the rapist, who is in his early 20s, so his relationship with his victim can be revealed.

She was 16 when they met, but he began beating her three months into the relationship and raped her at her home in Hull in May last year.

The victim, who gave evidence at Hull Crown Court via video link, said she had not reported the rape at the time because she did not understand such a thing could happen in a relationship.

I didn’t understand it was rape at the time,” she said. “I didn’t understand until I told a friend.”

The Hull Daily Mail added:

The rapist, who now lives in Buckinghamshire, was also convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after repeatedly banging his partner’s head against the dashboard of a car.

He was also convicted of two other assaults on her.

The court was told that while the teenager was pregnant with their son, he was thousands of miles away marrying his cousin in an arranged marriage in South Asia.

When he returned, he settled in Buckinghamshire and began fortnightly visits to his son and partner in Hull, during which time he also got another woman in Buckinghamshire pregnant.

Mr Hashim asked why, after having time to reflect on the relationship, the victim did not seek help.

She replied with four words: “Young and scared. Immature.”

In tearful evidence, she said despite knowing about his marriage to another woman, she still hoped he would come back to have a normal family life with her and their child.

She said: “I just wanted him to come back because I wanted my little boy to have what I never had, which was a mum and a dad.”

The victim’s mother told the court why she thought her daughter had not ended the relationship sooner.

She wanted this fairytale story where mummy and daddy were together,” said the victim’s mother. “I told her it wasn’t always like that.”

I don’t know about you but I’m bloody livid reading this account. This manipulative Islamic scumbag, did what the Muslim ‘men’ in Islamic grooming gangs do, and targeted a woman who was vulnerable made her rely on him and then beat her. This appalling behaviour went on from the early days of the relationship and like so many other Muslim men do throughout the world, treated this woman as if she was mere property.

Unfortunately, this case does not end with the satisfaction that this scumbag will be caged for a long time, as should be the case. To add to the injury to body and mind that this woman has suffered, at the hands of yet another violent Islamic pervert, must be added the sheer insult of a sentence handed down by Judge Simon Jack at Hull. Although this Islamoscum was convicted on all counts put before the jury, Judge Jack only gaoled him for a total of five and a half years with an order to sign the sex offenders’ register for life, and to be subject to a ten-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim.

Five and a half years! For a violent Islamic pervert, who beat up and raped his vulnerable partner, who was already married and who was sleeping with other women. This Islamo-scum must have put this poor woman in fear of her life with his screaming demands to be obeyed just because he was a Muslim. This sentence is not nearly long enough, something like 8 to 12 years would have been much more acceptable. Islamic misogyny should not be given a free pass in our courts, and should not be seen as any sort of mitigating factor in sentencing, it should in fact be seen for what it truly is, an aggravating factor that should attract harsher sentencing.

On this case I do hope the CPS appeal against the sheer idiotic leniency of this sentence.

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One Comment
  1. Bunny permalink

    Right how do I get the Islamic respect for women out of this story? The chances are this idiot would be a tosser if he was a member of Hari Krishna let alone a muslim, but it does seem to give him justification for being a tosser. If he thought his god at the final judgement would say ‘oi tosser, eternal damnation for you matey boy.’ Them maybe he might just act a little differently.

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