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Tell Mama. New Allegation. Did Fiyaz Mughal lie on statement to Police?

January 13, 2014

Did Fiyaz Mughal lie to the police or did he tell the truth? The Courts will decide.

The ongoing saga of the murky Tell Mama group and those associated with it has taken another turn.

Recently Tim Burton of the LibertyGB party, was arrested and charged by West Midlands Police apparently on the instructions of Fiyaz Mughal the leader of Tell Mama (and other Islam promotion outfits like Faith Matters etc), the now discredited ‘hate crime’ monitor.

To recap, Mr Burton was arrested for referring to Mughal on Twitter as “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”. “ For making this statement about Fiyaz Mughal, Mr Burton has been charged with “racially aggravated harassment

The latest development is an allegation that Fiyaz Mughal lied to police when making his report to the police when making his statement on the subject of Mr Burton’s words. In a comment to the Fahrenheit 211 blog, a poster presumably Mr Burton, and apparently referring to Mughal said:

It turns out that this particular mendacious Muslim scumbag taquiyya-artist LIED on his police statement to have me arrested in a way that DIRECTLY and MATERIALLY affected the charge of harassment. Should the case come to court then I advise you to bring some popcorn, as it will be entertaining.”

If it is correct that Mughal lied to police when making his statement to West Midlands officers then that may well count as ‘perverting the course of justice’. This is a very serious offence, and if the false allegation caused an innocent person, such as Mr Burton for example, to be arrested, then there is a recommended tariff of 4 – 12 months imprisonment for such an offence. According to the Crown Prosecution Service, actions that have any impact on a prosecution could be considered as ‘aggravating factors’ when it comes to sentencing.

If as may have happened Mughal chose his words carefully to put Mr Burton and his words into the worst possible light, and spoke falsehoods to the police, then Mughal may be liable to prosecution.

Mr Burton’s case, which is due to be heard on Tuesday 18th February 2014 at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court, will indeed be entertaining. There is, as Liberty GB pointed out on their website, the strong possibility that the Magistrates will kow tow to the ‘usual political correctness and multicultural idiocy’, and Mr Burton may not get a sympathetic hearing. However, this case will be an opportunity to air, in a court that is open to the public, some of the concerns not only about Mughal’s activities, but also pertinent and relevant issues regarding freedom of speech and the right to criticise ideologies and their proponents.

In his comment to this blog, Mr Burton said:

I am unconcerned for myself – my personal acquittal or conviction is of secondary concern when set against the fight for our freedoms, set as they are against the encroachment of Islamic totalitarianism and supremacism, and the complicity of our political elites and mainstream media in the politically correct and multicultural environment that we find ourselves in today – but I would hope that all freedom-loving individuals would contribute in whatever way they can to help turn back the tide.”

That was very bravely articulated by Mr Burton and this case is indeed going to be very interesting. Mr Burton is also publicising the issues and problems regarding Islam in Britain in the weeks leading up to the trial, and he concludes his comment with a list of media outlets where his views can be heard.

On the run-up to the trial I will be publicising these issues in whatever way I can. Liberty GB have been kind enough to support me one hundred per cent in my fight, but I will also be making an appearance on other Blog Talk radio stations including Red Fox (Canada) Audrey Russo (USA) EDL East Anglians (UK) Radio Jihad Network (USA) and Restore Australia. I will also be writing and publishing articles in online magazines (I have already had a couple of articles published in New English Review) and I will be posting essays from time to time on my Twitter timeline (Follow The Cat @catstrangler101)

If the allegation that Fiyaz Mughal deliberately lied to the police with the intent to worsen the severity of the offence that Mr Burton was arrested for turns out to be proven, then it will be yet another indication of just why Fiyaz Mughal is untrustworthy (as if the dodgy hate crime figures were not enough). If proved then this will mean that any organisation connected to him, should be considered as unfit to be involved in advising public services on matters pertaining to community relations, especially entities like West Midlands Police.

Evidence of Fiyaz Mughal’s dishonesty when dealing with the police, if and when it emerges, will hopefully have far reaching consequences, not only for Fiyaz Mughal and his front groups, but also for his political backers in the Liberal Democratic party. There are close political relationships between Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats and Fiyaz Mughal, and voters should remind themselves of the Lib Dems association with Mountebank Mughal when they go to cast their vote.

It should also not be forgotten that Mughal’s organisation Tell Mama has managed to get its feet very firmly under the table at West Midlands Police and this close personal relationship that Tell Mama has with various officers, may well have affected the decision to arrest and charge Mr Burton. This case will also be an opportunity to expose to the public the possibly unhealthy relationships that Fiyaz Mughal and his groups have with political parties and police forces.

It may well be that in making this accusation against Mr Burton, Mughal may very well have overstepped the mark this time, and picked on someone who will not shut up when faced with one of Mughal’s ‘toddler tantrums’. This is definitely going to be one of those ‘interesting times’ cases and I’d advise anyone who considers themselves to be a classical liberal or a patriot or anybody who is concerned about where this country is going, to keep a close eye on this case and its outcome.



From this blog regarding the arrest of Mr Burton (including comment from Mr Burton that this post was based on)

CPS guidance for sentencing in cases of perverting the course of justice

Biography of Fiyaz Mughal showing his very close relationships with both the Lib Dems and its leader Nick Clegg.

Other stories from this blog about the mountebanks of Tell Mama and their relationship with police officers.

Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama organisation caught cooking the books with anti Islam hate crime figures

Below is a copy of the article from the Liberty GB site, published shortly after Mr Burton’s arrest.

  1. Oswald Thake permalink

    Of coourse he lied! He’s a Moslem, isn’t he? They take in lying with their mother’s milk.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      It certainly seems to be that there are a considerable number of Islamic groups and Islamic speakers who are considerably less than honest in how they describe and sell Islam to people and how they interact with non-Muslim individuals and organisations. The case of the illegal Hainault mosque is a case in point, the management were told that they could not use the building as a place of worship and they ignored the council instructions and turned it into a mosque anyway.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that in far too many cases that you can tell that an Islamic spokesperson is lying because their lips are moving. Although Taqiyya is primarily a Shia thing (because Shia are persecuted by Sunni Muslims) that doesn’t mean that Muslims from Non-Shia backgrounds are not lying to people to advance their cause.

      If the allegation about Mughal is true, then if there is any justice he will be prosecuted by the CPS.

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