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Is it because they is chopping people’s heads off?

January 13, 2014


Crimebodge, a website that is, to say the least, plod-sceptic, has published an excellent comment on the arrest of Tim Burton of LibertyGB.

The Crimebodge site also seems to have noticed how not only are too many members of the ‘Religion of Exploding to Pieces’ suffering from egos like bone china, but are also far too quick to take offence and whine about it.

Sadly, our police forces seem to be pandering to them and their whines. Crimebodge poses the theory that it may be because Islamic psychos (and there quite a few of them) have a penchant for detaching people’s heads from their bodies, and this is one reason why the police and other agencies pander to them so.

Crimebodge said in their cod-problem page:


Dear Jezzer,

How is it that pissed off British Muslims can march up and down the streets screaming ‘death to the infidels’ and the police do sod all about it, but a member of Liberty GB calls a Muslim activist a “mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” on Twitter and West Midlands police cream themselves in panic to arrest the author for ‘racially aggravated harassment’?

Why do the cops grant Muslims free speech but deny it to everyone else?


Barry Zinger



What you have to understand is that although everyone is entitled to free speech in this country, replies come with a very hefty price tag. Especially if that reply is from someone in the Muslim community complaining – yet again- that their brittle-as-a-turd feelings have been hurt for about the billionth time that day.

Now of course, if it was you or I complaining to the police about an honest opinion we didn’t like, we’d be told to piss off henceforth. But Muslims are treated differently for a very simple reason:- 

Some of them like to chop heads off.

Therefore, by instantly arresting anyone who offends them we are sending out a powerful message to the world. That message being:-

Please, please, please don’t hurt us Mr. Muslim sir, please, we’ll do anything you ask, honest!’  

Now although that sounds like the sort of simpering, politicised cowardliness you’d expect from British police, there is far more complex explanation…

There isn’t, but we like to say that anyway in the hope that you’ll go away. But I see that you are still here. So…let me elaborate. And by elaborate I do of course mean lie some more… “

That really sums up the cowardly way the British state have acted towards Muslims in Britain. They have to be appeased, pandered to, allowed to shag their cousins and produce disabled children, not be arrested for fomenting violence, not sanctioned when they call for the death of Christians, Jews and homosexuals and so much more.  This is not equal justice, far from it.

This begs the question, if they are this liable to explode, sometimes literally, and embark on campaigns of violence, so much so that that even the state has started looking over their shoulder at them, then why are they here? If they find so much to complain about in British society why do they not go and find a society that suits them much more than the UK does?  

Why should we in the UK take into account what the followers of what is a very backward and violent ideology want?  Especially when granting them their wishes ends up impairing the freedoms of the many of us who don’t follow a 7th century nonce.  

Why not remove all those Muslims who call for Shariah in Britain, all those who foment hatred between different faiths, all those who promote Islam within our local and national government and all those who advocate that women should be kept in mobile canvas prisons? Such an action may well make Britain safer in the long run, because we would be rid of the ‘peace-breakers’ who cause so many problems.  This sort of action would also make the country safer for those many ex-Muslims, quite a few of whom came to Britain to escape the madhouses that are Islamic societies.

Crimebodge added on the subject of freedom of speech

This isn’t just us (the police) traipsing over the rights of anyone who doesn’t worship the correct brand of sky fairy; this is us arresting people due to tactical necessity. Or to ‘ease community tension’ as we call it. And by ‘community’ we of course mean ‘Muslims’, and by ‘tension’ we mean ‘them hearing something they don’t like‘.  Which in most cases is the truth.


Read the rest of this excellent piece at:

Well said. I’ve been following the counterjihad scene for a while now and I’ve noticed that in the majority of cases what Muslims are being hit with in debate, which they really don’t like, is stuff from their own traditions and their own cultures, that people from free societies find repugnant. Things such as a 50 year old man sexually abusing a small child, as the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed did.

It is not an insult to point out that Islamic societies are often oppressive basket cases, and that it is more likely than not that the reason such countries are basket cases, is the influence of Islam. Islam retards societies, it’s an ideology that puts the brakes on the sort of free thought that helps a society grow and progress. If we do not wish to see our society retarded in this way, then it is vital to keep telling the truth about the ideology of Islam and to point out where the words, that the followers of Islam speak, and the objective reality, differ.

There is nothing to gain, and everything to lose from pandering to Islam. Islam is bad news for Christians, Jews,Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, women, gays, children etc. That’s not prejudice talking, the historical record is not kind to the followers of Mohammed and they are often shown to be much more sinner than sinned against.

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