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From Elsewhere: Laying into the liars of Loonwatch

January 12, 2014

The site logo of the Loonwatch organisation

Here’s an interesting piece by Paul Austin Murphy from the American Thinker magazine, on the subject of the Loonwatch group, which attempts to classify any criticism of Islam, the Koran, Mohammed etc as some form of derangement.

Mr Murphy said:

The Loonwatch website uses the subheading: “the mooslims! they’re heeere!” The implication here is that all us “loons” and “Islamophobes” are exaggerating the problem of Islamic terrorism, sharia law, etc. Consequently, Loonwatch dedicates itself to uncovering such “Islamophobia” and exposing “Islamophobes”, “loons” and “wackos”; as well as to analyzing all the various and many unfounded criticisms of Islam and Muslims.

Yes, the problem is that each and every criticism of Islam, Muslims (as Muslims), the Koran, Muhammad, etc. is deemed — by Loonwatch — to automatically be “Islamophobic” and/or the work of a “loon”.

Now, isn’t that convenient? Isn’t that neat?”

Yes it is neat isn’t it? And as he said, the sort of control that has been practised in Islamic nations for 1,400 years.

Mr Murphy added:

Let’s put what Loonwatch is doing in this way. Instead of sharia law (i.e., blasphemy law, death for apostasy, etc.) stopping all criticism of Islam, the Koran, Muhammad, etc. (which it has for up to 1,400 years in parts of the Muslim world), we now have a seemingly hip, ironic and Leftist website which is attempting to enforce sharia law with the help of its pseudo-journalistic and sometimes pseudo-academic articles. These articles are also copiously sprinkled with mindless ad hominems and some terrible pop psychiatry (stuff about “loons” and “wackos”).

One permanent article on Loonwatch is: ‘All Terrorists are Muslims… Except the 94% that Aren’t’

When you read the small print, the percentages are only actually about the situation in the United States (which neither the writer — Danios — nor the title make clears); which has a big problem, according to Loonwatch, with “Latino” terrorism. However, most of that Latino terrorism is very low-level — hardly anyone has been killed.

Everyone is well aware that all sorts of non-Islamic groups have bombed places and buildings. (In England and the U.S. animal rights activists have done so.) But there is a big difference between all Islamic bombings and most other attacks. (The attacks Loonwatch is talking about are in the U.S.) In most cases of the latter, the bombings weren’t carried out specifically in order to kill civilians; but to intimidate and scare. In the Muslim terrorism case, virtually every bombing is designed specifically to kill civilians. In fact I’ve never heard of an Islamic terrorist attack which was only aimed at a building or designed simply to intimidate rather than kill. Most Islamist bombs are designed to kill civilians — and that is the source of the terror. Most other non-Muslim bombings — specifically in the U.S. and Europe — are designed to scare or intimidate.

Loonwatch provides a link to a FBI page which cites 318 terrorist attacks in the U.S. between 1980 and 2005. Firstly I would say that there have been more attacks in one year alone in, say, Pakistan and Iraq than during the entire 25-year period cited by the FBI. In the Muslim world as a whole, there will be more than 300 terrorist attacks every few months.

The death toll of such attacks in the U.S. was 3178 (between 1980 and 2005) — and that includes 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombing! If you take away those two attacks, you are left with around 116 deaths in 25 years. (That death toll has been surpassed in a single day in such Muslim countries as Syria and Egypt.) The other thing worth mentioning is that most of the attacks in the U.S. were either carried out by foreigners or by American citizens who favored foreign causes. Hardly any of the attacks were for domestic causes.”

Mr Murphy continued to attack the creative way Loonwatch uses maths and statistics and how the denigration of one’s opponents as ‘mad’ in this way is reminiscent of how these accusations were used to oppress others in the past.

He said:

I also love the way Loonwatch uses classic Stalinist tactics. Stalin himself accused virtually all of his political opponents of being “fascists”. Nowadays the word-weapons Stalinists, Trotskyists, and progressives use include “racist”, “Islamophobe”, “bigot, “xenophobe”, etc. And now Loonwatch adds such tasteful psychological ad hominems as “loon”, “wacko” and “mad” into the mix. (The Communists/Stalinists of yore used more scientifically respectable psychiatric terms for political dissidents and opponents such as “philosophical intoxication” and “sluggish schizophrenic“.)

So who runs and writes for Loonwatch? There’s a lot of speculation about this because no writer uses his or her real name. (Most recent posts are by someone called Emperor and Garibaldi is also a frequent contributor.) My strong guess is that Loonwatch writers use fake names for one very simple reason: they are Muslims. Distinctly non-Muslim names may be used because Loonwatch knows full well that if they used their Muslim names then, in a manner of speaking, the cat really would be let out of the bag. In other words, why else would Loonwatch writers use false names? (Because Loonwatch lies so much, it may also have something to do with avoiding litigation.) Alternatively, it may that both totalitarian ideologists, Leftists and Islamists, are working together (as they often do) on this project of monumental taqiyya or, as Leftists put it, “lying for Justice”.

So there we have it, Loonwatch, like other Islamic ‘anti-hate crime’ outfits such as Tell Mama for example, have been caught manipulating figures and trying to shut down criticism, even reasonable criticism of the ideology of Islam. If we let them do this today we will not be able to reclaim the right to speak up tomorrow.

Remember, if you are taking flak from groups like Loonwatch then you could be said to be right over, and indeed hitting, the target.


Read the rest of Mr Murphy’s article at:


  1. bobo permalink

    It’s all gone quiet about ‘Baroness’ Warsi wanting the UK to sign up to the OIC group’s charter making criticism of Islam illegal, but I’ve no doubt it’s jogging along nicely behind the scenes somewhere.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Yup, just cos the Bearded Savages are not screaming, doesn’t mean that they are not scheming. BTW here’s a joke for you, How can you tell when a spokesperson for Islam is lying, answer, their lips move.

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