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From Elsewhere: Women banned from sitting on chairs in areas of Syria captured by Islamic armies

January 10, 2014

Islamic misogyny at its most petty and spiteful, women in Syrian city banned from sitting on chairs.

We all know that Islam hates. It’s core texts are infused with hatred for non-Muslims and Muslims who question Islamic orthodoxy. The actions of its followers whether in the benighted Islamic lands of Pakistan and Afghanistan or closer to home in places like Rochdale and Rotherham, are often of a bestial and criminal nature. Although Islam encourages its followers to hate, cheat on and kill non believers, it is often Muslim women who are the closest targets for Islamic men to unleash their ingrained hatred on.

A report from Syria speaking of the aftermath of the capture of a city by the Al-Qa’ida backed, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’s (ISIL), gives some inkling into the oppressive life that the Muslim Jihadists have condemned people to having to endure.

The report in The Commentator blog outlines some of the new rules that the ISIL fighters have put in place. They include:

Women are banned from sitting on chairs (as reported verbatim).

  • All women are obligated to wear Islamic attire, such as the niqab and burqa (which cover the entire body and face); sweaters, jeans, and make-up of any kind are strictly banned.
  • Female clothing is not to be displayed in shop windows, and only women are allowed to work there; if a man is found on the grounds the shop faces closure.
  • Women are banned from seeing male gynaecologists (thus severely hampering their ability to see doctors, most of whom are men in Syria).
  • Smoking—cigarettes, water pipes, etc.—is banned.  Violators could face the death penalty; shops found selling cigarettes are to be burned to the ground.
  • All barbershops are to be closed down and men forbidden from having short hair, wearing modern hairstyles or using hair products; men are also forbidden from wearing low-waist jeans.
  • Anyone who uses the word “Daash” (an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in Arabic) will receive 70 whippings; the organization is to be referred to by its proper name.

The punishments are indeed severe: swindling taxi drivers face repercussions ranging from chopped hands to chopped heads; the reason cited is that their swindling may somehow interfere with a passenger’s worship (e.g., a Muslim seeking to go to mosque at the proper time).

Likewise, shop owners who do not shut down during prayer times must face the consequences.”

This is what Islamic fighters have done to just one city in Syria. Similar Islamic savages who captured a town in Mali prior to the French intervention brought in similar rules, again rules that have a focus on the oppression and control of women and women’s bodies. The dehumanisation of women happens wherever Islam gains the upper hand.

This dehumanisation of women, of which Islam has 1400 years of experience, doesn’t have to be carried out or enforced at the barrel of a gun or the point of a sword, as it is in Syria, but can be done by threat of violence or familial shame. Non-Muslims have sadly colluded in the Islamic abuse of women by pandering to Islam, and often writing off Islamic oppression of women as a cultural thing that it would be offensive to criticise. It is this craven and cowardly attitude to Islamic oppression of women which has led Britain to be a European leader in the highly misogynistic abuse that is the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Thousands of British domiciled and British born Muslim women are genitally mutilated in appalling ways and yet, because those in authority are too timid to tackle Islamic gyno-hatred.

I believe that any reasonable person, and anybody who considers themselves to be moral and righteous, or anybody with even the scantiest regard for the idea of Justice, should look at what is happening to women under Islam, and cry out in anger.

Unfortunately as I said earlier, the burden of Islam doesn’t just fall on women in far away places of which we wished we knew much less, like Syria or Mali, or Saudi Arabia, but on women who may be our neighbours and work colleagues. Our leaders, of all major parties, under the guise of multiculturalism, have shamefully turned a blind eye to the creation of a female ‘slave class’ among Muslim women on British soil, and that is something that they must be made to pay for at the earliest electoral opportunity. Britain should be a place synonymous with the emancipation of Muslim women, not their continued enslavement.

The act of forbidding women to sit on chairs or garb themselves in mobile canvas prisons, is not an aberration of Islam, it is merely the misogyny of Islam distilled and put into practice.

The way that the followers of Islam treat women from their own tribe or culture should act as a warning to non-Muslims, about Islamic attitudes to women. We have started to see a growth in female victims of Muslim men in the form of sex attacks and other crimes, and it is a trend that is unlikely to reverse any time soon. Therefore, it is time we all wised up to the danger of Islamic misogyny, and speak up about it as much as we can, because Islamic misogyny is lethal for women wherever they may be and whoever they may be.. 


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