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On the Duggan verdict

January 9, 2014


Pam Duggan, if she had brought up her child better, then she may not have been crying over his untimely death.

The person pictured above is Pam Duggan, mother of the dead gangster Mark Duggan who a Jury have decided was shot lawfully by police. The reason that the gangster Duggan is dead is purely down to her. She is the one who chose piss poor men to breed with thereby creating Mark Duggan. It is her who chose to continue to live on the shithole that is the Broadwater Farm Estate, when someone who cared more about the life of her son would have worked has hard as possible to get their child away from there. It is she who didn’t act when her son was displaying worrying levels of violence at school. It was Pam Duggan who must have at some point consented to her child going to live with Manchester gangsters, according to an early story in the Mail.

It might have been a police officer that pulled the trigger of the firearm pointed at Duggan, but the person who set Mark Duggan on the path that led to his death was his mother and the rest of his family. They created this beast and made, from what I can ascertain, no appreciable attempt to divert him from crime and violence.

Now I’m not the world’s greatest fan of the Police, as previous articles on this site will testify, but Duggan was a nasty piece of work and one of the few people over whose death I will not grieve. Despite attempts by the far Left (who I might add have been stirring the pot in the Tottenham area recently) to draw equivalences between the justified shooting of Duggan and the mistaken killing of Jean Charles Menendez at Stockwell Tube station, it can’t be denied that Duggan was a beast, and if he wasn’t killed by the police then he would probably have died at the hands of another gangster.

I was watching Mark Duggan’s  auntie gobbing off on the news last night following the lawful killing verdict by the inquest jury and I could not help but thinking why isn’t she gobbing off about the much greater scandal of young black men killing other young black men? That’s where her anger should be directed. A piss poor education system, fractured and chaotic families,who can continue to be fractured and chaotic because they are supported by Welfare, plus useless inconsistent value and morality free parenting, all contributed to the death of Mark Duggan, just as it contributes to the failure and destruction of other young black men.

People like Duggan do not represent the Black community in the UK, they are a parasitical organism that preys upon it. The ordinary decent and often Churchgoing British Black community need people like Duggan in their midst, like a healthy person needs a dose of Ebola.




Post verdict investigation of Duggan by the Daily Mail

Pat Condell on the riots that happened after the Duggan shooting.




  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX Pam Duggan, if she had brought up her child better, then she may not have been crying over his untimely death.XX

    If she had not gone shagging niggers, it would not have happened either.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’ve met loads of mixed race families that haven’t turned their children into crims, far from it. There were loads of things that Pam Duggan could have done to divert her child away from badness but she didn’t do it. For one, if she really cared about her child’s future, she would have done what decent people do when they are worried about their children’s future in a bad area and worked her arse off to get off of Broadwater Farm Estate.

      No sympathy from me for Duggan nor his family nor the criminal street culture that destroys the lives of those who are either involved in it, or worse the lives of those who are innocent victims of that street culture. FFS, young black guy killing young black guy was not the sort of future that my black contemporaries thought would be the fate of the contemporaries of their children and grandchildren. BTW I was in Tottenham for work recently and I could not help but notice that the Socialist Workers Party are trying to stir the pot round there and have a significant poster campaign going over various issues. I dare say they will be stirring over this inquest verdict.

  2. Bunny permalink

    I wasn’t surprised that Clegg was also stating that his sympathies lay with the Duggan family, mine doesn’t, should someone choose a parasitic existence living a life of crime, not contributing to society and generally making other’s lives a misery then they deserve no sympathy at all. This is regardless of race, creed or colour. If that estate riots, don’t send in the police send in an infantry battalion as they used to do in the ‘Troubles’.

  3. John permalink

    Well said furor teutonicas. Im not racist but at least another dirty black gangster is of the streets of the UK.

    Absolute filth. How they can condemn the police when he was carrying a fire arm. Absolutely laugh-fable. Good riddance.

  4. Angela permalink

    If this had been a “white” person who was killed, it would hardly get a mention.

    Same if it had been a policeman.

    He deserved what he got pure and simple.

    I despair of this country, I really do. Today Duggan’s sympathisers have threatened disruptive (and possibly violent) behaviour at his vigil.

    I would hope the police would use water cannon on this scum, or even better rubber bullets. This would not be tolerated in America

  5. Angela permalink

    Today, this scumbags supporters are hosting a vigil and have threatened to disrupt this meeting. Shoot the whole plucking lot !

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      From what I can gather, the Trots, in the form of the Socialist Workers Party are stirring things up there. They are often stirring things there on a range of issues from immigration rights to manufactured outrages over this or that local trade union issue. I would not be surprised if the SWP or some other Trot group was angling for disruption in Tottenham. Like their other front group Unite Against Fascism, they incite violence. If the SWP are so morally bankrupt to align themselves with Jihadists and Islamic fascists, I wouldn’t put it past them to be stirring with some of the local crims, or those who benefit from criminality.

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