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A message to those of my LGBT readers…..

January 9, 2014

……who are still under the misapprehension that Islam is a religion of peace and is not a threat to LGBT people.

From Gulf News

Sana’a: A Yemeni security official says a gunman in the southern province of Lahj killed a man suspected of being of gay, the latest in a series of attacks on homosexuals in the country.

Eyewitness Ahmad Hadi said that Waleed Saleh Awedan, 25, was shot by a man riding a motorbike near his home on Monday evening. The official spoke anonymously because he was not authorised to brief reporters.

At least 34 people have been killed in similar attacks in the past two years, many in the southern provinces, which have been under intermittent Al Qaida control. Homosexuality is a crime in Yemen.

Also on Tuesday, the security director of Aden province, Najib Al Moughlis, said that two soldiers were killed in a firefight between security forces and unknown attackers.”

Such random attacks on people purely because they are gay, is the everyday experience of such people in the Islamic world.  For people who define themselves as LGBT, the world of Islam is one of unremitting horror.

Maybe it is time for LGBT people in the UK to start to redefine what organisations and ideologies they classify as murderously fascistic towards LGBT people, and open their eyes to the truth. Because the uncomfortable truth is that most of the worlds violent anti-gay hatred is coming from Islam.  Although some Christians are none too friendly towards LGBT individuals, their violence and their hatred is very much in the minority and being gay in an Islamic environment is akin to possessing a death warrant with your own name on it.

  1. Bobo permalink

    Nobody seems to remember Peter Tatchell banging on about how the gay community should ally with the Muslims, as they were both ‘oppressed minorities’. I think it may have been in the days before the internet, but nevertheless it was a real ROTFLMAO moment. Also lefty-run Brighton council cancelling a performance by some hugely homophobic rap ‘star’ a few years ago.

    Please rearrange the following words to make a sentence: “Chickens home to roost coming”.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Bobo, have you got a reference to that comment because in my experience whether you agree with Tatchell or not, he has at least been consistent in being in opposition to gay people, and has not as some on the left have done turned a blind eye to the activites and attitudes of ‘the Left’s new best friends’.

      However that is no to say that there are not LGBT groups and individuals who are appeasing Islam and are probably going to get a wake up call sooner or later, the group ‘Rainbow Hamlets’ springs to mind, who are sometimes run as cover by the East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets. This group is wheeled out by the East London Mosque when they need to prove their fluffy multikulti credentials (often when they’ve been caught out putting on an Islamic headcase preacher). The ELM use the Liberal Jews in a similar way as a cover to allow them to say ‘look we are not antisemitic, we work with Jews’

      • Bobo permalink

        The only stuff that I can find is similar to that above: a more nuanced positioning by the Tatch than the one I remember, which I suppose would have been from the ’80’s. So, no; file under ‘unsupported allegation’.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Thanks for looking into that. A lot of people on the anti-racist Left got hoodwinked by Islamic interests in the 80’s into thinking that they were oppressed, myself included.

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