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From Elsewhere: The silencing of feminists from the Islamic world

January 8, 2014

Taslima Nasreen

Bangladesh is almost as big a toilet as Pakistan. It has Jihadist groups who want to impose Shariah Law and life for those who speak out about the Islamic outrages that afflict the Bangladeshi people, is not good.

This piece on Harry’s Place about the Bangladeshi Feminist Taslima Nasreen, shows the spitefulness with which Bangladeshi and Indian Islamic groups have attempted to silence her.

Harry’s Place said:

Taslima Nasreen fled Bangladesh in 1994. Raised in a Muslim family, she had written a novel entitled Shame about the violence of Bangladeshi Muslims against Hindus. Thousands protested – they burnt her books and demanded she be executed. A court pronounced that she had hurt Muslims’ feelings.

Once out of Bangladesh her ordeal continued. In 2007 she was attacked during a book launch in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. Prominent Muslim clerics in Calcutta issued a “death warrant” against her for “repeated criticism” of Islam. The army was deployed when police in that city were unable to controlrioters who set cars on fire and pelted police with bricks and bottles full of acid, injuring at least 27 people. She stayed in India but was restricted to complete isolation at an undisclosed location, unable even to meet close friends. “I am like the living dead: benumbed; robbed of the pleasure of existence and experience; unable to move beyond the claustrophobic confines of my room,” she wrote at the time. “Can anybody live like this?”

In a development to this story, Ms Nasreen has found her autobiography banned in the Indian state of West Bengal, which has a significant Bengali Muslim population. Her Tweets are being investigated by local police and a television programme in which she was involved was cancelled after protests by Islamic Bearded Savages.

Harry’s Place continued:

Hoardings advertising the TV show have been torn down by the police. Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim has stated that there is no place for those who hurt the sentiments of Muslims in Calcutta. Taslima is not allowed to enter the city.

Taslima has reacted angrily to these developments:

Everybody is scared of Muslim fanatics.”

These fanatics are very good friends of the government. The politicians appease Muslim fanatics. Who doesn’t want to get Muslim votes?”

Arvind Kejriwal, head of the Aam Aadmi Party recently met with a Muslim cleric who has previously placed bounties on the heads of both Nasreen and George W. Bush.

Muslim sentiments are very precious…So Muslim fanatics have the right to ban films, books, or whatever they like before they even read or watch [them]”, she complains.

Will they be able to make fanatics happy? I do not think so. Fanatics will go as far as they can.”

She tweeted: “Democracy, women’s rights and free speech hurt the sentiments of fanatics. If you want to live a civilized life, you’ve got to hurt their thingies”

Yup this is one situation where I concur that ‘Off with the Goolies’ would be the preferred way of dealing with these Islamic savages who are hounding Ms Nasreen.



Read the rest of this story at Harry’s Place

More on Taslima Nasreen

Ms Nasreen’s blog

The Wiki page on Ms Nasreen, including information about her being expelled from cities and her various arrests.


One Comment
  1. Bunny permalink

    Isn’t India where the government did a repeat of the Empire’s 1920s massacre at the Golden Temple of Amritsar not too long ago? Now they are worried about hurting people’s feelings? Oh no our feelings are hurt we must throw bottles of acid at police officers! Keep up the good work Ms Nasreen.

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