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Bearded Savages of the Day Number 80 – Sudden Jihad Syndrome proves deadly for Bangladeshi Hindus

January 8, 2014


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One of the problems with the ideology of Islam is not only the hate filled theology that it is based on but the violence the ideology engenders in its followers. This hate and violence engendered by the ideology of Islam often seems to be masked, but hit the ‘offence’ button, or say ‘no’ to a demand, or vote for a party that the headcases don’t approve of, and they turn, just like that.

This example of the followers of Islam violently throwing the toys out of the pram, comes from Bangladesh, where supporters of the South Asian religious fascist group, Jamaat e Islaami (who are also frighteningly very closely connected to the East London Mosque in the UK) and other groups, attacked Hindus for having the temerity to vote in an election.

The Bangladeshi Internet newspaper, BDNews24 reported:

Miscreants have attacked houses and shops of Hindus in Jessore and Dinajpur for casting vote in the 10th national elections.

Hindu houses were vandalised, looted and torched in Maloparha of Chapatola village at Abhoynagar Upazila in Jessore on Sunday evening.

Locals said the criminals had entered Maloparha and ransacked 150 houses damaging furniture and other valuables around 7pm.

They also set fire to several houses and looted valuables.

After the incident, the panic-stricken residents left the village.

Firefighters rushed to the spot and doused the flame immediately.

Jessore Assistant Superintendent of Police (Sadar) Reshma Sharmin said activists of Jamaat-e-Islami, an ally of opposition BNP, had carried out the attack at a time when the administration was busy with counting of votes.

The Opposition boycotted the elections held on Sunday. It enforced shutdown and blockade to thwart it.

Police will file a case, the ASP said.

A local MP, Jessore Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police visited the spot on Monday morning.

The affected families were given 200 blankets.

Ranjit Roy, who was elected in Sunday’s polls, alleged the Jamaat activists had carried out the attack at the instigation of his opponent Sheikh Abdul Ohab.

Abdul Ohab was not available for comments. Dinajpur correspondent said over 100 Hindu houses and shops were vandalised and set on fire in Kornai village of Chehelgazi Union of Sadar Upazila.

The affected families took shelter at the house of a local social worker Rezaul Karim.

Hundreds of Jamaat activists continued the attacks on Hindu houses and shops with crude weapons and sticks for three hours on Sunday night.

They also ransacked and set fire to many houses and shops at the time.

The victims alleged the BNP and Jamaat activists had attacked their houses for casting vote.”

This is the same Jamaat e Islaami, who are closely associated with UK entities such as the extremist East London Mosque and who control, via local activists associated with their sister organisation Islam for Europe (IFE), the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. For links detailing the background to Jamaat organisations operating in the UK see the links below.

It is appalling that Bangladeshi Hindus, exercising their democratic right to vote, should be ‘punished’ like this by Muslim thugs. This is another example, Tower Hamlets in London is another, of how Islam is incompatible with democracy and can never fully respect the views or actions or beliefs of others.

Probably the most worrying part of this article was the swiftness with which the Muslims appeared to turn on their Hindu neighbours. They seemed to go from normal person to foaming Jihadist headcase quicker than a rat up a drainpipe. People really should be asking themselves some questions, such as, if this quick change from man to beast can happen in Bangladesh, could it happen in other places. Also we need to ask whether certain Islamic communities in the West have been kept quiet and non-violent by Government bribery or pandering? Will we see ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ like this in our own towns and cities, should this pandering be questioned I wonder? The idea that someone’s neighbours and those that they deal with in their locality would suddenly turn on them and want them dead, or turn blind eye to those burning Hindu homes and businesses, is a horrific one, but it is a nightmare that Bangladeshi Hindus have to live with. Bangladeshi Hindus never know when violence will erupt and they will find themselves the victims of the vitriol of Islamic hatred.

Today it is Bangladesh that is suffering from Muslims violently turning on their neighbours, tomorrow it could be somewhere much closer to you and your home. This is Islam and it sure isn’t a ‘religion of peace’.


Original story from BD News 24 Bangladeshi

Re Jamaat e Islaami in the UK etc

Background to Jamaat from the blog The Islamic Far Right in Britain

Jamaat and Islam for Europe have some pretty unpleasant supporters and members

Such as, the Islamist murder lurking at the heart of the British establishment

Here’s a very left wing criticism of Jamaat and IFE and also a condemnation of the involvement of the Socialist Workers Party with them.

The Islamic republic that has been created in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets


One Comment
  1. Frank permalink

    “A local MP, Jessore Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police visited the spot on Monday morning.

    The affected families were given 200 blankets.”
    generous lot aren’t they? The affected families should have been given the homes and businesses of the pond-life that burned and looted theirs’.
    It’s time to stop pussy-footing with bullies. All of them.

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