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Man arrested for telling the truth about the Tell Mama organisation. Police acting for Tell Mama arrest online radio show host for calling Phoney Fiyaz ‘”a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”.

January 2, 2014

Fiyaz Mughal the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist of the Tell Mama organisation.

Although I’m no great fanboy for the political party Liberty GB, for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here, but they, like any other party, should not be in the position of having a member arrested by police on the instructions of a bunch of liars and frauds.

It has emerged that the host of an online radio show put out by Liberty GB was arrested last week by West Midlands Police acting on the instructions of the increasingly discredited anti-hate crime Islamic organisation Tell Mama.

It seems that the ‘crime’ that  Tim Burton of Liberty GB has been accused of is ‘racially aggravated harassment’ of Phoney Fiyaz Mughal, the Fuhrer of the Tell Mama organisation. His ‘offence’ was to be frank ,nothing more than ‘fair comment’ because in truth Fiyaz Mughal is a ‘Mendacious Muslim scumbag’. He’s mendacious, a Muslim and a scumbag, what’s to disagree with there? His organisation lost public funding because Tell Mama was distorting ‘hate crime’ figures to make it look as if there was a massive increase in anti-Islam attacks. This mendacity has been well documented both by mainstream and non-mainstream media as anybody doing a quick google search will find out.

This arrest shows just how far groups like Tell Mama have corrupted our police forces, not by buying off officers with brown envelopes of used notes, but by persuading police forces to accept Tell Mama’s, very biased, definition of anti-Muslim prejudice. This arrest and charge is a classic example of the pro-Islam double standard at work in our public services. If I called David Cameron a ‘mendacious Christian scumbag’, or used the same or similar words to describe any other politician (and even though Mughal doesn’t hold national elected office, he still acts in a very political way) then there would be no question of being arrested for such words.

West Midlands Police have had too close a relationship with Tell Mama for far too long as previous articles on here have shown, and this relationship between a police force and a bunch of charlatans like Tell Mama, is now being shown to be corrupting the policing policies of the West Midlands Police.

If we don’t all pull together to complain about what has happened and support all those not just Mr Burton who have been victimised by Tell Mama and similar groups, then our future will consist of Fiyaz Mughal and crew stamping on our faces forever. That is not a future that anybody should be wishing for, it’s a future I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

If calling Fiyaz Mughal a ‘mendacious Muslim scumbag’ or is an offence then it is an offence that thousands of us are guilty of.

It looks as if those of us who said that Tell Mama’s ultimate desire was to shut down debate about Islam were very much correct.

We need to stand with Tim Burton and all those others who are being bullied by Fiyaz Mughal the ‘Mendacious Muslim scumbag’ and ‘grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”..

The ironic thing about this arrest is that by harassing Mr Burton, all Tell Mama have done is highlight just why they are a problematical organisation. It has also made those of us who take an interest in the activities of Tell Mama more determined to expose them for what they are which is a bunch of grievance-mongering taqiyya-artists.


Other stories from this blog about the mountebanks of Tell Mama and their relationship with police officers.

Below is a copy of the article from the Liberty GB site, just in case it disappears down the ‘memory hole’. It is for the present available from:


Jihadists, paedophile rapists and seditious preachers sleep easy in their beds in modern Britain, but we can take comfort from the fact that police forces are diligent in hunting down people who say hurtful things about members of that topmost protected species, the ‘Muslim community’.

Whilst their more extreme elements may gang-rape little English girlsbatter women senseless or threaten to beheadd those who insult Islam, such petty misdemeanours rarely drag the rozzers away from their computers, where more pressing matters demand attention. Nothing can distract our doughty boys-in-blue as, hunched before flickering screens, they endlessly trawl Facebook and Twitter for the crime that really concerns their political masters: the unforgivable crime of criticising Islam.

Last week Liberty GB radio host, Tim Burton, was charged by West Midlands Police with racially aggravated harassment, after his post on Twitter described a prominent individual as “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”.

The delicate flower who needs defending from such criticism is none other than Mr Fiyaz Mughal OBE, founder of the Tell Mama organisation, who in June 2013 was revealed as a deceiver by Telegraphjournalist Andrew Gilligan:

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a ‘sustained wave of attacks and intimidation’ against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 ‘Islamophobic incidents’ reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw ‘no end to this cycle of violence’, describing it as ‘unprecedented’. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a ‘cycle of violence’ and a ‘sustained wave of attacks’, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

As a result of these revelations, Tell Mama had its public funding discontinued; and it’s no surprise that some of the taxpayers who have given hundreds of thousands of pounds to that body since its founding two years ago vented their anger publicly, as did Tim Burton again in the following tweet:

Breaking News – Mendacious Muslim scumbag Fiyaz Mughal agrees to stop telling porkies if the British Government gives him his £214,000 back

Let’s be clear. Fiyaz Mughal is one of many Islamic propagandists who strive to present ‘Islamophobia’ as a primary cause of disharmony in our country. The reality, as we know, is that if militant Muslims were to cease bombing, raping, beheading and abusing the British people, the “underlying Islamophobia in our society” (as Mughal terms it) would disappear. But of course it’s much easier for cowardly politicians and police chiefs to shoot the messenger than to respond effectively to the growing Islamist menace.

To be fair, we should not single out Mughal for deceiving in the cause of Islam, as the practice is widespread and many Muslims consider it a religious duty. Indeed, they have a special word for it – taqiyya.

The government (whose dupes have given him wads of our cash) and the police (ever fearful of Muslim reaction), seek to stave off criticism of Mughal, and are now following his example and busily transforming every robust verbalisation (i.e. free speech) into a ‘hate crime’. Thus, despite the absurdity of the charge against Tim Burton (Islam is not actually a race), this decent, patriotic Englishman now faces a possible prison sentence just for criticising an establishment figure who misled the British public.

Tell Mama has previously threatened numerous members of the public with libel actions for criticising it on Twitter. One of these tweet-criminals opined, “they are just trying to shut down debate”. Shutting down criticism of Islam is not only a serious infringement of free speech, but also clears the way for those intent on Islamifying Britain – aided and abetted by treacherous politicians, quisling police and a politicised legal system.

Tim Burton’s trial is set for the afternoon of Tuesday 18th February 2014 at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. The magistrates will no doubt be full of the usual political correctness and multicultural idiocy, so he’s not expecting a sympathetic hearing. But he will fight his corner, and Liberty GB will stand with him.

Tim will shortly be setting up a PayPal account for donations to his defence fund; once it is in place we’ll put a ‘Donate’ button on this website so that you can contribute. In the meantime, please use the comments section below to show your support.

We will keep you informed of progress in the case.


  1. Pepi permalink

    I am all for ousting these people but I really don’t think people are helping themselves at all when words are not chosen carefully – they are trawling for abuse. Tip. Write it out in draft, walk away for 10 minutes, read through again, amend the angry insulting bits. Just saying. We appreciate you and need you, but we don’t need you locked up. x

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The problem is we the non muslims are having abuse upon abuse heaped upon us but we have no redress. Insulting people like Fiyaz is utterly and completely justified. If the way this was policed was more equal then people would not be so damn angry. BTW this post was the post draft result, you should have seen version 1.0 🙂

    • Tim Burton permalink

      It turns out that this particular mendacious Muslim scumbag taquiyya-artist LIED on his police statement to have me arrested in a way that DIRECTLY and MATERIALLY affected the charge of harassment. Should the case come to court then I advise you to bring some popcorn, as it will be entertaining.

      I am unconcerned for myself – my personal acquittal or conviction is of secondary concern when set against the fight for our freedoms, set as they are against the encroachment of Islamic totalitarianism and supremacism, and the complicity of our political elites and mainstream media in the politically correct and multicultural environment that we find ourselves in today – but I would hope that all freedom-loving individuals would contribute in whatever way they can to help turn back the tide.

      On the run-up to the trial I will be publicising these issues in whatever way I can. Liberty GB have been kind enough to support me one hundred per cent in my fight, but I will also be making an appearance on other Blog Talk radio stations including Red Fox (Canada) Audrey Russo (USA) EDL East Anglians (UK) Radio Jihad Network (USA) and Restore Australia. I will also be writing and publishing articles in online magazines (I have already had a couple of articles published in New English Review) and I will be posting essays from time to time on my Twitter timeline (Follow The Cat @catstrangler101)

  2. Bobo permalink

    I think if the word “Muslim” (and for safety’s sake “taqqiya”) had been left out, the comment would not have legally been actionable.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I can see your point but the person in question is ‘muslim’ and is ‘a taqqiya merchant’. The point is comments like this should, in a free society, not be actionable. If anything it should be a civil not a criminal matter. It is only Labour’s disasterous and divisive ‘hate speech’ legislation that has brought us to this point. Anyway, I think that TM have really shot themselves in the foot over this issue, all it has done is to make more people aware of Tell Mama’s dodgyness and encourage a shedload more people to have a dig.

      • “It is only Labour’s disasterous and divisive ‘hate speech’ legislation that has brought us to this point”

        Not only that. There’s also the willingness of the West Midland’s Police Farce to court financial penalty by sucking up to Islam. Of course, it helps that they never have to pay this out of their own pockets…

  3. Pepi permalink

    Re the draft, funny, made me chuckle.

    The truth can still be written without the use of angry invectives is what I was trying to say. I understand how angry people get, oh how I do, but stay calm and careful. Why give them what they want, why make it so easy for them.

    I do not see anything wrong with using the word muslim or taqiyya. In fact I find it quite hilarious the thought of those two words being omitted.

    Take care of yourself.

  4. Pepi permalink

    From observing those that align with tell mama, please tighten up your security especially your passwords and so on.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Oh I already have done this and taken a lot of other IT and personal security steps which I shall not go into on here.

  5. Robert the Biker permalink

    Another solution of course is to sue the mendacious plod involved, starting with the Chief and working on down; malfeasance or misfeasance in a public office would do, plus malicious prosecution, false arrest etc.
    The police do this partly because they do not fear repercussion from our side, time to change that methinks.

  6. Cassandra permalink

    WMP have form; they are completely sharia compliant and there is clear evidence of them allowing muslims to ambush and attack edl followers. Particularly in Dudley, but also other places. Also in Dudley they beat edl demonstrators while alowing muslims to run riot, scream and assault people.

  7. walter bannon permalink

    West Midlands Police = nazi pigs

  8. Bobo permalink

    Yep, sorry for advocating self-censorship; but at the moment it’s a survival trait, particularly if you’re posting on social media. Pointing out that somebody is a ‘dishonest bullpoo-merchant’ is racial perjoritive-free and hence the veracity (or otherwise) of that statement cannot be buried using race-based (sorry, equalities-based) legislative counter-attacks. If TM wanted to dispute this slur upon their scrupulousness they would have to use libel law, where the focus would be upon the crap they spew out/the meticulously researched and verified data they present to the public; not how much invective the original poster used. A sorry state of affairs I agree, but until the legislation is repealled it’s how we have to proceed.

  9. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Bobo,as much as I see immense value in the ‘survival trait ‘ idea, and I can see that for many this may be the path they choose,there is also value in NOT letting either the Left,or pro-Islam / pro Shariah organisations set the agenda. I’ve just finished reading Anthony Browne’s Retreat of Reason and in there the point made that trimmig one’s sails and submitting to the speech code rules imposed by those in favour of political correctess, will only entrench those rules. From my own examinations of various social media, chatting to people in pubs and in my day to day perambulations, there is a greater willingness to say stuff like ‘political correctness sod worrying about that when I’m worrying about the problems such policies have caused’.

    I think that we are on the verge of a situation where there are so many people saying ‘sod you ‘ to the ideology of Islam that it would be dificult if not impossible to arrest and process the huge number of people who ‘could’ be be guilty of a ‘hate speech’ offence.

    Because it is difficut to manage such a humongous number of ‘offenders’ forces like WMP have to go after the relatively very high profile such as Mr Burton.

    • Bobo permalink

      Granted, and true: in my defence I’ve just finished over 30 years’ employment in a heavily culturally-enriched work environment, where the mere suspicion of racism would be enough to end your career. I’ve had to learn strategies to cope with the overweening cultural supremacism of some minority groups and their political allies. Yes, when the critical mass is achieved and we can all once again speak freely, then great changes will happen. And, trust me, I have a whole heap of stuff I want to get off my chest on that glorious day. Until then, in order to retain your paid employment/political career/liberty, caution is still the better part….as the fact that Mr Burton was arrested still shows.

  10. winky permalink

    On 3rd Jan TM refers to colleagues going to California. Is CAIR holding a conference? FM has shared platform before.

  11. winky permalink

    Don’t think it is CAIR after all looks to be Twitter. No doubt to persuade Twitter to change TOS to suit them and sharia law.

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