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From Elsewhere: No s**t Sherlock. Bearded Savages prefer to continue to believe in savagery.

January 2, 2014

Bellmarsh Prison where many Jihadis are being held.


The Victorians, those inventive and muscular thinkers and achievers, gave us our current prison system, or rather gave us the moral code on which the system is based.

Prior to the Victorian reformers a person could be executed for a variety of offences some of which would probably today result in a non-custodial sentence. The Victorians reformed the prison service and made it much more humane, and introduced the idea of prison as a punishment in itself, rather than just a place were a person was held before being executed. They also brought in the concept that prison should be for the purpose of protecting society from criminals by depriving them of their liberty, punishing the offender and if possible, reforming the offender.

There are many offenders who can be reformed, who can learn to be decent contributing members of society and in my life and work I’ve met many who have been through the prison system, realised the error of their ways and have reformed. There are however some offenders who we now know it is very difficult, if not impossible to reform, such as paedophiles and similar sex offenders.

Now, according to a report in Sky News there is another category of ‘un-reformables’ in British prisons, and that is those who have been convicted of Islamic terrorist or similar offences. Nearly three quarters of the Bearded Savages who are in British prisons refuse to engage with projects designed to turn them away from Jihad.

Sky News said:

Almost three-quarters of those jailed for Islamist terror offences in the UK have rejected efforts to steer them away from extremism, Sky News has been told.

One hundred and ten of the country’s 150 terrorist offenders, who are currently in prison or on parole, are resisting rehabilitation, according to sources.

Analysts have told Sky News that the security services will be faced with an increasing challenge trying to monitor those who retain extreme views once released.

The Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, Contest, is aimed at encouraging extremists to re-examine their beliefs and choose a path of non-violence.

But experts say tackling the terrorist mind-set is extremely challenging.

Doctor Usama Hasan is a senior researcher in Islamic studies at the counter-extremist think tank, the Quilliam foundation.

He said: “It shows the extent of the challenge that, 12 years after the 9/11 attacks in the US, you’ve still got the majority of these people not wanting to deal with any examination or discussion of their hardline ideas.”

Whitehall sources have told Sky News that every single senior jihadist jailed in the UK in recent years has refused to engage with the anti-extremism programme.”

I must say that I’m really not at all surprised that those steeped in the words and mythology of the Islamic death cult will continue to want to kill and oppress those who they disagree with.

The Sky News piece continued:

Of the 150 people convicted of terrorist related offences in recent years, 40 have agreed to participate in the Government’s anti-extremism programme.

The 40 are drawn from the ranks of those who were jailed for lesser offences – so-called foot soldiers.

Raffaello Pantucci, senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, said reaching such offenders remained extremely challenging for the authorities.

He said: “I think individuals who have pursued a path of radical extremist ideas are very difficult to persuade away from those ideas.

“I think trying to persuade them when they’re within the context of a prison is understandably even harder.

“The news that around three-quarters of these individuals are not responding to government attempts to reach out to them with deradicalisation programmes is certainly negative, but is not entirely surprising.”

Around 30 terrorist offenders are already back out on Britain’s streets on probation – some continue to hold extremist beliefs.

Mr Pantucci said that monitoring growing numbers of these offenders will prove increasingly challenging for the authorities.”

If these Jihadist scum, for there really is no other appropriate term to describe them, are un-reformable as seems to be the case, why are they being being released back on to the streets to continue to spread their poison. The only prisoners who are engaging with the anti-extremism programme are those who are lower level offenders and a key worry there is the problem of Taqiyya, or lying for Islam. We have no way of ascertaining whether those who do engage with de-radicalisation programmes are telling the truth or just spinning a line to the authorities in order to get back out there and cause more problems.

Although I’m a great fan of the idea of equal justice and everybody being allowed to have their day in court, I’m beginning to believe that treating violent Islamic savages as common criminals may be a mistake. You cannot treat those who declare war on Britain and its people the same way as you would treat someone who burgled a house or stabbed someone during a drunken fight.

The burglar or the manslaughterer can feel remorse, can reform, can seek to make restitution, if not to the victim themselves but to society as a whole. The violent Bearded Savages who are starting to fill up our high security prisons are a completely different kettle of fish and maybe they need to be dealt with in a much more robust way. You don’t try to reform a rabid dog, all you can do is eliminate it to stop it biting people. The Government which rules over us has a sacred duty to us the British people and it is time that they started standing up for the non-Muslim for a change. These brainwashed ‘soldiers of Allah’ are proving to be the human equivalent of smallpox and need to go the same way as that accursed disease.


Original story from Sky News

  1. Lobotomy might do the job, without incurring the wrath of anti-capital punishment nancies.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The problem is some of these bods have already been lobotimised by reading the Koran.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The Jihadis have a lot in common with paedophiles in that their dangerous delusion is difficult if not impossible to cure.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX The Victorians reformed the prison service and made it much more humane, and introduced the idea of prison as a punishment in itself, rather than just a place were a person was held before being executed. XX

    Shame on them!

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