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A big year end thank you

December 31, 2013



So 2013 is almost over, it has brought us examples of tragedy and stupidity, as well as the more welcome things such as friendship, joy, intellectual stimulation and hope for the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity, before I hit the New Year booze and become too incoherent in the digiti mani department and therefore become unable to operate a keyboard, to say thank you to all those who have read this blog, have commented on stories and who have sent me background information that has formed the basis for researches. Those other bloggers and writers and journalists who have inspired posts also should be thanked. Thanks also need to go to all those Islamic groups and individuals who have kept me amply supplied with ‘WTF moments’, without such people this blog would not exist.

I’d also like to say a special thank you to all those who have financially supported this blog through their donations of money and beer etc, without your support this blog could not continue.

I’d also like to show some support on here for my wife, who I’ll refer to as ‘The Great Librarian’, whose help in correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and help in other areas has been invaluable. Without ‘She whose punctuation advice must be obeyed’, some of the articles on this site would be considerably less readable than they are.

Those who I communicate with on Twitter and other media should not be left out either, the world of Twitter I have found is a world with sometimes extremely funny ‘one liners’ that has caused the collision of several keyboards and coffee.

2013 has been the year where the British people started to wake up to the danger posed to British values by the ideology of Islam. Terrorist attacks, the uncovering of an epidemic of Islamic Grooming Gangs and the aggressive words and actions of too many Muslims has caused many in Britain to say ‘enough is enough’.

What 2014 will bring, we do not know but for me it will continue to involve verbally bashing the bearded savages, exposing the tyranny of the ideology of Islam, and fighting with Phoney Fiyaz and his band of Merry Mountebanks. For us all the next year will bring challenge in some form or another and I can’t help thinking that 2014 will be an ‘interesting time’.

The British people have started to awake to the nature our problems in 2013, 2014 should be the year they all start to speak without fear about what has gone wrong with Britain.

Remember all those Britons who in the past when facing dire troubles said ‘No Surrender’. This ‘no surrender’ attitude has meant that Britain has in various conflicts, seen off the French, The Kaiser, the unitesticled Austrian and so many more. With a heritage like that we are more than amply provisioned to tell a bunch of medieval savages where to get off.

A happy and jihadi trashing filled new year to you all. Let’s hope it’s a good year for you and yours.



  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Guten Rutsch F211!

  2. DerekP permalink

    And thank you for writing your informative blog.
    Best wishes for 2014.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      It’s nice to know people consider me informative. Happy New Year Derek.

  3. Mike Oxenfire permalink

    I hate islam like God hates sin, keep up the good work!

  4. hoppy permalink

    Well done Fahrenheit. Will be reading your site more often and your twitter timeline. Happy New Year to you and yours. Stay safe and well. x

  5. Well done Mrs F211 for keeping your hubbys inbox from being filled by mail from communists who are more concerned about spelling mistakes than the horrific savagery the posts are about

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