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Another Islamic horror in Russia.

December 30, 2013

With the possible exception of Antarctica, there is hardly any spot on earth that is unaffected in a negative way by Islam. Whether that be the physical violence that Islam brings in the form of terrorism, or the cultural violence of excessive demands by Islamic groups for non-Muslim societies to accommodate Islam’s backward and often oppressive practices.

Twice in one week has the nation of Russia has been afflicted by violence caused by the followers of Islam, twice we have all been shocked but not surprise at the sight of the followers of a cult of death killing in the name of their bloodthirsty deity Allah.

This time it was a Trolleybus full of people that bore the brunt of yet another example of Islamic hatred. My thoughts are with the victims of this and other Islam inspired horrors.

Sky News said:

At least 14 people have been killed in an explosion on an electric bus in the Russian city of Volgograd, according to reports.

Investigators have described the blast, during the morning rush-hour on a trolleybus, as “an act of terror”.

Russian investigators have said the bus explosion was caused by a male suicide bomber.

A statement from the Federal Investigative Committee said: “It is now possible to preliminarily say that the explosive device was set off by a suicide bomber – a man whose body fragments have been collected and sent for genetic testing.”

At least with DNA evidence, the Russians will be able to find out who he is and where he comes from and hopefully take action based on evidence gathered.

When you look at the amount of atrocities committed by the followers of Islam and then compare it to the number of Muslims who are the victims of attack by non-Muslims you will see that although not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists today are from the world and culture of Islam.

There are no mass pogroms aimed at Muslims, even in the worst global example of anti-Muslim violence, that which is happening in Burma, it is but a tragically violent reaction against Islamic squatters invading from over the borders of the country, and the terrible behaviour of said invaders, although like anybody else, I would prefer that the violence there would stop. We should not be surprised that an ideology born in violence, with a violent sex abuser as its founder and a long history of violence, behaves violently wherever it settles.

Islam kills. It kills the victims of Islamic political terror like those who are victims of these two latest attacks in Russia, and Islam kills a significant number of those who have the misfortune to be born Muslim in Islamic cultures. If you want to see how Islam would treat you, if it could control your life, look how Islam treats it’s own less favoured members such as women, and then consider that as a non-Muslim you are worth less than a woman.


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  1. Bring back the spirit of 1683.

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