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December British Neville Chamberlain Award – Well it’s nice non-police work if you can get it. Tell Mama’s Tame Police Officer.

December 29, 2013


december neville-page001

PC Gary Stack, one of those who invited Tell Mama into the West Midlands Police force. A worthy ‘Neville’ for December.

I’ve had a go quite often at public servants who are inexplicably favourable to the ideology of Islam, even when it is quite self evident that Islam may be the mortal enemy of you or your particular group, especially if you are gay or are a woman etc. I have documented ‘diversity officers’ who cannot comprehend the threat that the Islam poses to genuine diversity of thought and belief and I’ve also written about police officers who seem to believe that promoting Islam is part of their duties. This one however shouted out ‘Neville Award Winner’ as soon as I started researching it.

Today’s ‘Neville’ is a police officer, a specialist in ‘diversity’ policing from West Midlands Police, who seems to be contracting out some of his police work to the discredited anti-Islamic hate-crime outfit, Tell Mama. According to the website of West Midlands Police, Constable Gary Stack openly boasts of his contacts with Tell Mama, a group who have been caught out by the journalist Andrew Gilligan, manipulating data to make it look as if anti-Islamic attacks were more numerous, and more serious than there are in reality.

This question really needs to be asked: Are a group like Tell Mama, which are, to say the least a bit suspect, when it comes to matters of evidential probity, really a suitable organisation to be affiliated to a police force? A brief look at their recent history would suggest not.

PC Gary Stack however, seems to think that Tell Mama are suitable to work closely with a police force, which would make many suspect not only this officers judgement, but also whether or not PC Stack is giving us, the taxpayer and the general community ‘value for money.’ He doesn’t seem to be serving the general community in his present position one little bit, in fact it could be said that he may have made things worse. He has not only allowed Tell Mama to be a ‘third party hate-crime reporting organisation’, which is bad enough knowing of Tell Mama’s proclivities, but he also engaged Tell Mama to provide internal police training to other officers. This means that the poison of Tell Mama’s singular and very biased view of the situation viz a viz anti-Islam attacks, is not just confined to one police officer, it has been spread within the force.

It seems that for quite a few years, PC Stack has been paid by us to be allowed to indulge his ‘diversity politics’ interests within West Midlands Police. Maybe working in this ‘diversity bubble’ and not doing any real police work, for which he is being paid, has softened his brain somewhat, and rendered him vulnerable to the forked tongued blandishments of groups like Tell Mama. The reason PC Stack brought Tell Mama on board is most probably not malevolence, but purely naivety. We do not know exactly why PC Stack allowed Tell Mama so much unwarranted influence, we only know that he did do this, and it is something that needs to be exposed to a wider audience.

This is what the West Midlands Birmingham West and Central web page says about PC Gary Stack and his association with the Tell Mama group.

The page said:

OFFICERS in Birmingham have set up an innovative link with a national hate crime organisation to encourage members of the Muslim community to report hate crime.

Tell Mama − a website set up for Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks − have been contacted by hate crime co-ordinator Gary Stack as part of a drive to increase third party reporting across the city.

Following several meetings with PC Stack, Tell Mama has begun working with local police teams across the city to visit Mosques and community centres to raise awareness of hate crime reporting.

Tell Mama is an online third party reporting centre, meaning that members of the Muslim community can contact the organisation directly to report incidents of concern.

Third party reporting centres enable trained staff to take crime reports from community members who may not feel comfortable speaking directly to police.

Thanks to the tireless work of PC Stack, Birmingham now has more than 20 third party reporting centres in places, including the Deaf Cultural Centre, the Disability Resource Centre, Healthy Gay Life, the Birmingham Chinese Society and Mencap.”

You can see here how it appears that Tell Mama has been invited to become a ‘third party’ hate crime reporting entity by PC Stack. To be fair on PC Stack it should be noted that this page is dated April 2013 a full two months before the press reports discrediting Tell Mama started to emerge. However, it would be interesting to receive a response to this piece from PC Stack outlining his opinions of Tell Mama now that they have been shown by the journalist Andrew Gilligan and others, to have been “economical with the actualité”(1) when it comes to so called ‘hate crime’ figures.

PC Stack appears to be one of those police officers who do very little proper police work but instead spend their time flitting from one identity politics group to another. He’s been such a busy little multiculturalist bee that he was even nominated for a Positive Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards.

This is how West Midlands Police reported PC Stack’s nomination.

A BIRMINGHAM bobby who has dedicated himself to tackling hate crime has been nominated for a prestigious award − and members of the public are now being encouraged to vote for him to secure his place in the final.

PC Gary Stack, 34, has been nominated for a Positive Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards.

The ceremony celebrates the excellent and inspiring achievements of positive role models and community organisations from across the UK. The awards aim to recognise nominees in their respective fields of diversity including age, disability, gender, race, faith, religion and sexual orientation.

The officer has been nominated for an award in the LGBT category and now needs people to vote for him if he is to stand a chance of bringing this top award back to the West Midlands.

PC Stack from Birmingham joined West Midlands Police in 2006 as a response officer in the city centre. Since then he has fulfilled a number of roles until 2011 when he was appointed as the hate crime and anti-social behaviour co-ordinator for the west and centre of Birmingham.

His role is to oversee investigations and ensure that they are thorough, consistent and in line with force policy to ensure that investigative opportunities aren’t missed.

In addition to his core duties, the officer has created a network of third party reporting centres across the city where members of the public who don’t want to speak to police officers can report hate crimes.

As part of the extensive accreditation programme organisations must go through to become a reporting centre, PC Stack has developed a comprehensive training programme for workers. He has also delivered constant top-up training for police officers and staff who investigate offences.”

I must admit that sounds like a really nice little non-job number he’s got there. He must spend his days attending meetings, writing reports, eating bahjis and bagels with members of the interfaith establishment and doing a whole host of other non-essential things unrelated to doing his real job, which is helping to keep all people safe. Not for PC Stack the chore of dealing with Saturday night drunks or the aftermath of road traffic accidents or crimes. He’s all right Jack isn’t he?.

There is a tragic irony in PC Stack’s association with the Tell Mama group. Despite being a volunteer with the forces LGBT group, he has brought into the local policing system a group that has a vested interest in shutting down criticism of the ideology of Islam, and its often murderous attitude to LGBT people. As the polemicist Pat Condell once said gay people who support Islam are ‘comically deluded’. It has to be asked is PC Stack comically deluded in pandering to the representatives of an ideology that is probably the greatest threat to gender and sexual equality in the world today? That certainly looks like the view from where I’m sitting.

I’m sure that deep down PC Stack thinks of himself as a good copper, and he might well be, he may be a good copper who has purely become misguided by the mountebanks of Tell Mama, as many have. If that is the case then he would do well to read and digest the growing amount of criticism of this group, and its associates, political contacts and its activities,to get an alternative view of them. Maybe PC Stack, because of his position with the forces LGBT group, should see what the ideology of Islam has done to the gay community of East London before jumping into bed with the representatives of the Islamic ideology.

Because PC Stack has so enthusiastically appeased Islam by inviting Tell Mama to infiltrate West Midlands Police, then he has earned an award that may make up for not winning the most diversity friendly plod one. This time PC Stack is this blogs ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ winner because to invite in, and work with, a group that is subsequently proven to be dishonest and because of that has had public funding removed, shows an appalling lack of judgement. It also shows the sort of significant level of appeasement of Islam and Islamic groups which we really need to see an end of in our public services, and by our public servants, such as police officers.

For the sake of all of us, and for the sake of equal justice, PC Stack and West Midlands Police must immediately sever their links with Tell Mama. Failure to do so could be seen as support for an organisation which is becoming increasingly discredited as time goes by.



  1. A quote from the British Conservative MP and Privy Councillor Alan Clark



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