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American Islamic group attempts to silence voice of Coptic Christian

December 28, 2013

The American right to free speech, being undermined by Islamic groups like CAIR.


If anyone doubts the extreme lengths that Islamic groups will go to to restrict the dissemination of knowledge about violence and oppression in Islamic societies should read this story about a blatant attempt to prevent a victim of Islamic oppression speak to a public meeting.

Although this story comes from World Net Daily, which me and many others sometimes see as slightly more right-wing than sensible, there is no reason to doubt the essential facts of the case as presented. This is because CAIR, the Council of American Islamic Relations has form with bullying and censorship as the links at the bottom of this piece show. What CAIR did in a Minnesota town was to censor information and to silence the voice of a victim of Islamic terror. This is something that should no longer be tolerated. It shouldn’t be tolerated by Americans and it should no longer be tolerated by people in the United Kingdom either.  

World Net Daily said:

A Minnesota school district that first took the advice of the Council on American Islamic Relations has thought better of it, and now has reversed its decision regarding a witness to Islamic persecution of Christians in Egypt who wanted to address the community.

According to officials with Liberty Counsel, leaders with the Bagley, Minn., Independent School District had engaged in viewpoint discrimination when they responded to a demand letter from the local CAIR chapter, and canceled a scheduled speech by Usama Dakdok in October.”

Why on earth the local education authority was taking advice from a group like CAIR is beyond me. Their connections to all manner of dodgy activities and organisations is now well known and it is utterly unforgivable that a Hamas friendly group like CAIR was allowed to censor the words of someone fleeing from Islamic terror.

World Net Daily added:

Liberty Counsel (a legal pressure group – Ed) explained that a local resident had rented a school auditorium for the address by Dakdok, who is a Christian originally from Egypt who grew up attending government schools there where he was educated about Islam as the state religion.

When CAIR discovered it would be a Christian speaking at the community event, its activists immediately wrote the school district, stating, “Although Dakdok has the First Amendment right to free speech, this right is not absolute and has been limited when it is considered to be harassment, intimidating or encouraging violence against a particular group of people.”

What a bunch of liars. How dare they claim that someone speaking out about how Christians and other non-Muslims are suffering oppression and in some places are teetering on the edge of genocide, is there to harass or intimidate Muslims. Why on earth are CAIR so frightened of this speaker?

“The CAIR letter claimed Dakdok’s appearance at a school would violate the district’s harassment and violence policy and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin.”

A vicious and ludicrous claim from CAIR, and a blatant attempt to silence a critic of Islam.

“CAIR, in the person of Minnesota Executive Director Lori Saroya, blasted the district’s initial decision to allow the speech, stating, “By spewing his hate-filled views in a school auditorium, Mr. Dakdok would have created the perception that his bigotry has the endorsement of education authorities.”

So the school district canceled the address, just four days before it was scheduled to be held.”

Again a reasonable person would have to ask themselves the question about both this speaker and CAIR’s objection to them the question is; How is someone speaking about their experiences as a religious minority in an Islamic country contributing to a atmosphere of bigotry? It is almost as if CAIR wish to hide key facts about how religious minorities are treated by Muslims in Islamic cultures.

Enter Liberty Counsel, which dispatched a letter to the district pointing out that CAIR had the situation wrong.

Don’t let the facts about Islam in America be covered up by slick CAIR lawyers! Join the fight to protect those who would expose the truth!

Usama Dakdok is a Christian originally from Egypt, who grew up in that country attending government schools where he was educated about Islam as the state religion. In Egypt, as a member of the Coptic ethnic minority, Mr. Dakdok has also personally witnessed the persecution of other Coptic Christians by fundamentalist Muslims. As you may be aware in Egypt (as elsewhere), the Quran is explicitly cited as justification for the burning of churches, raping of women, murder of both sexes and all ages through beheading and other methods, forced ‘marriage’ of Christian women and girls to Muslim men and their forcible ‘conversion’ to Islam, payment of the ‘jizya’ tax for the privilege of remaining Christian,and other persecution that is inflicted upon members of the Coptic Christian ethnic and religious minority,” Liberty Counsel told the district.

So he is “uniquely qualified to give a Christian perspective about life under shariah (Islamic religious) law, and is a sought-after public speaker.”

Read the rest at:

Mr Dakdok does indeed sound like a person uniquely qualified to speak of life as a religious minority living under Islamic rule, maybe that is why CAIR was so desperate to censor his speech.

It is extremely heartening that although Mr Dakdok was initally forbidden to speak at the school, he did get to speak to the public at a local church. The pressure group Liberty Counsel also managed to get the ban on speaking at a hired school hall reversed.

It’s worth reading the full article on World Net Daily to see some background information on CAIR, a group which is still featured in the British Islamic group Tell Mama’s newsfeed. CAIR have a disturbingly large number of activists who are connected to extremely dodgy Islamist activity and it is worrying that they were able to, until Liberty Counsel apparently stepped in, to silence a witness to Islamic oppression.

The United States, like the UK appear to have an administrative class which is significantly less clued up about the ideology of Islam and its representatives than many of the general population do. They must be misinformed otherwise why would they allow those with a vested interest in silencing someone to actually do so. A group like CAIR should not be allowed to shut down debate and neither should groups like Tell Mama, who are similar ‘victim-hood’ promoters and have a similar obsession with wanting to shut down criticism of the ideology of Islam.


Original story from World Net Daily

An example of CAIR bullying people who wish to speak out against the ideology of Islam

Tell Mama featuring CAIR newsfeed on front page

Tell Mama ‘only interested in inflating number of attacks on Muslims’ from Jihad Watch

Another allegation that CAIR had been involved in censoring Coptic Christian speakers this time from North Carolina, USA


One Comment
  1. P T Barnum permalink

    CAIR has its nasty tentacles buried deep inside the Obama administration., especially in the Dept for Education (quelle surprise) as well as the NSA. It’s very busy re-writing policies and policing the activities inside school districts for its own ends, as is evidenced by this case.

    Some of the things I’ve read recently about open anti-Semitism inside university classrooms from students and professors are chilling. This can only be a by-product of the soft-headed ‘progressive’ left’s Israel=bad, Muslim=good thinking, which CAIR and its fellow travellers is feasting off. Collapsing Zionism into Judaism will take Jews to some very bad places. Like Auschwitz.

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