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Time to stick the boot into Tell Mama again. It’s not a ‘vindication’ if the data is skewed.

December 27, 2013
I do not agree with burning mosques but Tell Mama have no scruples about exploiting such things.  (With apologies to Francis Ford Coppola and zero apologies to Tell Mama)

I do not agree with burning mosques but Tell Mama have no scruples about exploiting those and other such things. (With apologies to Francis Ford Coppola and zero apologies to Tell Mama)

The victim-hood claimers of Tell Mama are crowing over a Guardian article stating that anti-Muslim crime has risen. However things may not be as good for Phoney Fiyaz Mughal and his friends as it first may look. To see why examine the Guardian article that they are basing their false tidings of comfort and joy on. The original article is in italics and my comments are in plain text.

The Guardian said:

Hate crimes against Muslims have soared in the UK this year, figures show.

Hundreds of anti-Muslim offences were carried out across the country in 2013, with Britain’s biggest force, the Metropolitan police, recording 500 Islamophobic crimes.!”

Now Tell Mama are claiming that there is a nationwide explosion in hatred directed at individual Muslims and have claimed that they have dealt with 840 incidents since April 2013. If there is a correlation between crimes reported to the Metropolitan Police and those reported to Tell Mama then this would show that the majority of reported crimes where an antipathy to Islam was a factor happened in London. This is interesting because it shows that if the majority of these reported crimes happened in London then it is not a nationwide phenomenon.

It would also be instructive to see what were the nature of these crimes being reported. Were they genuine crimes of violence, specifically aimed at individuals, the sort of things that any reasonable person can see as crimes, or were they just people saying nasty and often quite accurate things about the ‘religion of rape and murder’? My bet would be on the latter, mostly people having a dig about things like the Islamic ‘Black Cloak of Death’ that too many Muslim women wear, and is a big ‘two fingers’ to British society and values.

One thing I would say is I bet a closer examination of crime figures in London would show more non-Muslims being the victims of crime perpetrated by individual Muslims, than the other way round. According to some of my London correspondents it’s not the non-Muslims who are acting in a threatening manner in London it’s Muslims. It’s not non-Muslims for example who are intimidating gay pubs out of the East End, where they have often existed even prior to the Wolfenden Reforms, it’s the followers of Islam doing that.

“Many forces reported a surge in the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby by two Islamic extremists in Woolwich, south-east London, in May.”

Again what are the nature of these so-called ‘hate crimes’? It is most likely that they were made up mostly of people criticising Islam or Islamic values, apparel or practices, or expressing righteous anger over the killing of one of our troops by two converts to Islam. On the subject of the Islamo-murderers of Woolwich, it must be said, that they passed through several different mosques and other Islamic organisations, but who did bugger all effective in diverting them from their crime. That to me is far, far more a matter for public concern than a bit of name calling or hijab pulling. Get some sense of proportion Fiyaz, turning a blind eye to people being brainwashed into murder is far more worrying as a phenomena than people saying bad stuff about Islam. It is plain to see that there have been very few incidents of damaging violence aimed at Muslims. The regrettable and unnecessary attack on the Imam in Hull is very much the exception. The article said ‘many forces’ reported a ‘surge’ in ‘hate-crimes’, again what are they is the question that is uppermost in my mind. Are they even crimes at all or just people expressing an opinion, maybe in many cases not the best worded of opinions, but merely opinions?

But the figures could be much higher as nearly half of the 43 forces in England and Wales did not reveal how many hate crimes had targeted Muslims. Some forces admitted they did not always record the faith of a religious hate-crime victim.

Or they even could be lower. It does not necessarily follow that those forces who didn’t respond would report a higher figure. It appears that this whole Guardian article is based on errors, the data is is incomplete, incidents may not have been recorded in the same way or to the same level of completeness in each different police force, and the nature of the alleged incidents is not disclosed. It is, to use an old computer tech term, a case of ‘garbage in – garbage out’. Incomplete and maybe inaccurate data has been used to come to the conclusion that there has been a massive rise in anti-Muslim attacks.

Freedom of Information requests were sent by the Press Association to every police force in England and Wales. Of the 43 forces, 24 provided figures on the number of anti-Muslim crimes and incidents recorded.

Only a slim majority of police forces replied to the Press Association’s journalists, which makes the findings of the FOI requests considerably less accurate than they should be. It is typical of Phoney Fiyaz and friends to have the sheer chutzpah to make loud and inaccurate claims of vindication based upon it. Mind you I expected no less and no more from them.

Tell Mama, a group which monitors anti-Muslim incidents, said it had dealt with 840 cases since April, with the number expected to rise to more than 1,000 by the end of March. This compared with 582 anti-Muslim cases it dealt with from March 2012 to March 2013.

It’s still not a doubling of cases, which would indicate something of a growing trend or anything like it. Also there are very good reasons to be suspicious of Tell Mama’s previously issued figures, as there are reasons to believe that Tell Mama were less than discerning in removing internet criticism of Islam which originated from those not in the United Kingdom.

Fiyaz Mujhal, director of Faith Matters, which runs the Tell Mama project, said the reaction to the murder of Rigby had caused the number of Islamophobic crimes to jump significantly.

“The far right groups, particularly the EDL [English Defence League], perniciously use the internet and social media to promote vast amounts of online hate,” he said.

Fiyaz Mughal (there seems to be a return to ‘grauniad’ style spelling mistakes in the article) is a well-known media whore who never lets a chance go by to push his concept of Islamic ‘victim-hood’. I will, however say that he was right in stating that the murder of Lee Rigby had angered people, it was an event that showed many people the dark heart of the ideology of Islam. As could be expected Phoney Fiyaz blames the EDL for the rise in people disliking Islam although the blame for this dislike cannot be laid at the door of the EDL but should instead be laid at the doors of the significant minority of Muslims who hold us, the British people, in often murderous contempt.

Phoney Fiyaz makes no mention of those who are unaffiliated with any political organisation and who often come from Labour party supporting backgrounds and have looked at British Islam and have said ‘enough is enough’. Much preferable for Phoney and the Guardian writers is the fantasy of the rise of a neo-Nazi ‘far-right’ which poses nothing like the threat posed by the Islamic far right. It is very easy to see what Phoney Fiyaz’s agenda is here, the constant harping on about people saying nasty things about Islam on the internet shows him to be primarily interested in shutting down criticism of Islam.

Mujhal said tougher sentencing was needed to tackle Islamophobic crime and that guidelines by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to monitor social media were not fit for purpose.

“They raised the bar of prosecution significantly. Now, unless there is a direct threat to somebody on Twitter or Facebook, the CPS will not prosecute. The CPS is just plainly out of sync with reality.

No Fiyaz, the CPS are not out of sync reality I would say they are more in sync with common sense and the views of British society as a whole by taking this view. Significant and plausible threats to kill etc are genuine criminal offences, for which there has long been legal sanction, but there is a world of difference between saying ‘I know where you live and I’m going to kill you’ and the growing number of people who are examining Islam and not liking what they are seeing,and giving their opinion. If you are talking about tougher sentences what about all these Islamic hate preachers who it seems are free to call for the deaths of Jews, Gays, Christians etc, but who never seem to be prosecuted, shouldn’t we be nicking and imprisoning them? The Islamic hate preachers who encourage violence, supremacist politics and misogyny and are having a demonstrably negative effect on Britain as can be seen by acts of terrorism, the growth of hostile ghettos and the appalling crimes committee by Islamic Grooming Gangs. If anybody should be facing legal sanction for incitement then it should be the Islamic hate preachers.

“We also need more robust sentencing. In one case, a pig’s head was left outside a mosque and the perpetrator came away with a community sentence. When you target a mosque, you are targeting the whole community.”

This statement is just another ‘toddler tantrum’ from Fiyaz Mughal. Has he ever stopped to consider just why Islam is disliked so much? The recipients of other historical hatreds can be proved to have been innocent of the crimes of which they were accused of, but a brief glimpse at news from the Islamic world and Islamic culture shows that violence, misogyny and hatred is the default position of many Islamic countries and cultures, you can’t expect civilised people to not be wary of that can you? A pigs head outside a mosque is a minor thing when compared to the 22,000 plus terrorist attacks carried out by the followers of Islam since September 11th 2001. A minor insult deserves nothing more than a minor sentencing outcome.

Tell Mama has called for police forces to improve monitoring of Islamophobic crimes.

“There are three problems we come across,” Mujhal said. “Firstly, there is a lack of understanding of the language of Islamophobia thrown at victims in any incidents. Secondly, there is very little training on how to ask relevant questions to pull out anti-Muslim cases.

“Thirdly, recording processes are not in line with each other. One force will allow an officer to flag an incident as anti-Muslim, another force will flag it as religious hate crime. There is no uniformity.

“There must be guidelines for all forces so we can know the level of the problem.”

Reading between the lines, here’s what Fiyaz is possibly after. He appears to want police officers who will not question Tell Mama’s definition of anti-Islamic crime, and who will allow groups like Tell Mama to act as advisers and third party crime reporting entities to police forces. Tell Mama want to see tame police officers like PC Gary Stack of West Midlands Police who seems quite happy to bring groups like Tell Mama into the policing fold by taking their advice, and who appears content to reside somewhere in the vicinity of Tell Mama’s lower bowel. If all these police forces are are so hot on dealing with crime I’d like to ask where are the specialist West Midlands Police officers dedicated to defending the rest of us against crimes committed by the followers of Islam? What about us, don’t we count any more? Did all those rapes committed by Muslim men, to give just one example, need to be ignored for community cohesion reasons? Why were our daughters and sisters not effectively defended against them?

Sod your guidelines Fiyaz and you know where you can stick your attempts to shut down a debate that needed to happen, and is thankfully starting to happen, which is a debate on the ideology of Islam and how damaging it is to the United Kingdom.

A CPS spokeswoman said: “Online communication can be offensive, shocking or in bad taste.

“However, as set out in CPS guidelines on prosecuting cases involving communications sent via social media, content has to be more than simply offensive to be contrary to the criminal law.

“In order to preserve the right to free speech the threshold for prosecution must be high and only communications that are grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false are prohibited by the legislation.”

It’s not often I agree with the CPS but on this occasion I will do so. Remember that the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act permits you to take the mickey out of Islam, you can, ridicule, mock and criticise, Islam just as you can all other ideologies. You should also remember that during the parliamentary debate on the insertion of a free speech clause into this act, it was the Labour party who disagreed with allowing the British people free speech against religious and other ideologies.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has previously said 71 incidents were reported to its national community tension team over five days after Rigby’s murder on 22 May.

Superintendent Paul Giannasi, Acpo’s spokesman on hate crime, said: “The police service is committed to reducing the harm caused by hate crime and it is vital that we encourage more victims who suffer crimes to report them to the police or through third party reporting facilities such as Tell Mama.

The fact that a group with a proven record of data manipulation, and who have lost public funding because of their own actions is allowed to act as a third party reporter is an utter scandal. It’s like putting a fox in the hen house.

“Acpo has played a key role in improving reporting mechanisms, including through the development of our True Vision website. This provides information to victims and allows people to report online.

“We would obviously want overall crime levels to reduce and to see fewer victims, but we welcome increases in reported hate crime, as long as they are a sign of increased confidence of victims to report.

“We are working with local police forces, to help improve the way we respond to hate crime and to provide robust and transparent hate crime data.”

A justice ministry spokesman said: “These are despicable crimes that devastate lives and communities.

“The courts already hand out tougher punishments where race or religion are found to be aggravating factors. The number of people receiving a custodial sentence for these appalling crimes is higher than ever before.”

The Association of Chief Police Officers although it claims to be politically independent has advised successive Home Secretaries on policing matters it appeared to play much more of a political policy role during the Labour years, it is unsurprising to see them indulging in Islamo-pandering as they had 13 years being told by the Labour party to do it.

The Justice Ministry should consider removing the ‘J’ word from its title if it believes that not all people are equal. Why should an accident of birth which makes someone white or gay or straight or black or female affect sentencing? Are we not all equal or are some people more equal than others. To paraphrase Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice, if you prick us do we not all bleed the same colour of blood? All crimes are wrong and guilt and punishment must not be measured on different sets of scales allocated to different types of people. A murdered person is still dead it matters not why he was murdered only that they are dead. An obsession with moral relativism and the ideology of multiculturalism among civil servants, police officers and polticians seems to have given us a justice system where what you are is becoming almost as important as what you’ve done, and that should give anyone who believes in the idea of justice a lot of concern.

It is saddening to see that still too many people are listening to Tell Mama and taking them seriously, but that number is shrinking, and the number of people who consider themselves to be Islamo-sceptic are growing.

Despite Tell Mama’s childish cries of vindication on their Twitter feed, the evidence for their celebration doesn’t doesn’t add up, for the reasons I gave earlier in this piece, it is yet more sound and fury signifying nothing.

As Queen Lareefer said on ‘Twitter’ earlier today, ‘You wanna talk about ‘hate crimes’ lets talk about the hate you must have for your daughter to mutilate her genitalia or murder her 4 honour‘ With Fiyaz and other similar statistical horse-manure merchants it’s always about the ‘poor victimised Muslim’ and never ever about those who are victims of Muslims, whether they be from within the Islamic community such as Muslim women and girls as Queen Lareefer pointed out, or from the wider population.

This is yet another case of Tell Mama telling lies but this time being helped by Guardian newspaper. They have no reason to crow that they are vindicated even if that is what they themselves believe.


  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX Hundreds of anti-Muslim offences were carried out across the country in 2013, with Britain’s biggest force, the Metropolitan police, recording 500 Islamophobic crimes.!”XX

    And just how many Moslems* have had their heads cut off on a London street for wearing a uniform?

    * Why Do People Say Muslim Now Instead of Moslem?
    by Yii-Ann Christine Chen, Originally published 7-8-02
    Ms. Chen was a student at the University of Washington and an intern at HNN when this article was published.
    Is it Muslim or Moslem?
    When Baby Boomers were children it was Moslem. The American Heritage Dictionary (1992) noted,”Moslem is the form predominantly preferred in journalism and popular usage. Muslim is preferred by scholars and by English-speaking adherents of Islam.” No more. Now, almost everybody uses Muslim.
    According to the Center for Nonproliferation Studies,”Moslem and Muslim are basically two different spellings for the same word.” But the seemingly arbitrary choice of spellings is a sensitive subject for many followers of Islam. Whereas for most English speakers, the two words are synonymous in meaning, the Arabic roots of the two words are very different. A Muslim in Arabic means”one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means”one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a z.
    For others, this spelling differentiation is merely a linguistic matter, with the two spellings a result of variation in transliteration methods. Both Moslem and Muslim are used as nouns. But some writers use Moslem when the word is employed as an adjective.
    Journalists switched to Muslim from Moslem in recent years under pressure from Islamic groups. But the use of the word Moslem has not entirely ceased. Established institutions which used the older form of the name have been reluctant to change. The American Moslem Foundation is still the American Moslem Foundation (much as the NAACP is still the NAACP–the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The journal The Moslem World–published by the Hartford Seminary in Connecticut–is still The Moslem World.

  2. ” A pigs head outside a mosque is a minor thing when compared to the 22,000 plus terrorist attacks ..”

    And also, the person who did that was tracked down and taken through the criminal justice system. They didn’t ‘get away with it’, making its use in this report even more nonsensical.

    I wonder how many of TellMama’s ‘hate crimes’ are M&S staff reporting people buying pork & alcohol, or children’s Bible stories…

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      We know Tell Mama are unreliable and they have a history of grossly abusing data. Did you know that Tell Mama has a tame police officer in West Midlands Police and that Tell Mama is announcing arrests but also failing to confirm to polite requests for details of said arrests. I’d like to know which useless plod bastard allowed a bunch of dissembling excusers of Islam like Tell Mama to issue announcements on behalf of the West Midlands Police, I suppose it could have been this one?

      Like much of the statements put out by Tell Mama the latest ones have been very easy to fisk and discredit.

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