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From Elsewhere: Identifying the true far right threat.

December 23, 2013

Islam and Nazism, there is no difference in the threat.

This essay from Islam Watch by Jake Neuman really does show the far right credentials of the ideology of Islam.

Mr Neuman said:

Angela Merkel, while running for reelection as the German Chancellor in 2013, became the first Chancellor to visit the Dachau Nazi concentration camp. There she warned of the dangers of far-right extremism, pointing to the German lessons as an example for all of Europe.

“How could Germans go so far as to deny people human dignity and the right to live based on their race, religion, their political persuasion or their sexual orientation?” she said in a somber ceremony on the wide plaza where inmates once assembled daily for roll call.

“Places such as this warn each one of us to help ensure that such things never happen again,” she added.

Before the visit, she called for vigilance against rising far-right extremism in Europe in her weekly podcast, saying that she felt “very ashamed” that police had to be deployed to prevent the desecration of Jewish institutions in Germany.

“We must never allow such ideas to have a place in our democratic Europe,” Merkel said pointing to the rising threat to democracy from the far-right extremism in Europe.

Far Right is the extreme right political groups and ideologies that commonly support social inequality and social hierarchy, elements of social conservatism and opposition to most forms of liberalism and socialismNaziand fascist movements were such groups that held extreme nationalist,chauvinistxenophobicracistreligious fundamentalist or reactionary views.The most extreme right-wing movements have pursued oppression andgenocide against groups of people on the basis of their alleged inferiority.

Islam fits the above definition of the Far Right most accurately, although it is generally not identified as such. Indeed, Islam is the rising New Far Right in Europe.

Islam is a racist, chauvinist, nationalist, xenophobic, religious fundamentalist who pursues oppression and genocide of groups of people on the basis of their alleged inferiority. In fact, Islam is the most evil, violent, hateful Far Right Ideology in history


Islam is the most Far Right ideology ever created by man, namely Muhammad, because it utilizes God to justify its horrendous crimes. Muhammad was the first Far Right leader in history. Islam, the oldest and longest-sustaining Far Right, has invaded the West for a second time and is now the New Far Right in the Continent. Hitler had made no claim to prophethood of God, and his Nazism had no divine sanction and right to create a superior race and carry out extermination, murder, rape of non-Nazis – Jews, Gypies, gays, all those who opposed him – and pillage their property or to capture their women as sex-slaves and enslave their children. In other words, Hitler’s massive crimes against humanity had no divine sanction of God unlike Islam’s.

While Chancellor Merkel is right in reminding us of the rising Far Right extremism in Europe, what she does not tell us is that Germany and the other countries of Europe, even the United States and Canada in North America, are following exactly in the footsteps of the Germans of early 1930s. Hitler never won any election in Germany. In the 1932 presidential elections, Hitler won only 36.8% of the popular votes. And despite his extremist Far Right propaganda, the German political elite placed him in power.

Although Chancellor Merkel said, “We must never allow such ideas to have a place in our democratic Europe,” that is exactly what all the main political parties in European countries are doing vis-a-vis Islam. Mainstream politicians, particularly those on the Left, are facilitating the Far Right Muslim ideology of Islam that claim to possess a divine mission to conquer the world for God, murder or enslave all those who refuse to accept Islam, and rape and enslave their women and children.

Although Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, he failed in his mission to create a Jew-free Europe and world. The newly-arrived Far Right from the East is now succeeding in finishing the work of the Fuehrer in Continental Europe. Europe is rapidly becoming a No-Go Zone for the Jews. From Sweden in the north to France, Spain, Germany and Britain, an Islamic curtain is rapidly descending upon Europe. Behind this curtain, the great civilizations that gave us democracy and the Enlightenment are being rapidly Islamized, Jews are being attacked and murdered with virtual impunity. Not only are there No-Go zones for the Jews, but all non-Muslims are no longer able to enter large sections of many of Europe’s major cities. There are 800 No-Go zones in France alone. Although not mentioned by the German press, parts of Berlin/Essen are No-Go zones even for the police”

Read the rest here:

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