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Thoughts on the conviction of two Islamo-scum for murder

December 20, 2013


So the verdicts on the two Islamo-scum who murdered Lee Rigby are now in. It is likely that they will serve the the better part of rest of their lives in prison which is where they deserve to be.

They will be sentenced in the New Year and it is probably likely that they will get what is the normal tarrif for a murder committed for political reasons, which is life with a minimum of 25-30 years.

This case is a watershed for Britain. It will mark the start of a more realistic attitude to Islam, if not from the appeasing politicians but from many ordinary people. The sight of an off duty British soldier being murdered in the street by Muslims, using an Islamic motivation, will not be forgotten. The disconnect between Cameron’s description of Islam and the ordinary person’s knowledge of Islam will also not be forgotten. Nor will the names of any of the other politicians who have lied to us about an ideology that is a clear and present danger to all of us, they will also not be be forgotten, or forgiven either.

This morning, the two murdering Islamo-scum, who for the purposes of this piece I will not dignify with names, will wake up to the knowledge that if they are ever released it will only be as very old and broken men. We Britons will also wake up changed by this shocking crime, but hopefully changed for the better, we will be equipped with a brand new cynicism about the ideology of Islam. Hopefully that cynicism will also be tempered with pity for all those millions of people oppressed by an ideology that is as violent, cruel and as all encompassing as that of Stalinism.

Although a new realistic attitude to Islam will start to come about because of this, do not expect an overnight Damascene conversion into Islamo-realism from politicians. That will take a bit of time. Nor should you expect realism from those in the diversity industry who do very nicely out of promoting Islam, even though Islam itself is a danger to diversity of thought and belief.

We who are peacefully opposed to Islam will still have to suffer the slings and arrows of Islamic liars, outrageous Left-wingers, naïve vicars and rabbis and the chorus of mindless cowards who shout ‘racist’ at every opportunity. We have to stand firm in the face of provocation, attack and malicious prosecution and continue to fight against Islam, because if we do not we are condemning our children and grandchildren to lives of oppression, fear and servitude. It was the duty of a heroic previous generation to fight against Nazism, it is the job of our generation and probably the generation that comes after us to fight Islam. In time the traitors who have pandered to Islam will get what is coming to them, but for the sake of justice they need to get theirs in courts, not by any other way.

We must not let Lee Rigby’s death, be in vain, we must not file him, nor the terrible manner of his death away, or be lulled back to sleep by those who have a vested interest in hiding the true nature of Islam from the British people. We must take action, but it must be the right action. Attacking Muslims or Islamic property is not the way to go, it’s counterproductive, as well as being morally and legally wrong.

The only just and true way to deal with the scourge of Islam is to fight it with every legal weapon at our disposal. We must keep our swords sheathed, and instead fight with voice, pen, keyboard and polling card an ideology that if left unchecked or pandered to will destroy this country.

Remember Lee Rigby and all those whose lives have either been shortened or turned into living hells by the ideology of Islam. Remember them not just by flowers or prayer but by a new determination to fight Islam, in the courts, in the villages, in the pubs, in the towns, in the debating chamber, on the page, and on the screen. Being silent should no longer be a valid option.


  1. Bunny permalink

    Agreed, what we need is education so that the new generation coming through can see through lies, such as the left wing good and right wing bad rubbish we have had for years. Hopefully an end to such divisive labelling and genuine debate on important issues of immigration and how human rights implemented.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Spot on Bunny, spot on. I’ve been working in Londonistan over the last few days and was listening earlier today to LBC the local commercial station and what struck me was the openness of the debate compared to how it has been. Although the presenter was not too happy with people quoting the various problematical verses in the Koran they were getting through. There were sceptical voices being aired which is a huge change to see this in a MSM outlet. Sadly I didn’t catch the whole programme but what I caught of it confirmed to me that there is a growing Islamoscepticism that is being expressed.

  2. Paris Claims permalink

    I, too would like to see a peaceful solution but it’s just not going to happen. Either we accept our fate and let the demographics take its course, or muslims give up their religion. I think the former is much more likely than the latter. Nick Griffin came up with a good idea, that will never be taken up, needless to say. It was use the billions we are currently squandering on foreign aid to act as a cash incentive for muslims to go back to their countries of origin. I didn’t read it all, but it aeemed to be take the money and go because you’re going anyway, whether you take it or not. As I’ve yet to see just one positive aspect of muslim immigration I’d go along with his solution. And think of the welfare it would save, and the massive reduction in crime.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Griffin’s worldview isn’t for me, mostly because I understand where he is coming from ideologically and where that is contains no friends or future for me and mine. However, as a stopped clock is right twice a day, he is partially correct in that a severe trimming by expulsion of the more troublesome, criminal and seditious bearded savages is beginning to look very much like a necessity. It is not a matter as the Left would say of ‘racism’ but purely compatibility of culture. A sober examination of Islam as an ideology or politicial system shows it to be a wrong’un.

      It may be necessary to abrogate Britain from the international convention on statelessness (because a number of Britain’s troublesome Muslim extremists are born in the UK) to do this and this I would feel uneasy about, because a govt that ‘un-citizens’ Muslims today could do the same to someone else tomorrow, but if it is a matter of national survival or necessity what nation would not take action of this sort?

      The demographic issue while I admit worrying, is not as immediately as important as the presence of a considerable number of public servants who pander to Islam and Islamic organisations to a quite disgusting degree. Just one example of the depth and depravity of this pandering and appeasement can be seen in the Rochdale and Rotherham situations where the entire local political, policing, legal and administrative apparatus colluded to hide massive numbers of Muslim rapists and exploiters of children.

      For the multikulti supporters the timing of recent events has been terrible. They’ve had the two Islamo-murderers being convicted at the Old Bailey for the murder of Lee Rigby and the publication of the report into the Rochdale Islamic Grooming Gang scandal. The lies of ‘religion of peace’ have been exposed for the world to see. Not even the BBC could lie their way out of this one.

      I’m noticing a much greater willingness to criticise Islam, the preliminary results of my poll on Islamic Threat shows that people still expect violence from Islam because of it, but still they are starting to speak out. Even better more people are cracking jokes about Islam, and mockery when mockery has been virtually forbidden, is often the first sign that people are getting ready to stand up to a tyrant.

  3. norm permalink

    A thought provoking debate. Some things that leave me puzzled are why do people come to England (which is a tolerant and free society) then set about trying to convert it into a narrow minded, violent, ignorant opressive place like the ones these self-same people’s philosophy originates from.

    Of course, some are actually born here and radicalised into ignorant thugs,
    they should surely migrate to the countries they want England to become like. (try THEIR social security benefits system matey).

    Why go to all that trouble of trying to convert England? Plenty places on earth are quite happy to have savages making the laws, chopping hands and heads off for “crimes against their God” Go there and start your bullshit, see how they react to you, in your imagined utopia.(big clue, it won’t be an all inclusive stay in a nice cell for the rest of your life)

    I believe if we do the same, (going to a foreign country and try to convert them to our way of thinking) it causes all sorts of problems and wars. Is that not what is happening here?

    Something that makes me smile is the thought that when we go to places such as Iraq and Afganistan to bring them “freedom and democracy” their reaction is :- “thanks for that, now piss off and let us get back to chopping our enemies to bits and settling tribal scores”
    Kinda pointless excercise it seems.

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