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Unequal Justice

December 20, 2013

The blogger ‘Britain Today’ has done an excellent piece on the total injustice of ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’ legislation. It is pretty sobering to see how aggressive scum from minorities, such as Anjem Choudary for example, are dealt with by the authorities and how those who speak out against the effects of the immigration and multiculturalism disasters are treated. Indigenous (and indigenous doesn’t always have to mean ‘white’ ) people are treated far more harshly for speaking out or protesting than those from minority groups ever are. Muslims can call for the execution of gay people quite freely and without sanction but Christian hoteliers are punished severely, purely for not wanting gay men to share a bed in a property that is also their home. Does anyone out there really think that a Muslim hotelier who had a ‘no gays’ rule would be treated in exactly the same way as the Christian ones? Of course they wouldn’t. There would be a legion of often taxpayer funded ‘equality and diversity’ scum crawling out of the woodwork explaining just why it’s OK for Muslims to negatively discriminate, but why it’s not OK for Christians to do the same.

Here is the Britain Today piece (link to site at bottom of page)

The Telegraph notes the different kinds of justice meted out to Anjem Choudary, and to the natives –

“Choudary has hit the news again, just as he intended, this time for marching down Brick Lane threatening shopkeepers with 40 lashes if they don’t stop selling alcohol. At the same time he has gone on record, acclaiming Muslim gangs (who recently attacked drinkers on London’s streets), as ‘fantastic’….in 2003 he was investigated for organising terrorist training camps. Around the same time he praised the 9/11 bombers as ‘magnificent martyrs’. A few months later he predicted attacks on British soil. In 2005 he refused to condemn the 7/7 slaughters in London. In 2006 he organised a protest outside the Danish Embassy in London where, notoriously, the protestors carried placards saying ‘Exterminate those who slander Islam’, ‘Behead those who insult Islam’, and ‘Be prepared for the real holocaust’….he has gone on record as saying [Lee] Rigby is now ‘burning in hell’.”

All he gets is a £500 fine for failing to inform police of the Danish Embassy demo. On to the natives –

“Keith Hurdle, just given four months in prison for a racist rant on a Tube train…..Liam Stacey, who got 54 days in prison for some racist tweets…..Jacqueline Woodhouse, given 21 weeks for a racist rant on another train…six Charlton fans, jailed for 18 months for singing racist songs…..David Rowley, locked up for eight months after sending four racist texts…Anthony Buck given four months for posting Islamophobic remarks on Facebook…. Darren Tosh, who got 16 weeks inside for some more racist texts….Terence Baker, who got prison time for being Islamophobic on the Internet…..Gareth Hemingway…..who got 15 months for uploading racist clips to Youtube…. Emma West, who spent two weeks in jail for shouting at some foreign people on a tram…Martin Smith, slammed in a cell for having a potentially racist ringtone…..Ronnie Hutton, who spent days behind bars after revving his car in a racist manner……Sean Smith, who got three months in prison for impersonating a monkey……”

For past posts on how badly the indigenous people of these islands are treated, and how the minorities get away with murder, see here and also here and here too. Then take a look here and here as well. After that try here and then here and lastly here. Dont’t forget here either – it’s the worst example of all.”

This intolerable injustice will not be tolerated by the British people forever. Eventually the dam will break and many British people may feel that they will have a stark choice, either to attack the left wing diversity establishment and their Islamic and other minority pets or to become more and more cowed.

I don’t say what I say next to encourage violence or hatred but I can forsee a time, in the not too distant future, when there is a critical mass of people prepared to say ‘enough is enough’. For many years I’ve campaigned for peaceful change, but peaceful change will become impossible if even speaking up about problems becomes illegal. If minority offenders continue to walk from court with no meaningful punishment, or if one group continues to be allowed to say things that others are not, then the Britain that has not spoken yet will start to speak and the result will be pretty horrible.

I predict a time, and maybe sooner than some would like to think, where despite the fawning multiculti rubbish put out by the BBC and other mainstream media, people will start taking revenge on those groups that they see as either part of, or the cause of, our current problems. The rolling up of the innocent with the guilty, which I have long warned about will happen. If this sort of thing happens then the blame will lie with those who tried to silence those who spoke about the problems we are having.

This is the scenario that I dread. Imagine that there is a high profile grooming gang or terrorism trial in which the Leftist establishment are seen to either make excuses for the criminality of those involved or they muddy the waters with false ‘root causes’, such as criticism of British foreign policy etc. The result of such excusing and pandering will be violence from those British people who increasingly see themselves as second class citizens in their own nation. I foresee a massive outbreak of retaliatory violence probably worse than the disturbances of 2011, or those of the early 1980’s, worse than the Gordon Riots, or the Northern Ireland Troubles. We are on the cusp of a nightmare situation where the communities from which the criminals and terrorists come are targetted in revenge, even if there was no direct involvement in criminality from the community being attacked.

Here is a prediction that I wish I didn’t have to make and one which I write out with a heavy heart. I forsee a time where for every grooming gang member or terrorist identified, a mosque will burn, for every attack on a church, a mosque will burn, for every British person beaten up by Muslims for no other reason than they are non-Muslim then a random Muslim will be attacked. No minority can survive the onslaught of a majority turning against them, even one as violently inclined as the Islamic one. Sensible minorities know this and try to treat the majority community with politeness, respect and honesty, obey the law and do not make excessive demands. Unfortunately there are certain minorities, such as the followers of Islam who do not behave in a sensible way and worse they have been encouraged to be this way by misguided members of the powers that be.

It is not too late to avert such a situation. We can still vote for those who oppose the disastrous policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration. The Government could grow some balls and rip up the International Convention on Statelessness and remove British citizenship from the individuals who call for Islamic government for the UK, and also their families. The ‘equalities’ edifices that national and local governments have set up and which in reality treat people as anything but equal, could and should be shut down.

As a nation we are sitting on a knife edge, we could either speak up and vote or see a return to the days of Civil War where son fights against father and brother fights against brother.

No sensible person would want to see the sort of conflict that I predict will come. It is vital that this sort of conflict situation is avoided, but it is not avoided by appeasement or surrender to violent minority groups, but instead by standing up for those ordinary British people who are daily becoming victims. Further victimising the victims of Islam will only hasten the day when anger will break out.



Britain Today


  1. Paris Claims permalink

    One of the comments on Harry’s Place compared and contrasted the way Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson (I’m no longer a fan, by the way) have been treated by the authorities. Staggering. He also pointed out that had Machete Michael been arrested & jailed for a racist rant at a UAF rally Lee Rigby might still be alive.

  2. It’s a nice thought, but given the extreme leniency of the court system, it’s also staggeringly unlikely…

  3. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX I don’t say what I say next to encourage violence or hatred but I can forsee a time, in the not too distant future, when there is a critical mass of people prepared to say ‘enough is enough’.XX

    Fucking BOLLOX they will.

    They are too comfortable with their dole chequeus, whitelightning,oven ready pizzas and treble doses of shite like coranation street to bother moving their arses in PROTEST.

    I mean, THAT appears MUCH to much to be like w-o-r-k.

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