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Nowhere is safe from Islamic sex offenders. Now it is the turn of the women of Torbay to be afflicted.

December 18, 2013

Can we dispense with the fiction that the wave of grooming gangs, sexual exploitation cases, rapes and sexual assaults carried out by Muslim men are ‘nothing to do with Islam’? This fiction may be comforting to idiots like Cameron or to the employees of the BBC and the Guardian but it really is a fiction.

Even the briefest look at Islamic ‘culture’ will show all but the most indoctrinated and stupid that Islamic attitudes to women, and especially non-Muslim women, is at the heart of why British women and girls, are more and more becoming victims of Islamic sex criminals.

The once peaceful West of England town of Torbay is the latest place to be afflicted by the Islamo-Nonces so gleefully imported by our politicians, and too often pandered to by our public servants.

No woman is safe around the ideology of Islam, this time it was someone else’s 12 year old daughter, next time it could be YOUR daughter or YOUR sister who is traumatised by Islamic scum like this.

The Exeter Express and Echo said:

“A pair of teenage tourists have admitted sexual assaults on two 12-year-old girls in a public park in Torbay last summer.

Mohammed Islam and Masudur Rahman have been warned they may face jail when they return to Exeter Crown Court for sentence in the New Year.

Islam, 19, admitted three sexual assaults on two girls, both aged 12 and Rahman, 18, admitted two sexual assaults on one of the victims.

The two holidaymakers from Tipton, West Midlands, were arrested after the girls complained to police they had been assaulted in a park at the Torre Valley Sports Centre.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, ordered pre-sentence reports and warned the pair that all options including custody will be open to the sentencing judge.”

Read more:

If these Islamo-nonces don’t get a significant custodial sentence then it will be a travesty of justice. However, I’m not going to hold my breath, expecting the punishment to fit the crime in this case, as we’ve seen before how Islamo-nonces sometimes walk from court with a derisory non-custodial sentence. This is because instead of being rightfully disgusted, as most people are, by the epidemic of Islamic sex criminals, our judges and magistrates too often indulge these offenders and inexplicably, feel sorry for them.

I’m sadly not surprised to see that there is another girl traumatised, another town shocked by the presence and activities of Muslim nonces. I’m also not very surprised to see that these Islamo-Nonces have hailed from Tipton in the West Midlands, as that town has started to gain an unwanted reputation for Islamic backwardness.

All parents should give their children, especially their female children, a stern and forceful warning, and that should be to stay away from Muslim men, boys or teenagers. There’s enough evidence out there now that it is the ideology of Islam that drives these offences and these offenders, not anything else. Islam creates nonces as easily as you or I breathe. It’s not racist to point that out, it’s the truth, wherever you get Islam, you get women and girls abused, raped or otherwise treated like dirt.


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One Comment
  1. nhi permalink

    They have admitted sexual assuaults on 12 year olds (note the plural) and are still at liberty awaiting sentencing?

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