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From Elsewhere: Fascists march in East London and Unite Against Fascism say bugger all about it.

December 11, 2013

The spirit of Mosley walks the East End yet again, but this time the Left are saying nothing against them, because today’s fascists are carrying Koran’s rather than copies of Mein Kampf.

Back in the 1930’s, anti-fascists stopped a march by Oswald Moseley’s British Union of Fascists, the local people and various Left groups halted intimidation by those who wished to impose an oppressive, authoritiarian and racist ideology on the United Kingdom. Although I’m not a ‘man of the Left’, I look back with admiration to those,even those who are normally my political opponents, who said ‘sod you Mosley, you shall not pass.’

Fast forward to 2013 and the situation is very different. This time the political left, groups such as Unite Against Fascism and those such as churchmen who should know better, are standing by and apparently saying nothing, while Islamic fascists are strutting their threatening stuff in Tower Hamlets in East London There can be no admiration of this sort of ‘Leftist’. No admiration whatsoever.

The counter-jihad blogger Kafircrusader, who covers this story in more detail on their site, tells of an attempt by a Shariah promoting group, inspired by Anjem Choudhury, to force people in parts of Tower Hamlets to cease selling alcohol. This is a blatant attempt to impose Shariah Law conditions on an area of OUR nation.

Does that statement make you angry? It certainly makes me angry. I’m angry primariliy about the fact that we have Islamofascists marching round in our capital city bullying people and I’m angry about the betrayal by the more vocal parts of Britain’s political Left, of many of the values of humanity, brotherhood and equality which motivated many to join leftist parties to oppose the British Union of Fascists in the mid-1930’s. The ‘Shariah Project’ group, who consider Choudhury as a ‘mentor’ is marching to intimidate people, this time they are intimidating Muslims who may own or run shops that sell alcohol, but tomorrow they could equally be intimidating you, the non-Muslim into not selling alcohol or even possessing or drinking alcohol.

Although the extremist supporting East London mosque has denied any connection with the anti-alcohol march and call it a ‘publicity stunt that will antagonise local business owners,’* it would not be unsurprising to find congregants of ELM involved. ELM is a Jamaat e Islaami aligned, centre for Islamic poison preachers who deride Jews and Gays and call for their destruction or oppresssion, of course I’d expect to see some form of mutual crossover between these Islamofascists and those either involved with, or regularily attending the East London Mosque.

The Islamofascists from the Shariah Project have ,in their arrogance, failed to learn one basic lesson about living as a religious or cultural minority. The lesson they have failed to learn is ‘don’t piss off your hosts’. By holding this fascist parade in Tower Hamlets, not but a few miles from the Central Criminal Court, where the trial is taking place of two Muslims accused of murdering Lee Rigby, they have committed an affront to all of us, have pissed us all off. They are rubbing their filthy, disgusting oppressive ideology in our faces twice over. Once when we are regaled with the evidence of how and why Fusiller Rigby died, and again by this march by the Shariah Project group.

To conclude, I’m sitting here writing this article a relatively short distance from the cemeteries where there are buried some of those who interdicted, often physically, Mosley’s fascist thugs. These brave and princpled men and women from a variety of organisations, fought fascists because they knew they needed to be fought. Brave and principled is not a description I would use to paint a picture of today’s political Left, craven, appeasing and supporters of Islamic fascism are better and more accurate terms to describe them. Those who said ‘you shall not pass’ to fascists in the borough of Tower Hamlets as it was in the 1930’s to early 1950’s, must be spinning in their graves at their political offspring so enthusiastically selling their souls to Islamic extremists.


NB  *probably the only thing I’ve ever heard from a spokesperson of the East London Mosque that could easily be classified as ‘true’.


One Comment
  1. James Strong permalink

    I have said it before, here and elsewhere, but it is a truth that bears repeating.
    Islam is a violent and oppressive belief system that denies equal rights to outsiders, denies equal rights to those of its own members who are women, advocates the killing of those who leave it, advocates the killing of homsexuals, advocates the mutilation and maiming of many ‘criminals’.
    If these ideas were put forward by middle-aged white men then their party would be banned.
    Because mohammedanism is largely espoused by brown people the racists on the Left give it a free pass.
    Will we ever be able to look past the skin colour and condemn barbaric ideas, whoever puts them forward?

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