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From Elsewhere: Cologne, Germany – A rally protesting Islamic oppression of Christians is attacked by Muslims.

December 9, 2013

German Christian protesters, before they were attacked by Muslims in Cologne.

Nobody could fail to be both shocked and angry at this tale of Islamic violence and intolerance coupled with Police inaction when Muslims attacked a rally highlighting Islamic oppression of Christians in Muslim lands. .

Allegedly the German police followed specific higher orders and let the Muslims attack the Christians, despite the Christians using no violence other than in self defence. The words of of the article on the PI website should send a chill down the spine of anyone who believes in a Europe where free speech is a right.

One of the participants in the Christian rally said: ‘The police only protected the Muslims, we were fair game’. That statement shows just how bent the German police have become. They appear to be actively allowing Christians to be targeted by these Islamic savages because they have political orders to do so.

Those of us who’ve seen the films and read the accounts of German police in the 1930’s standing by whilst Jewish people and their property were attacked, are getting a nasty sense of Deja Vu here, but this time it is the Christians who are being exposed a different kind of Nazism, this time it’s Islamic Nazism. The German police have a moral right to refuse orders to stand by and let the Christians be attacked like this, that they have not, to my knowledge done so, is a stain on their character.

Please note: The translations below of the PI site are electronic translations which may not be wholly accurate. The original German language version of the article can be accessed via the website of ‘Politically Incorrect’

A participant in the pro-Christian rally, featured on the German website ‘Politically Incorrect’ said:

“There were scuffles. Since the police should have already intervene. L. was boxed. Even a 72-year-old woman was approached by the Muslims. It flew two eggs. A policewoman looked on passively and did nothing. The use of line did not protect this rally and the participants. If instead of eggs paving stones were flown, it would use this line also not worried. It was obvious: We should back down. We should cancel the rally fear. Only when it became clear that the participants are not soft, but rather provide resistance, the police woke from her stupor. The only protected the Muslims before us. We were fair game …

That … there were plenty of insults against us on the part of Muslims, indeed must not be specially mentioned. The Usual: Nazis, racists, etc. This time it was particularly below the belt.As an older gentleman was told by an African: “Hey, I f … your wife daily”, coupled with obscene gestures. Showing the middle finger is almost mandatory. Of course, under the eyes of the police and of course without consequences for the “pointer” of the finger. An African danced with quivering abdomen around in front of the speaker. The states in this country have become indescribable. “

The Politically Incorrect website added:

Many of the participants in our rally on Saturday were shocked by the experienced. I’d like to apologize very well at this. I’m sorry that they were so exposed to danger. I’m used to these conditions, because the aggression and hatred of criticism incompetent Muslims and left-wing extremists accompanies each demonstration, where I am, but I would, however, have wished that we the thing itself peacefully and for all passers-by also able to present comprehensible yesterday and I am saddened that in the end such a tumult arose there. I am struck by the vulgarity of this type of “policing” and my knee hurts while now I’m sitting here because I have it pretty beat at the stairs. That was the drittmieseste police operation I have ever seen ever. But we will not be intimidated. We raise this issue even further on the plan, because otherwise it will be done only by a few others, and small groups, but it is necessary that people be aware of how massive persecution of Christians actually occurs, what causes it has and what they can do to help. A thank you from here again. To the helpers who made ​​this demonstration through their use possible only after it first was some organizational difficulties The video recordings we owe the “active patriots” ! And so we hope that the next time so many come as yesterday or even more!

The German State has made a dire and possibly deadly mistake in allowing Islam to establish itself there. As elsewhere, Islam and it’s followers have shown that they are not interested in integration, not interested in free and fair democracy and debate, but only in violence, bullying and intimidation.

I’ll close this article with a message in the form of a question to the young, and not so young, non-Muslim German Leftists who back up the Muslims in street protests like this. I presume that you are in favour of things like women’s rights, the rights of LGBT people etc, how long would LGBT and women’s rights last if, god forbid, Islam took over an entire city or region? Would you want to be a non-Muslim women or a gay man in a totally Islamified Bonn, or Cologne or Hamburg etc? I wouldn’t, and that is why I fight back against Islamo-nazism and more Germans should too. You must not stand by and let the fascist bastards, this time Islamic ones, win again. Saying nothing will not protect you from the followers of Islam.



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