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UPDATED: Education about Islam or indoctrination about Islam – you decide

December 9, 2013

Propaganda about Islam is being fed to our children – it’s time to stop it.


I’ve been recently informed that the pro-Islamic propaganda featured, or stuff very similar to it, is being used in secondary schools in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.  It would be sensible for any parent with a child in schools in these areas to check their child’s Religious Education homework or other course work to see if this propaganda is being foisted on their child. If it is then complain. 

I’ve been sent the scans below this post by a ‘concerned parent’ who wishes to remain anonymous and whose 12 year old child attends what is reputed to be a good school in a town in Britain’s Midlands.

They show worksheets put out by an RE teacher on the subject of Islam, and they show Islam as a fluffy religion populated by smiling faced Imams and happy worshippers. You and I know that such an image is false, but our children do not know that this image is false, and our schools seem to be teaching about Islam in a way that can only be described as dishonest.

One thing that got me is that there is no explanation as why there is a ladies gallery when even for a 12 year old that sort of explanation should be given. I would certainly expect that if a child was being taught about Orthodox Judaism for example, which also separates genders in worship situations, they should be told why men and women are seated separately e.g. to avoid distractions during prayer. Why no explanation of the gender separation in a mosque? The gender segregation in mosques appears to be being taught as a ‘given’, something that should not be asked about.

If my daughter was being taught that gender segregation in places of worship was acceptable then I would be very angry indeed. To not teach why there is segregation could give young girls the impression that their position in this world is to be seated at the ‘back of the bus’, purely because they are women.

These are not educational materials, these are pieces of Taqiyya (lies to promote Islam) mixed with a lot of Dawa (Islamic evangelism) which is not what we should be ramming down the throats of our schoolchildren. If we are going to teach children about Islam then we should teach it warts and all, in fact all religions should be taught in school in a factual way with no editing to avoid ‘offence’. To gloss over Mohammed’s vicious oppression of non-Muslim pagans in ancient Arabia by having a brief mention of why there are no images in a Mosque is dishonest in the extreme. Also, apparently this particular school is getting their pupils to ‘design a Muslim prayer mat’. If they did that with my daughter, then I would be looking either for a new school or I would withdraw my child from RE lessons.

Yes the descriptions of the physical parts of the Mosque are accurate but the tone of the worksheets appears to be geared to teaching children that Islam isn’t a problem, which is as far from the truth as one could possibly get. The teachers are telling our children lies about Islam, and this really needs to stop.

Please note: For obvious reasons pertaining to security, I do not have parental permission to disclose the name of the school or the county in which it is based, therefore I have, where I am able, obscured identifying details and also obscured the child’s handwriting so that this particular child or their parents cannot be singled out for punishment or bullying over this issue by either teachers, social services or by members of the Religion of Murder and Intolerance.

Propaganda or educational materials – You decide. I’ve already decided that this stinks of propaganda, and there is no way that a child of mine would be fed such utter bullshit about an ideology that treats women like dirt and has violence running through it like the words on a stick of Blackpool rock.

school propaganda Islam 1

School propaganda Islam 2

School propaganda Islam 3

School propaganda Islam 4


School Propaganda Islam 5


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