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Tell Mama – throwing their weight around and issuing threats of arrest

December 8, 2013

An accurate representation of some of Tell Mama’s recent behaviour


I don’t normally subscribe to the Twitter feed of the mountebanks of Tell Mama, mostly because it’s a cess-pit of whining, false victim-hood claiming, mixed together with idiot naïve Left-wingers and sprinkled with a few Jews who should, because of the long history of Islamic oppression, know better than to ‘bat for the wrong side’. However I do pop over to their webpage occasionally, mostly to see if they’ve removed references to the Hamas-linked Council for American Islamic Relations (sadly they still refer to that organisation).

Recently there have been a rash of tweets popping up on the Tell Mama site either announcing arrests for linking to material by Robert Spencer, potential arrests or threats of arrest. Predictably Tell Mama are referring to people being arrested for making threats, but we should all know by now that Tell Mama have been caught out lying in the past.  They maybe bullshitting again. 

Exhibit A from 10 hrs ago

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

Lesson for haters. If on-line, just, maybe just, you will get found out and risk yourselves to arrest depending on what you put out.

Exhibit B from 10 hrs ago

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

EDL supporter/ardent on-line hater was linking to Spencer material in the US. His network of on-line sources tracked through open source

Exhibit C from

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

‘Counter-Jihadist’ and supporter of the #EDL arrested. Thought that could not be tracked by open source through multiple accounts. #arrest.

And Exhibit D and E from the 6th December 2013

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

Slowly but surely, we are ensuring that there are arrests of individuals making threats to #Muslim communities. You know who you are.


  1. 6 DecTellMAMAUK @TellMamaUKLocated and arrested by @WMP. ‘Counter-Jihadist’ activist in the UK arrested after work done by TELL MAMA. Use of multiple accounts no good.


I followed the @WMP link and got nothing, just a blank Twitter account page. I then went directly to the @WMP account and did find a reference to an arrest, but not a communication from the West Midlands Police, just a Tweet from Tell Mama. I’ve tried to verify the story but nothing has appeared on the WMP’s Twitter feed, nor is there anything about this alleged arrest on WMP press releases,

This is odd, normally when the police arrest someone non-Muslim for a ‘racist’ crime or a crime against the Racial and Religious Act, they are normally very quick to crow about it. The police love to boast that they’ve arrested a ‘racist’ or an ‘Islamophobe’ or whatever. It ticks their ‘diversity’ brownie point box and helps career advancement within the police.

The police love bigging themselves up over these cases, almost as much they enjoy sending lots of officers into Islamic areas to console and reassure Muslims whenever something nasty happens. Strangely, I don’t recall news reports of masses of police flooding non-Muslim areas to give ‘reassurance’, despite many of these communities having been afflicted by some of the many problems that the ideology of Islam brings to Britain, such as crime, Grooming Gangs and extreme misogyny.

Now there could be various reasons for this announcement delay, there could for example be an operational issue, such as complexity of evidence which may delay arrest announcement, or the investigation is ongoing etc. If that is the case WMP need to ask themselves why Tell Mama are making arrest announcements and not themselves? Have TM been given permission by WMP to make an arrest announcement? Either of these scenarios may indicate the sort of worrying closeness between a police force and outside entities that have caused problems elsewhere. Maybe it is similar to the sort of contacts between journalists and police for example, where some police and some journalists have been accused of corrupt practices?

Tell Mama and WMP certainly seem to give the impression, at least from their public communications, that WMP or at least Police Constable Gary Stack, one of WMP’s ‘hate crime co-ordinators’, is firmly, but metaphorically, ensconced in Tell Mama’s lower bowel. Gary Stack appears to have been playing ‘Identity Politics Bingo’ in his mission to set up a ‘third-party‘ hate crime reporting network and WMP has actively promoted the Tell Mama group on its website. See .

As I’ve said before it is highly odd that the police are not making a big thing out of this arrest, after all by making a fuss the senior officers can then swan round in the more ‘Islamically Challenged’ areas of their police area and look good. Maybe there is less to this case, and the boasting by Tell Mama, than meets the eye.

Days have passed since the alleged ‘arrest’ and yet there is no press release, no Tweet from WMP. If you don’t believe me go onto almost any police force and search for various combinations of ‘racist’, ‘anti-Islamic’, ‘internet’, ‘counterjihad’ ‘arrest’ etc you will probably get press releases, tweets, FOI documents, policy statements and stuff. Unless I’m using the wrong search terms to find stuff but it seems that Tell Mama have gobbed off about this although the Police have not. Now what does that tell you, knowing as you probably do by now how loosely connected many of Tell Mama’s statements are to what most people would call, the truth?

If this is a true story, and with Tell Mama it is wise to have doubts, then it is worrying that Tell Mama are trying to stop people reading or distributing the work of Robert Spencer, a man who has not encouraged violence against individuals and has only questioned the ideology of Islam. Tell Mama seem to have gone into one about Mr Spencer and Ms Pamela Geller and are bullying people with threats of arrest into not reading, commenting or distributing their words. An utterly disgusting act of attempted censorship by Tell Mama that should tell us all we need to know about this organisation. Associating with supporters of Hamas, caught out lying and now trying to use the police, who I might add, should be standing up for OUR rights, not the rights of those who would censor or oppress us.

My message to Tell Mama, in words that even they can understand is this; You can get the F**k out of my library, get the F**k out of my books, my computer, and my right to speak the truth as I see it.  We been told that we have to put up with the disgusting stink of racism, misogyny, homophobia and violence that emanates, like steam from a dung heap, from the ideology of Islam.  Individual Muslims should not be attacked, I think even Tell Mama would agree with me on that, but criticising the ideology of Islam, along with any other totalitarian ideology isn’t just a human right, it is a human necessity. 

I expect nothing more than bullying and whining from Tell Mama,it’s what they do, but I expected better from those West Midlands Police officers who appear to be treating Tell Mama as much more than the bunch of charlatans they really are.  Tell Mama are showing that they are getting desperate in their quest to shut down debate on the ideology of Islam.  Let’s show them that we will not shut up about the threat that the Islamic ideology poses to much of what we should all hold dear. 



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