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Justice has departed the court. There is really no other way to describe what has happened in this case.

December 8, 2013


Nadine Finch, the Immigration Tribunal Judge who allowed the scummy knife wielding Somali rapist, Mustafa Abdullahi (pictured below), to unjustly stay in the UK.


The worthless meatsack, Mustafa Abdullahi, that the Judges and the Human Rights Act say we cannot and must not remove


Sometimes I look at happening today in Britain’s legal system and want to weep in anger and despair. It seems as if the spirit of justice, that which tells us to punish or reform the wrongdoer, and protect the innocent and the weak, has departed. Despair and anger are the main emotions that come up when I hear that a adult Somali rapist, with no connections to the UK other than adult relatives, has avoided deportation on the Human Rights Act grounds that he has a right to a family life in the UK.

Justice demands that this scumbag should have no right other than that to a free one-way ticket back to Somalia. Who cares whether he has lived here for most of his life, he and those like him are not wanted or needed in the UK.

Read this story from the Daily Mail and get rightfully and righteously angry.

The Mail said:

A Somali rapist who held a  knife to a pregnant woman’s throat as he raped her has been allowed to stay in Britain to protect his human rights. 

Mustafa Abdullahi, 31, was jailed for ten years after he threatened to kill his victim and repeatedly assaulted her.

He was set to be deported on release, but immigration judges have ruled he cannot be kicked out because his mother and other family members live in the UK.

They said he had been here so long, it would breach his right to a private and family life to force him to return to Somalia.

The judges also gave him credit for having  ‘faced up to what he has done’ and having put his criminal behaviour ‘behind him’.

They also concluded he posed a ‘low risk’ of committing further offences, based on evidence from a psychiatrist who only saw him for a couple of hours. 

The case is the latest in a series of human rights judgements in which judges favour the rights of criminals over those of victims and the wider public.

Tory MP Dominic Raab said: ‘This vicious man should be on the first plane back to Somalia. It makes a mockery of British justice and human rights to see such a dangerous thug dance rings around the UK system.’

Read the rest at: :–right-family-life.html 

Unfortunately the head of the immigration tribunal, First Tier Tribunal Judge Nadine Finch of London, probably will not have to live next to scum like Mustafa Abdullahi. She has a nice well paid public sector job that probably allows her to have a nice house in a nice area, it is those in working class areas who will have to put up with this worthless meatsack along with whatever other crimes he will end up committing.   It is ordinary people, not the gilded Satraps like Ms Finch, who will, in future, have to protect their daughters from freed rapists like Abdullahi.  Yet again we are being forced to accept those whose behaviour demands that they are removed from the UK whilse those who impose these bastards on us, are not having to suffer or endure the consequences of their actions. 

There is an phrase in Aramaic, the language of the land of Judea, now Israel, at time of Jesus, that says dina d’malchuta dina  which means the law of the King or the law of the land must be obeyed and obeyed by all. Abdullahi has disobeyed the law of the land and Ms Finch has compounded his offence by saying that he should not face deportation even though a deportation order was made by the original trial Judge.

This decision is an utterly disgraceful injustice.



Original Daily Mail story link–right-family-life.html

If you want to write a polite missive to Ms Finch about this case then as she is a barrister, you can write to her at her Chambers.

Details of her Chambers contact details, and also a brief resume of her career and ‘achievements’ can be found via her Chambers website. As can be gathered from her CV, she specialises in not only keeping wrong’uns in Britain but also has screwed money out of the British taxpayer for her ‘clients’.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX his mother and other family members live in the UK.XX

    So? Fucking send those bastards back as well. Problem solved.

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