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I told you this would happen! Will wider violence result from a recent anti-Islam attack in Hull

December 7, 2013

Every since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve appealed for people to do two things. Firstly, to inform themselves about Islam, not by reading the pro-Islamic pap that is forced down the throats of our schoolchildren (a subject for a later post, accessible here), or put out by the BBC, but instead by reading the Islamic source material and the commentaries on them. The Qu’ran, Hadith, Reliance of the Traveller etc, understanding Shariah, and learning why the ideologies that come out of Islamic scripture are a threat to free societies.

The other thing I’ve appealed for people to do is once they have recognised that there is a problem with the ideology of Islam, is to fight it peacefully, to vote, to speak up, to shame those politicians, police officers and members of the bureaucracy when they pander to Islam. I want the very obvious problems that we have with the ideology of Islam, to be sorted out by ‘jaw-jaw’ rather than ‘war-war’.

I’ve made these appeals because although I can recognise that Britain has an ‘Islam problem’, how it is dealt with is really important. Natural justice demands that the innocent must not be rolled up with the guilty. The ex-Muslim or the many Muslims who just go through the motions of Islam, often out of mortal fear, and know virtually nothing about Islam, the Qu’ran or about what a nasty piece of work their ‘prophet’ Mohammed was, must not be attacked. That way madness lies. Although the guilty, the fraudulent, the seditious and the treasonous should be interdicted in some way, the innocent must not be harmed. People should be told why Islam is a moronical and wasteful way to live a life, the truth about its paedophile ‘prophet’ and why there is violence so often associated with Islamic culture.  De-Islamising people and getting them to kick the habits of the 7th century should be done, in a similar way to how Germans were de-Nazified after WWII.    However, kicking seven bells out of some average Joe Mohammed from the corner shop, who probably doesn’t give a toss about Islam, isn’t right and can only be counterproductive.

To turn off the multiculturalist and identity politics driven governmental culture, that some extremely nasty and dangerous Islamic political currents take advantage of, cannot be done by random, or not so random, acts of violence. It can’t be done by burning a mosque or trashing a kebab shop or by attacking people. The multiculturalist ideology can only be beaten by replacing the politicians who support multikulti with those who do not. There are many people, from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, who wish to see an end to the state pandering to Islamic causes, an end to Islamists taking tea with the powerful, an end to the promotion of Islam and an end to the concessions that the ideology of Islam has wrung from members of our cowardly and unworthy political and administrative classes. That change cannot be made without having hands on the levers of power. 

The alternative to using the ballot box to halt an Islamic ideology that daily shows its incompatibility with Western Judeo-Christian values, is mobs of British people all tooled up with weapons and burning torches attacking random Muslims, or burning Muslim property and other things from the ethnic cleansing play-book that nobody wants to see. This is the nightmare alternative to changing the politicians, and should not and must not be the way to achieve change. Votes not violence, that’s my way.

Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario of angry people, probably feeling abandoned by Government, both local and national, and seeing daily more and more appeasement of Islam, jumping up and kicking off, appears to be coming true. I and many others could have told you what would happen if the law wasn’t applied equally or if crimes by Muslims were ignored or if the arrogance of Islamic ideological groups were not tempered by the powers that be. It is inconceivable that there would not be reactions maybe violent ones, to the stresses that the presence of the ideology of Islam has put on some of our towns and cities.

Now the violence has started, the violence that I hoped would not happen, and the innocent are now being unjustly punished for the sins of the guilty. We now have the situation where anger has broken out in Hull with a local Muslim man, a man unconnected to my knowledge with terror or Islamisation or rape gangs or any of the other Islamic problems, being attacked and punched in the face.  The attack appeared to be quite well organised with the victims car being stopped by the attackers accomplices in order that the victim could be punched. 

The Guardian said:

Details of the assault on Imam Hafiz Salik, 60, have only just emerged. His son Ateeq Salik said his father was driving home last Saturday evening from his daughter’s house next to the Hull Mosque and Islamic Centre when two men and a woman tried to stop his car.

“They ran into the middle of the road and he had to do an emergency stop. He beeped the horn at them,” said the imam’s son. “One of the men lay down in the road right in front of the car. My father was confused and thought he was injured. Then the man slowly got up and went to the car and opened the door. My mum was sitting in the front and my youngest sister was in the back. He looked at all of them and he punched my father very hard in the face. It was a very forceful punch and my father’s face was covered in blood. Then the man walked away.”

Ateeq Salik said it was too early to say whether the attack was racially motivated as the man had not said anything when he opened the car door. The imam suffered a severe eye injury and it is not known whether he will regain the sight in his injured eye.

Humberside police officers attended the mosque for Friday prayers to reassure the 1,000-strong congregation. The imam is a well-known figure in the city, and sits on both council and police boards, and works with other faiths to promote understanding. His son led prayers on Friday and passed a message to the congregation from his father. “He sent them a message of peace and unity and told them that no one should take the law into their own hands,” he said.”

If the circumstances of this attack are truly as they have been reported by the Guardian, then it is the sort of thing I have been warning you all about. It is the sort of thing I’ve said would happen if people’s genuine and well founded concerns about Islam were not listened to. Now some frustrated idiot has had enough and decided to cross the line and engage fist before engaging brain.

This attack on Mr Salik is in no way justified, let me make that very clear, but may well be a small taste of what is to come as tension between Muslim and non-Muslim increase in our urban centres (and such tension is NOT all the fault of the host community). Mr Salik is correct in calling for people to not take the law into their own hands over this issue, and he must be commended for that, peacemakers should be respected. This sort of attack is to my mind a bad omen for the future, a random attack on an innocent man is like starting a fire in the stalls of a theatre. I predict a future with not only a riot, but a whole slew of public order disturbances with participants divided on religious and cultural grounds. I hope I’m wrong on that, I really do but I can see it as a distinct possibility.

When I think of the likelihood of local attack and counter attack situations developing between Muslim and non-Muslim individuals and groups, not just in Hull but in many other places where there is tension, I fear for the future, and my mind wanders back to a speech made by a politician decades ago, that contained the words ‘Foaming’, Much blood’ and ‘River Tiber’.

The politicians created the mess we are in by allowing an ideology incompatible with our values to gain traction. They will not however, end up accounting for what they’ve done, the current generation of politicians will end up collecting their pensions. Sadly, it is the ordinary citizen whether they follow many gods or none, who will eventually suffer from the bloodshed that violent conflict will bring to this land.




Original story from the Guardian


The famous excerpt from Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

Speaking about those proto-multiculturalists and communalists who would heighten racial, religious and cultural differences for their own ends**, Enoch Powell said:

For these dangerous and divisive elements the legislation proposed in the Race Relations Bill is the very pabulum they need to flourish. Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organise to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century.

Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.”


Full speech can be found here:


**Not all the cultural identifiers that Mr Powell was concerned about in a previous paragraph, have, as it turned out, been a problem, the issue of an exemption to motorcycle crash helmet law for Sikhs, turned out to not be as big an issue as it seemed at the time. It was to my mind reasonable to allow the Sikhs this exemption as it had few wider consequences other than to the turban-wearing biker themselves. Unfortunately, ideologically driven Islamic groups have taken that ‘precedent of reasonableness’, and gone beyond asking for what is reasonable, and have indeed used our laws to impose their malevolent misogynistic and hate filled ideology on too many of the rest of us. The communalism that has developed over recent decades must be broken, for the sake of future peace. 

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX The alternative to using the ballot box XX

    How naive!

    You appear to assume that any one with a cats chance in Hel of getting anywhere NEAR a ballot listing is going to do anything different to the shower of pricks we already have in our dihmi Parliaments.

    1933? “Aye, just wait for the next election, and we will vote the wee Austrian bastard out! THAT will teach him!!”

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Hey, I’d like things settled with jaw jaw it’s better than the alternative. I wouldn’t be so sure about the possibilities of ‘outsiders’ getting through the electoral process. Outsiders who may be much more representative of people’s opinions and lives than the current shower of shit. There is an unprecedented dissatisfaction with the ‘Three Chamberlains’ that we have in the HoC at the moment and this is being reflected in the growth of support for fourth parties, such as UKIP.

      We need to grow some balls as a nation but attacking randoms ain’t the way to do it, for one it is ineffective as well as being wrong and second, it’s the sort of thing that gets exploited to death by the victimhood promoters of groups like Tell Mama.

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