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More towns, more Islamic nonces, more victims.

December 6, 2013

Today it was Middlesbrough’s turn to be afflicted by Islamic Grooming Gangs, it WILL be your town tomorrow.


The latest Islamic Grooming Gang horror has been played out at Teeside Crown Court where three more Muslim sex-abusers have either been convicted or pleaded guilty to offences relating to the sexual exploitation of seven girls aged between 13 and 14 years old.

The BBC said:

“A 17-year-old boy has been found guilty of grooming and sexually exploiting teenage girls on Teesside.

Ateeq Latif, from Middlesbrough, was found guilty a day after the jury at Teesside Crown Court found taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, guilty of charges involving girls aged 13 and 14.

A third man, Sakib Ahmed, 19, pleaded guilty to exploiting five victims. The men, all from Middlesbrough, were “loosely connected”, the court heard.

Two 18-year-old men were cleared.

Judge John Walford lifted orders banning Ahmed’s guilty pleas and Latif’s identity being reported.”

The judge in this case did the right thing by lifting the reporting restrictions that applied in this case. The news report says that the Groomers were ‘loosely connected’, but that is a gross understatement. These offenders were connected together by the ideology of Islam which sees non-Muslim women as nothing more than chattels to be used, abused or sold at the whim of Muslim men. Islam provided the backdrop to these offences, just as it does with so many other similar cases.

The BBC report added:

“The court heard allegations relating to seven victims, some of whom were known to each other.

The “vulnerable” girls were groomed with offers of free lifts, takeaway food and in some case drugs, prosecutors said.

Latif, of Abingdon Road, and Ahmed, of Cambridge Road, will be sentenced alongside Munir, of Tollesby Road, at a later date.

Latif was found guilty of two counts of arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence. His victims were both aged 14. He was cleared of another count of the same charge.

Ahmed admitted five counts of sexual activity with a child before the six-week trial of the other defendants.

Munir was found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of child abduction.

Speaking after the case, Det Insp Dino Carlucci, of Cleveland Police, said: “These men preyed on young, vulnerable girls by befriending them and securing their trust and then exploited it.”

Although for years the BBC, along with the police, local authorities and social services, have played down the problems that Britain has with Islamic Grooming Gangs, it is positive move forward to see them at least covering these cases, at last.  In a supplimentary piece on the BBC site, the reporter Andrew Glover attempts to assess the scale of the problem.

Andrew Glover said:

“After a group of men were found guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls on Teesside, child protection experts have warned how dozens of other youngsters in the area are being groomed for sex.

Offers of takeaway food, drugs and free lifts.

Hundreds of messages via Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

All were ingredients in what has been branded “the big con” used to persuade underage girls to allow older men to take advantage of them in Middlesbrough.

Taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, and 17-year-old Ateeq Latif were found guilty of sexually exploiting girls at Teesside Crown Court.

Another man, Sakib Ahmed, 19, admitted his part in the abuse that saw victims “targeted” for sex.

The group were described by prosecutors as “loosely connected” while some of their victims were also known to each other.

Following the trial, which heard evidence in relation to seven alleged victims, experts have conceded the extent of the grooming problem is difficult to measure.

Cleveland Police confirmed it has a number of “live investigations” and the charity Barnado’s is aware of at least 160 girls, some as young as 12, currently at risk.

Wendy Shepherd, the charity’s children’s service manager in the North East, said: “There are over 160 people that we’re working with and we’re aware of across Teesside.

“This is not one-off sexual abuse of a child within a family, we’re talking about groups of men who abuse young teenage girls.”

Ms Shepherd said one of the “great problems” is that victims do not realise what is happening to them until it is too late.

“They don’t see the grooming,” she said.

“They don’t see the huge con to get them to have sex with many people at the will of the man that has become their boyfriend.

“They really want to believe in the goodness that actually he wouldn’t really treat me that way, he wouldn’t want to harm me.”

Take a moment to just look at the figure from Cleveland Police and sit, and let it sink in. 160 potential victims of Islamic Grooming Gangs in one town alone, children as young as 12 being targetted. It is utterly appalling that we have allowed this cancer to grow in our towns and cities.

It is not just Middlesbrough that is being afflicted by Islamic Grooming Gangs, it is a problem for communities up and down the country.  Wherever there are settlements of Muslims, you get sexual criminals just like this. A brief look at the map of British Islamic sex criminals prepared by the counter-jihadist blogger Kafircrusader will give you some idea just how bad the problem is.

The connection between the ideology and theology of Islam and these grooming gangs can and must no longer be denied. There is ample evidence that men brought up in an Islamic milleu that encourages arrogance, disrespects British Law and has an attitude to women that is truly chilling in its attitude of total misogyny.

These are not just ordinary nonces, they are theologically and ideologically approved, Islamic nonces. That’s the truth and we must never cease to say it. Had it not been for all those people who spoke up against Islamic Grooming Gangs, on the web, by various commentators, the feminist writers like Julie Bindel and all those who spoke truth to their friends and family about this issue, the leftist establishment, including the BBC would have happily ignored these crimes for ‘community cohesion reasons.’

We must not be silent on this and we must not be silenced. Everybody’s daughter is at risk from a disgusting ideology that lacks empathy, treats females like property, and is present in more British towns and cities than we should be comfortable with, to be honest.

Islamic nonces are in your town and could be targeting your daughter or sister or their friends.  Don’t think that just because your local Muslims are quietist or their community is unobtrusive, that stuff like this is not going down. Whatever you may like to think, no town or city is immune from Islamic Grooming Gangs. Girls may be being trafficked from a multitude of British towns where the grooming gangs procure them, into places where you would not expect.

The scores of victims in Middlesbrough and hundreds and hundreds of other victims of the Islamic Grooming Gangs, are just one indication of the sort of negative enrichment that Britain gets from Islam.

Islam costs Britain millions of pounds per year on extra security measures, it spends millions more on dealing with Islamic crime, Islamic welfare claims, and the special health needs of the damaged offspring of Islamic cousin marriages. Its followers wreck thousands of lives across Britain by way of terror, rape, antisocial behaviour and outrageous demands for special treatment. Communal funds, raised by taxation, that should go the deserving or the loyal, are instead squandered, like a drunken sailor on shore leave, on the Islamic ingrates, whom many British people can see are a problem, but our politicians cannot.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of the sickness that is Islam.

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