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Just when you thought the paedophile transporting flying donkey was the most weird thing about Islam

December 3, 2013

The donkey-type creature that Muslims say carried their paedophile prophet around.

Along comes this.  Deep seated exterminationist anti-Semitism, mixed with paranoia.  The fact that Mein Kampf is a best seller in Muslim countries should tell anyone that there are a lot of people who believe this shit.  Remember this is going out on a mainstream Saudi Arabian television channel. Yet Muslims and Islamic groups have the sheer gall to ask for tolerance, why should it be granted to them when they show no tolerance for others.

There really is no difference between this Islamic fantasy in which the stones and trees will denounce the presence of Jews, so that they can be killed by the followers of Mo the Paedo and some of the ravings of the propagandists of the Third Reich.

Why should we in the civlised world even consider scum like this as part of the human race, let alone attempt to naively make peace with them.



  1. Bunny permalink

    Apparently the trees and stones have a language of their own and it is scientifically proven ok absolutely barking, didn’t the Israelis annihilate the Jordanian army on the banks of the Jordan, where so many other decisive battles like Stalingrad, Waterloo and the 100 days were fought.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The science, history and theology in that film is absolutely bonkers. The sick society of Islam cannot even face up to its own failures and learn from them. The only response they can find is to look for some heinous enemy, normally for the Muslim, the Jews. I really don’t know why any of these dumbwitted peacenik Jews (both in the diaspora and in Israel) carry on with trying to make peace with Arab organisations. I know that the pursuit of peace should be a goal, but you can’t make peace with those who have no intention of being peaceful.

      BTW you may not have come across the comedy programme linked ( ). It is conservative aligned Israeli comedy satire. I wish that we in Britain could have progs that took the piss out of the lefties like Latma TV does. Even when you look at stuff like ‘Have I got News for you’, it’s not challenging, it’s not speaking truth to power, it is mostly the same old left wing comics telling the same old left wing jokes.

  2. James Strong permalink

    Wonderful science.
    How ridiculous the Nobel committee now looks, awarding more science prizes to Trinity College,Cambridge than to the entire mohammedan world.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Someone once suggested, their name escapes me now, that there should be a set of ‘special needs’ Nobel prizes, ones adapted to the Islamic culture. There could be Mohammedean Nobels for wife beating, mass killing, oppression, anti-Semitism. In this way the Mohammedeans could sweep the board, especially if there was a Mohammedean Nobel prize for gross ignorance.

  3. James Strong permalink

    I have worked in 3 mohammedan countries. One of the biggest shocks I had after arriving there was discovering that most of the people I encountered truly, literally, believe this stuff.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      If you think that’s bad, at least those were countries which had already been ruined by Bearded Savagery, sadly these days you can go to parts of London and there are a significant number of Savages who believe this stuff. Why do you think there are now hardly any Jews left in places like Newham or Tower Hamlets? I’ll give you a clue, it begins with ‘M’ and it isn’t Methodism.

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