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From Elsewhere: ‘Lee Rigby deserved to die, he was nothing but a dog’ – The words of an Australian Muslim.

December 3, 2013


I don’t know about you, but the sight of a Muslim man, not only saying that he has more loyalty to Allah than Australia but also celebrating the vicious murder of Drummer Lee Rigby turns my stomach, it really does. The sight of yet more of these ungrateful Islamic interlopers, many of whom do not meaningfully contribute economically to any of the civilised lands that they have moved to, angers me.

This video from Live Leak, obtained via the Bare Naked Islam site, shows a reporter doing a street interview of a Muslim man who said that loyalty to Australia comes about fourth in his list of priorities and that Drummer Rigby deserved to die ‘because he was a dog’. .

Click the link below for the video.

His loyalty to the devil that is Allah, came first before his loyalty to Australia, the country that nurtured and probably rescued him. There was no acknowledgement that the murder of Drummer Rigby was wrong or even that he should obey the law of the land in which he found himself. Such arrogance, such hate, such disloyalty is breathtaking and shows that the followers of Islam are like no other immigrant group that has come to Western countries. Although there are issues with crime and welfare sponging with other groups, only the followers of Islam are so arrogant, and so filled with the desire to bite the hand that has so generously fed them. Whether the Muslim is in Sydney or Sheffield, Melbourne or Manchester, the story is the same, the disloyalty is the same, the hatred is the same and the Islam is the same.

This is the sort of evil that the ordinary man in the street is continuing to fight, not because he wants to, or because they enjoy fighting, but because he knows that to not fight this foul and violent ideology will result in the death and enslavement of us all.  Various governments screwed up by mistakenly seeing Islam as ‘just another religion’ and it is the ordinary citizen whether they be black or white, male or female, straight or gay, Christian, Jewish Hindu, Sikh or a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who are paying the price for this monstrous error by our leaders.

If we are to build an equitable society where a person’s gender, skin colour, sexuality or the god they follow is of lesser importance than the content of their character, then the influence of Islam on civilised societies needs to be removed.  We cannot progress as a society without curtailing the ideology of Islam.  Islam is the enemy of all that is good, true, beautiful and free, and it shows its enmity through the voices and actions of its followers and the violence inherent in its theology.


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